VLOG | June 6, 2019

so we gotta take Joe to ground oh it's less than we got your groomed so waters know so there's dishes she's gonna pull backseat or so so alright so we just dropped off Joe at grooming what she doesn't like but then we leave and I think she's fine so we're gonna go to lunch what it's a little after 11:30 and we're hungry and we like to go before the lunch rush because then nobody's there so we're gonna pyecraft yeah so we're on a polygraph Pizza one of our favorite pizza places we don't go very often but I think that's part of why it's our favorite every time we're in this area though we go to have that pizza yes make your own pizza it's kind of like a blaze pizza I don't know if you have pie craft wherever you are but it's kind of new to our area like maybe only the last year I think we got it so we're excited and we used to have a blaze pizza which was like our super favorite so now it's fun to have a slightly different pizza but like the same expiry yeah this one you can pick any toppings you want and put them on plus they have gluten-free crust which we don't usually get but yeah it's really good pizza guys like mushrooms pepperoni which is a little spicy a little spicy and knowledge – yeah Hobbs and spinach and artichokes and check let me take another bite note saying with this like I kind of pulled mine like a calzone all right I like this cuz it's like Joey and then crispy Nazi mostly crossfire I like that on the bottom there's pepperoni olives artichokes mozzarella provolone cheese chicken there's some chicken I'm spinach down there and I think that's it yeah so how would you say oh yeah this is the one we always get when we come here final bite it's just across but it's just bread like like a breadstick okay it would be better with some dick but it's really gone I used to roll lose to final next up we're gonna go to Walmart yes we just finished lunch was delicious it was good we did some filming of lunch so we can share with you and you've probably already seen it and now we're gonna go to Walmart we need dog food and some steps maybe we'll continue the dog steps the search for the steps because we didn't find ones we liked at Petsmart I don't really think she's gonna like steps at all I don't think she can do it but we like to look first steps four steps to see or maybe a ramp but the ramp will be too big I think kilograms our living rooms kind of short yeah so steps it is Walmart let's go all right it's a paul Washer i think it's kind of like how you wash your golf balls on the course but with paws for cats see steps were really running out of luck here we didn't find the dog but we didn't find the dog for either well maybe don't publish dog beds over there ya know maybe that's not no that's very hard oh she's got three beds though great no steps oh my gosh leave that little friend up there who's cute no steps know that there's a lot of carriers and a lot of food but no steps we might be out of luck all right so we're back home now and I took a walk and had a shower and we had a kind of a long day yeah pretty busy afternoon yeah so Joey's back she's been groomed we were unsuccessful in our search for some steps for the couch we didn't find any couch steps we also didn't find any dog food they didn't have our brand new dog food at all but that is our day for for today that's right yeah

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