Vlog: Vamos a llevar a Domino al salon/Taking Domino to the groomers (spanglish)

I live in Manila travels mr. cannon okay so they'll get the oil was it'll block the vamos a ver abdominal a kilo of onion e C chemical for your nose a nose it's an emotional stress outfit is tell us so we say D esta muy caliente Oso samosas on the light colors e they see it on shorts fund us is the me outfit el pelo Dorado porque sakali and TC Maestas ciento seis ciento seis degrees but we are ready to go let's go check on Domino's I hope he's excited hello Moses do you have any telephone mr. Gabriel elephants I get amino don't come yet hi baby get the memo Ziggy what up I get the bunion hey baby he's so happy yellow wanna say what a kilo one hand he came an Olympian but I can see baby yet my baby we're gonna get to a new color – okay let's go smile ready see so yeah you don't mess up it for me but I give my nanny the kids on okay Lauren you know teeny impaired esperate oscilloscope though he can feel something done girlfriend because there are many plus American American Vidia service are 1.11 sinner livin an hour Navarro's our own little mini face so they won all of our los dientes also excited for making you yes um for the most muy bien now the money scale that I saw it yeah you're either mamacita he is the so let's get other claps of it Ramos at amun-re doesn't you know for a kid oh my Erin and we're so excited for that girl okay so I will see you guys quick stop for a second where Mena's abdominals time to spot name and expand musical brat on fruit cup how is it Sadie well it says Aaron and then most irresolute responses he also harasser okay okay so you gonna tell me so we do know please it's okay yeah and then I couldn't find the numbers I kind of panic I just so we just got back he is almost so we are gonna end the video here if you want me to film another video oh come on movie you got a lock on I come up with embed Dom DOM is that for me and law was really almost alexbaird to be multiple really / which I so I put emotion muchas cosas similarity in there everybody a specifically Thomas Ferragamo system using photos and mereta he consumes a cover video Cyril Sao Paulo in case I and liberty rock on Domino he comes Sadie Zoe Sarah Proxima by

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