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What’s up guys, this is Danny Lush
real-estate TV and today we’re gonna take a look at Model 2 of the VU built
by Christopher Holmes right here in Henderson. Let’s go! What’s up lollipop, are we ready for this
tour or what? you can see some of them right here, you can
see some of these Christopher homes like it has greenery
oh yeah, oh yeah! That’s what we’re talking about! Nice door! Got a little courtyard action here, and more greenery, landscaping on the walls – very nice. Actually very
very calm – yeah this is great, looking here we have wood panels – it’s so nice…
that’s so nice, alright, let’s go through this door, let’s get in here.
oh yeah, look at this vibrant color! This is wonderful, this is wonderful! Then we
got the wood here and we have a beautiful the sculpture here – I’m guessing this is two
people making out… maybe, maybe not again beautiful door, art, art, art, Wow – now
this color is what makes this so inviting. You know what I mean? This makes
it so warm so nice! Art is actually by um Yelena Bulatova – shout out to the artist! Now let’s check this out right so BOOM! you have your kitchen,
dining, living room – this is very modern man, you go bar stools with a bar
that’s attached to the island! and this kitchen – oh yeah, so gorgeous, so
gorgeous. This is kind of like a modern condo, only it’s a one-story house. Look
at these – like little icicles hanging down – this is great! Kitchen is spotless,
it looks so clean, these cabinets – I mean they move so nice, do you see
this? Do you see that? The way it closes! oh god, you’ll never have a banged-up cabinet
ever and you’re like look at this, look at this! Oh my god! This is your pantry.
Right? This is your pantry – this is how you easily save space.. and this is where
the parties at! Amazing! All right, this is really cool, this is really cool,
more pantry space – this is pretty smart actually, I kind of like this, and right
here – it all looks relatively uniform, but right over here we probably
have… yeah, fridge! Yes! It’s actually hidden, really cool, one of the upgrades obviously. Okay,
okay, so let’s go this… give you a little overview of the front, let’s take a look
at the back more beautiful art on the walls, this is so nice! Look how nice –
look how cozy, you know, with carpet it’s so good-looking like you have your
modern home yet it’s not a cold feeling, it’s very warm, very
nice – here you have a shower and your bathrooms Nice! and those doors right here for closets. Nice closet space. Walk-in closet – these doors are really
sturdy, really good – I’ll be with you guys oh yeah another bedroom – oh look at
you! oh yeah! So nice – all the colors, everything goes
together so well, alright, so alright you have your vanity mirror and this is
really cool… you got your throne space – plenty of
throne space, and then you have the shower, really cool, really really cool,
this is nuts! Oh man, alright, okay, two bedrooms –
oh yeah, that’s cool! What else we got? Yeah, what if we make this left? We are
making the left, alright – more bathroom space, more bathroom space, more colors – it
goes together so well! it’s just so vibrant! What do we have behind door number
something is? Closet space – I like it I really really do.
Here you have your laundry room, nice whirlpool, yeah –
granite countertops! you have some temperature controls, all
the electric stuff is in here – beautiful place to put it. Here this is where your
garages is, it is currently the sales office – if you
guys need help talking about getting it
customized for yourself – let me know we’ll go to the sales office and we’ll
tell you all about it all. All right, I like this Mmm, this is a wine chiller,
oh yeah, its 51 degrees, don’t know if you guys can see it or not…
Excellent, this is really, really nice Oh yeah! We got the Master Bedroom – this is
where the magic happens, all right, yeah I could see why the magic
would happen here all day – because you have your Vegas strip view! All right so
this is why they call it the Vu because you have the view! I mean its
really nice, we’re gonna check the backyard out – notice the detail here guys,
there’s a vent line over here so instead of putting a bunch of useless, ugly vents
all over the ceiling, they decided to put a line there, that’s really cool,
that is really cool. You know this is this is a fireplace! Yes, oh yeah, I
love fireplaces even if they’re fake great, great bedroom! The master bath – why is this
place so cool? Because of something they call the Jewel! Oh look at you! literally
taking the nicest bath in the world while watching TV, while having some
giant hands hold your towel and maybe magazines and phones…
this is really cool right? so you’re probably having a little sip of wine or
champagne hanging out watching TV, strip view, and it’s just enclosed in this
beautiful shell which can be obviously different colors, but it’s also nice. Alright so you have your two sinks, wonderful, wonderful
designers sinks, so modern, so modern and ladies – space for you to get some
makeup done if you’re into that type of thing! Yeah!
Here’s your throne space some really good reading material,
interesting, cool, that’s really fun. Now this – oh yeah! Oh my God look at
this – it’s like… it’s like you’re in one of those – it’s like you’re in the
New York Library right on 34th Street and something, and you got to get like a
book that no one’s ever seen in like 14,000 years! Not using this thing, my insurance doesn’t cover this – I’m kidding about the insurance! This is so beautiful,
this is elegance at its finest guys, alright what do you think? What do you
guys think? Oh the modern shower, the modern shower.
Everything is electronic, you don’t see a knob on anything and look at this
– you see this right here? Let’s press some buttons. You guys keep
watching that, and I’m over here, I’m gonna be pressing some of these buttons. We’re gonna press some lights and we’ll be – here, you can literally set
your mood. We’re gonna do sunrise… C’mon, show me some sunrise… come on, oh
yeah! oh yeah! That’s beautiful! Maybe some sunset? Huh? Show me some sunset! BOOM! Oh yeah! This is so nice,
alright, let’s go, I can play with this stuff all day. This is beautiful,
alright, everything’s electronic this is cool, this is cool,
beautiful bathroom, beautiful master bedroom, wow, this is built
for kings and queens! Alright, it’s really cool you’re gonna
have lunch out here, and it’s in the shapde –
it’s literally like noon right now and it’s so beautiful it’s not hot it’s not
cold… Wonderful here… Beautiful sculpture,
lots of space, this is obviously where your master bedroom is – you can go
through these doors, this is great! Master bedroom, oh yeah, gorgeous,
gorgeous, you know what I would do? A little driving range here,
because the neighbors they got this, you know, the pools, and then they have like a
little piece of grass or a little lawn… and I’ll dig a little hole over there
just have some fun (golf swing noise) Great! Alright guys, that’s it, I have nothing
else to say about this. If you guys want to see one of these, let
me know, we’ll take a tour privately I’ll give you a lot more details, you know,
square feet, bedrooms, everything… who the designers are, how you can customize it,
and with who, where you can own one etc.
Again, this is one of the Vu homes here built by Christopher Holmes. This is
amazing! Alright, alright, coming back out to this
courtyard, back out through this courtyard, more green doors, this is
gorgeous! Oh yeah! Alright guys, thank you so much
for watching, you’ve been great! I’ll see you soon!

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