VitaPaws™ DigestiAid Plus for Cats and Dogs

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’ve been working closely with the team at VitaPaws to create a range of high quality supplements that support your pet’s health. As an animal nutritionist, I understand the importance of a good, balanced diet to ensure your pet’s as happy and healthy as they can be. A healthy digestive system is vital because it absorbs and utilises the energy and nutrients obtained from your pet’s diet, and this helps play an essential role in maintaining their immune system and health. When digestive problems do occur, these are no fun for pets or owners. The DigestiAid Plus supplements from VitaPaws have been specially designed for pets that may need some extra help with their gut health and digestion. It contains both Probiotic & Prebiotic factors to encourage a healthy balance in the gut and help maintain the overall health of the gastrointestinal tract. The DigestiAid Plus capsule can either be given to your pet whole, or gently opened and sprinkled over their food at meal times. If you’d like to know more, or see how VitaPaws supplements could help your pet, then visit or speak to one of our advisors, who would be happy to help and advise you. Remember: healthy pets are happy pets.

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