Clap, hello I’ll do it quickly and gently today. I don’t really want to upset you from the beginning because if, right away, I say CLAP HELLO it’s irritating. It bothers people and after that people leave so it’s bad So I’d rather do it cutely. Today, ladies and gentlemen, third episode of the woooorst notes in the report book, detention notes, tardy slips. There’s everything, we don’t have to do only notes in the report book then only detention notes, then only tardy slips…. No ! No discrimination ! Everyone’s welcome here. You have sent me, with the hashtag amixem i’m not good, your woooorst pffr… I don’t know ! Things you did in junior high, in high school, which are not necessarily authorized so beware, a small word before we start: it’s not right ! You mustn’t burn your school, You must respect your teachers, I say it before we start ! I’m not saying, a little fart contest in the library it’s always funny ! For sure ! That’s funny ! Ah bah, I … I’m not pushing you to hold fart contests in the library because I know that if I’m overdoing it, there will be competitions and there will be a ranking and all, so no ! Just a little fart contest in the library, just like this, between buddies, it’s funny *music* First hashtag Amixem i’m not good from Jules who says “but it was not written in the rules that it was forbidden” Are you dumb or…? Jules… What ? what the- who- what ? What is that kind of first note ? Jules… ok so we can’t read the note. Draws..? Jules spits, damn it’s not well written Jules spits on his classmates from the end of the climbing wall in other words, in P.E, the guy climbed the wall, he was the first one at the top, and so, he was bored, except that there were people under him, he had the good idea to spit on other people ! It’s funny, that, it goes in the same category than the cute jokes like the fart contests in the library, I concur at the same time that deserves a little note, just to leave with a trophy anyway because a note in the report book it’s to tell “I did it” too, you see ? In fact ,I just came back from the Paris Games Week I did signings and all that, I met you, it was really cool And there’s a guy who came to see me, he said to me “you know in your video ‘the wooorst notes in the report book’, the guy who created a porn site, it was me !” The guy was so proud ! But no ! You don’t put a porn site instead of your school’s site ! You don’t do that ! You are going to traumatize parents, kids and teachers over generations. Don’t do that ! And the guy was proud ! That fool ! *music* I was reading Mathis’ report book, it was totally common, it wasn’t funny but the last one ! “Urinated in class” but I don’t know ! As a teacher, you could at least explain a little what happened ! “Urinated in class”! I mean, “talks with his classmates” or “refuses to work”, ok ! But you can’t give an information so simple and so shocking without explaining ! Come on, you can’t write “Timothée pooped in the pencil case of his classmate” in the report book. No explanation. No ! *music* Manon says “oh, big words right away, I just wanted to show him the view more closely”. What did you do ? “Madam, Sir, we inform you that your daughter Manon in 6th Gr will have detention on monday the 15th june nananin… for the following cause: “tries to throw her classmate from the window of the second floor”!!! But wait, you tried to kill someone, you’re doing great ! we have a murder attempt, she gets two hours of detention ! It’s legit ! In 2017, you pee in the classroom, you get a note in the report book ! You try to kill someone, you get two hours of detention ! You do a genocide Beware, huh ! Maybe you will go to the station. *music* Detention ticket, “We regret to inform you that your son Mayeul, student in 10th Gr, is the object of a sanction for the following cause : I love that first sentence, it puts in the mood, “Spreads Nutella in a classmate’s toilet”. Sorry ? In parentheses, “He will tell you about it”. Wait, wait, he There are two things which don’t go, well, first, spreading Nutella in the toilets is an activity, certainly not common. The second thing that surprises me is “in a classmate’s toilet”, which means that the classmate is a friend, he has his own toilet and you went inside his toilet to spread Nutella ? But why ? Why does he even have his own toilet ? So indeed, when you enter the toilet, it’s your toilet, but it’s temporary, just the time to do your business So it would mean that you went inside when somebody was pooping, to spread Nutella ! It doesn’t make sense ! *music* Pierre sent us a picture of his report book and said “dark childhood”. “Nouno” ? Your name is Nouno ? It’s weird. “Nouno answer one of my question in class by saying that the character is rutting which is particularly inappropriate because the text isn’t about a rutting character, yours sincerely”. It’s not that you had a dark childhood, it’s that your teacher was a bit uptight. *Amazing acting game* “Oh ! He said pee-pee ! Madam, come on, I hope that you realize what your child just did ! We were doing an enumeration of flowers. It was metaphors-based, it was crazy. He said pee-pee, we were absolutely not talking about sex, ok ? Do you realize how much it can be shocking for a french teacher ? I have been doing that for 35 years and I never saw any pee-pee and now I really want to, ok ? So stop !! *End of the amazing acting game* *music* Wait, that’s crazy ! We have a report book with three sections: one section for the teacher’s note, a section for the child’s note, a section for the parents’ note. Like, you can defend yourself ! What a magic concept ! The teacher wrote “Zofia sometimes forgets to do her homeworks in the ‘mission’ notebook” The child’s comment: “Homeworks are too easy, I’m good at mathematics”. It’s not written but I understood “shut the fuck up”. *music* Ladies and gentlemen, a little break in the video, if you want to send me all your things like that, or the things I missed on the same hashatg, send them once more or send new ones with the hashtag Amixem I’m not good 2, for the next video, that’s it, very easy ! Let’s move on ! *music* This person posts for his little brother. “My brother didn’t have time, a gem that kid, I need to keep training him.” Very good. “Zion threw one of his classmate’s blinder by the window, it’s unacceptable.” Come on yes, it is… unacceptable, but you need to know, Madam the teacher, that there are people who throw other people by the window and who gets the same sanction ! Come on, a notebook, it’s kind of funny But someone, it’s dangerous ! OH Wahou, yeah it was kind of an overplayed reaction, damn *music* Note from Tinti who says: ” The worst is that the chick took it for me”. “The facts that motives his appearance before the Disciplinary Council are the following ones”. Oh, that’s hot, that’s hot. Here we have a convocation of Disciplinary Council. “Non-compliance with the intern rules or the rules of the boarding school, illegal entry in the boys’ residential unit, sexual intercourse in the dorm with one of the school’s boys, recidivism, on Tuesday the 3rd, threw his/her partner by the window”, stop ! No, I’m kidding, i’m kidding, calm down. Here, it’s no big deal that’s what we call a noctural pill It’s always a pleasure. The thing that’s going to be awkward, is the Disciplinary Council because the Disciplinary Council always come back on the facts. Yeah, you’re going to have a little bit of sweat on your forehead at that moment Ah but wait, the Council is adressed to the girl so concretely for that guy, a girl comes to his room, he does his business, she comes back the next day and that’s her who is fucked up. Yeah, completely. In every sense. *music* Bibill “I didn’t know”. Are you serious ? “Puts paper in his classmate’s mouth”. No, we don’t do that, now you know that you don’t put paper in your classmate’s mouth. Then, usually, the classmate defends himself, it’s kind of weird that you managed to put paper inside his mouth. There are some activities for which you take a note, I don’t even know how you did it. It’s like the guy who spreads Nutella while the other poops. I don’t understand how you do that. How can you put paper in some guy’s mouth ? There’s a moment where the guy realizes. I don’t know, he shuts his mouth, he’s not dumb, isn’t he ? *music* My friend is the greatest genius of all times, the picture speaks for itself: “Class disturbance, hits his working table, disrespect, and answer to the teacher who is asking him to stop the noise: ‘I did a training of tomtom, refusal to comply, moves without authorization, vulgarity: qualify one of his classmate as a whore”, 10/19 in english class: “non-compliance with the intern rules psychological pressure: torment a student and stops him from working bu stealing her pencil case, recovering it of post-it, and wrapping it in tape forbidding her from accessing her equipment”. It’s funny… Sorry, don’t do that, i mean, it’s not nice, don’t do that ! *music* Clément who sent us the note of his friend: “Miss, touch Ludovic’s pee-pee, it’s hard”. That, it’s simple and efficient. “Miss, can you touch Ludovic’s pee-pee ? It’s hard !” Well done Ludo, well done ! Champion ! *music* Sakura sent us a tweet which says: “I admit that I’m proud of this one” “-What did you do during the correction of the test ? -I drew a corpse”. The teacher answered: “That’s joyful!” End of the discussion. It’s efficient, we like it *music* Notification of an warning. “Lvé”, what’s that ? Your name is breton that’s for sure, absolutely. “allowed himself to take Miss gngn’s belongings, a box of candies and to give some to his classmates”. In fact, you took your teacher’s breath mints. And you gave them to everyone. And you ask yourself why you took a warning. Yes but obviously, you don’t do that. *music* “I was licking my report book and spiting on it to not take any note, and it was working!” It’s true that it is a good idea if you put AIDS and tetanus on your report book, no one will touch it, so you won’t take any note. *music* “Detailed descrption of the facts on Tuesday the 11th october 2016”. Looks like a statement, guys. “During the call of class, Gabin distinguished himself by answering ‘present’ with a strong african accent aboute twenty minutes later, he did it again by calling his classmate and saying “Stop scratching your balls” out loud. Gabin ? *african accent* Present ! It’s true. *music* A little note in the report book for Aurélien, “What’s happening with the attitude of Aurélien ? Is it normal for him to kiss his teacher’s shoulder when she’s coming to take the row in the courtyard ?” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Is she good, your french teacher ? I mean, was it worth a…? It’s really creepy, dude. The poor teacher ! The girl is peaceful, she comes to take her row in the courtyard and you kiss her shoulder ? It’s really awkward. *music* “The third quarter class council took the following decision concerning your child: admonition for inappropriate behavior *checked* cause: locked a student in a locker” Locked a student in a locker ! First question, how did he get in ? I don’t know but me, in high school, the lockers were too little, huh; Wait, isn’t it the moment for you to subscribe to my channel, to click on the bell and to check the notifications ? Because it’s the end of the video so I tought that you could do it to be warned about the next ones, that would be really cool. You can send me all your bullshit with the hashtag Amixem i’m not good two on Twitter or Facebook. Mostly on Twitter, I will go more on Twitter than Facebook, I’m counting on you. Thank you so much for watching this video until the end, it’s the best proof that you liked it or that you’re stupid. Do the things you love, like threwing people by the window… No, don’t do that ! In short, I conclude that you mustn’t burn you junior high, don’t throw people by the windows, You musn’t not do stupid things which put people in danger, again, a fart contest in the library never killes anyone. It was Amixem ! Over !
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98 thoughts on “VOS PIRES MOTS DANS LE CARNET ! #2

  1. Moi j'ai un prof il a jeté le cahier d'un élève à travers la classe et une de mes pote se les prit dans la gueule ?

  2. J'ai ramener un cadavre humain fraichment tuer et on me met un mot. je saver pas que c t interdi #jesuispassage

  3. La semaine dernière je regarde le carnet d'un gars de ma classe et il y a écrit : rentre en dansant et en chantant la makarena en cours .
    Ok tout vas bien ???

  4. Le dernier jour on faisait une bataille de boulette de papier avc ma classe et l intello qui travailler c pris un mot :

  5. Et moi qui regardait une vidéo en scred a 4h du mat comment chui sensée restée silencieuxe?????????????????????

  6. Mdr dans mon collège il y en a un qui me dit ta gueule il y a pris une semaine de colle (tous les jours 8h 17h30)

  7. La meuf qui a jeté son camarade par la fenêtre, on dirait trop mon ex-meilleure pote !
    (En plus, elle s'appelle manon)

  8. Mdr moi l anné derniere les prof il avaient toujour des bouitteilles et a un moment j ai une ami qui a pris la bouteille et a ouvert le bouchon mais j avais pas vu et j ai eu l idée de faire un bottle flip … Il y avait des evaluation dessous j ai tout trampé ???

  9. Moi je m’amusais à mettre mes potes dans leur casier et je l’es bloquais la dernière fois il c pris le mots à ma place et c’était écrit s’amuse à se secestré dans son casier?

  10. Je me suis fait exclure de classe parce que je m'attachais les cheveux. Motif: Tu les à détachés il y a 10 Minutes, on est pas un salon de coiffure!!


  11. Mon pire mots dans l’carnet c’est
    Déjà ma pote qui été a côté de moi en math a pris ça paire de ciseaux ✂️ et a essayer de se couper l’doit et a dit à la prof « est elle qui m’a demandé si j’étais cap » … j’ai été collé tout les soir pendant 1 moi ?

  12. J'ai eu le droit coup sur coup à "Jette un avion en papier dans la tête de son professeur". Puis dans mon agenda "L'élève annonce que son carnet de liaison a été mangé par un oiseau". Puis "L'élève annonce que son agenda a été pris par un aigle" sur une feuille A4, qui a fini au bbq

  13. Au collège j avais baisser le pantalon d'un gars a la cantine il a pleurer et dans le carnet j ai eu 1h de colle en motif " baisse le pantalon de ses camarades "

  14. Timothée c'est mon frère et il y a un camarade a insulté mon prof en CM2 je vait te raconter le prof a dit eseque quelque ta permie de toucher mon livre mon camarade a dit oui ta mère

  15. C'était cette année en anglais, j'étais assise à côté de mon meilleur ami, ma prof est super cool. je commence à dessiner sur le visage de mon pote avec un feutre BLEU?, la prof elle me regarde, et elle éclate de rire, et me fait un ptit clin d'œil.

    sachant que cette prof, à chaque foos qu'on entre dans sa classe , elle nous tcheck tous??

  16. Moi en 6 eme j'ai emmené du tabasco (sauce piquente) avec des bonbon j'ai mis la sauce sur les bonbon et j'en ai donner a des gars que je n'aimais pas du coup je leurs ai donner et il disait que sa ne piquait pas mais en h1 la prof de physique est venue dans la classe et elle m'a dit que les deux gars (c'était des jumeaux) avait mal au ventre a cause du tabasco du coup comme c'est la prof de physique chimie m'avait expliquer que le tabasco brulais la gorge et le ventre du coup en sixième j'ai eu une heure de cole quand je l'ai expliquer a ma mère elle a rigoler et a dit que se n'était pas tres grave et le le jour suivent on etait sur les ordis en maths ma prof principale m'a demander est ce que t'a mere t'a gronder du coup j'ai dit oui (alors que c'etait faux) et après pendant mon heure de colle j'ai dus écrire une lettre d'excuse pour leur donner

    (Le pire dans tous ça c'est que j'ai donner du tabasco au gars alors que c'etait le jour du vivre ensemble ?????

  17. 3ème : mon prof de physique chimie a remarqué que j’avais mis de la codéine (sirop de toux) dans ma bouteille d’eau du coup le prof a écrit "boit de la drogue en cours"

  18. Moi mon pote à un mot et 2 h de colle "prend en photo sa partis sexuelle en cour de stv le pendant que nous parlons de reproduction animale " la réponse de mon pote "Ben quoi je penser qu'il fallait faire une démo ????

  19. Trop nul en suisse on a pas de carnet et d’autres trucs comme ça ? a la limite des heures de colle ! La chance que vous avez vous les français !!!! ??

  20. Moi j'ai une fille qui c mise dans un casier et ensuite elle attendait des gens puis elle sortait pour leur faire peur sauf qu'elle a fait peur a une surveillante voilà

  21. C un copain il avais fraper a Des portes en allent en sport et le Prof c fait engeuler et après il crier ptn ta geule gros encu***

  22. Je connais un gars qui a gueulé pomme de terre du coup dans son carnet ya marqué : "pomme de terre à méditer "?

  23. La pire situation ou on s'est tous marré: y a toujours un élève dans la classe très intelligent , dans ce cas il s'appelle Paul, en français Paul avait finis ses exercices et tous ce que la prof avait demandé il se met donc à lire un magazine de camping car??, la prof vient et dit "Paul qu'est ce que tu fais on est en cours" donne moi ton carnet "
    Paul :" vous allez pas me mettre de mot"?
    La prof :" Non non je vais juste regarder les images "
    Paul: ahh d'accord

    Après ça il a pleuré en voyant le mot
    " lis un magazine de camping car en cour de francais "??

    Un like, une prière pour Paul ?

  24. Moi et un pote on n’a pris un mots parce qu’en art plastique on n’a tenté de ressusciter une règle en faisant un rituel et le prof nous a marqué dans le carnet «essaye de ressusciter une règle en criant jesus jesus chris »

  25. Quand j'étais en primaire, en CE (jsp quelle classe exacte) je jouait avec mes ciseaux. Je voulais coupé les tee-shirt des gens…

    La prof m'a confisquer mon ciseau pendant plusieurs jours ?

  26. Figurez vous que nous on faisait une bataille de ballon (on soufflait dedans et on les lâchait, et on en a même fait exploser 2) La prof ne savait pas qui c'était, elle a exclu juste un mec qui gonflait un ballon.

  27. Y'avait deux filles qui se battaient à la cantine. Et y en a une qui a pris un bro d'eau et elle l'a versé sur l'autre meuf.
    Elle a été exclu 1 jour

  28. Moi dans mon carnet aussi la un truc pour repondre au prof et j avis un mot ne fais jamais ses devoirs et moi j ai écris pour répondre "les devoirs sa casse les couilles"???

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