VLOG Rainbow Kitten Surprise at the Wiltern 6/8/19 — I PEED MY PANTS!?!

according comes a night hi this is a 17 minute long video done oh wait so I kind of like it with the bridge um this isn't finished well actually I'm forgetting an important part because your girl has like no lips sometimes I'll put on these baby it's like the two face just like a lip plumper gloss and what happens it makes your lips stained because the blood flowing to them and then there's like a little Smashbox lip gloss that I really like the color it's fun but it's not like super pigmented so glass okay it's time to take on the braids my mom is me and Wilma my hair dryer so they're still okay they're still pretty wet it how's that cute like slicked back kind of look to it though you know like a little wet look but I know that once it air dries it's gonna be yeah let's see how this dress so after some trial and error this is the final outfit I ended up putting on these shoes because I didn't want to ruin those like super nice ones tennis shoes because they were as I said I could cost me my money so we're gonna head out okay we just got in the car that's really cool just got in the car we're gonna head to Presley's to go pick her up and get food and then contra is at The Wiltern house so also this is how my hair dry which I'm happy with it it what's it like it's like how I was expecting it's not super super curly it's not exactly wavy but the curls are love you yeah this literally so hot Oh this strawberry walks in doable so this is not a vlogging camera this big bottle of water three new Jews I'm sorry I'm using the plastic water bottle I didn't buy it my parents did and it would be even more of a waste to not drink it look at me it will be recycled oh you look so pretty my first planned outfit thanks to Sarah for that Sarah for me outfit the best clothes ever I look so pale you just use so much we made it we made it when my debts gradually since I know baby can I let her in behaved getting all the toys what are we doing you didn't teriyaki balls you hear my truth it's like a summer we beer joke you shoot me a star I'm – she'll take a look there since she can't crowd surf oh my god and Kenneth telling us for a little love story yeah get me I was like a little forget you and I was like even without this well because I and so I have to document Presley's outfit change let's stand up get a full-body there we go oh so cute and we love it we love the car and we are on the five still on our way they're probably gonna be a little late but what else did you haha I have to pee so bad I'm going to pee my pants and we just got off the freeway so I could pee oh my this light needs to turn turn my bladder is going to okay we're turning onto Olive Street returning yes guys where's the Starbucks be myself I'm just gonna pee all over this here oh my god look it's Gypsy Rose it's gypsy Gypsy Rose shout-out to Emmy hanne-liebe we're sisters this looks cool Oh everybody appreciate this but I can gonna put some songs too the Starbucks was close I'm going to die oh my god I think this belt is just pushing on my bladder I'm going to peel wait where are we going now another Starbucks some pretty buildings I miss what I don't have I'm getting out of the car hurry my left has scooters new okay second Starbucks bathroom isn't going to die oh I thought they said aerobics it's Robeck juice okay one more try it's closed closed closed please oh my god it's literally I'm gonna do you think she would open it to song EP it's man on a motorcycle just told us where we can find a bathroom it is thing I've ever seen in my entire life oh all right we are here we're very late but we're here we're on do it yeah hell yeah oh yeah let's go [Applause] [Applause] right [Applause] okay so some guys just scared that out of us and hold us you guys have been caught and get ready to be in handcuffs did you guys do that security Nichols because we went through this date that appealingly warned us let's do it through but like there was no other way to get into the place that we parked our car but then he showed us how to get there so we're all good there the good Street hot dogs wrapped in street tacos but so I'm sorry I wish I could have supported them instead of talking about but here we are alright so I didn't I was so tired so sorry cross necklace its I get it do you like bigger ones I do like your nose ring you do I just got that on video wait we have to close out my vlog everybody everybody look over you everybody say bye [Applause]

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