34 thoughts on “Viral Video UK: Monkey loves to be groomed!

  1. Remindeds me of my son when his girlfriend uses that comb massage thing on his head ??? I was wondering though… Is it chewing gum too? ?

  2. This is Teresa Bullocks video and her Angel, she runs an animal rescue/sanctuary….ViralVideoUK, did you obtain permission from Teresa to put this video on your channel? I believe her videos are copyrighted.

  3. This is Angel Bullock. She passed away recently. She had diabetes. Her human Theresa Bullock had an end of life service for her that was very touching. Did you get permission from Theresa to show this on your channel?

  4. She would have been 22 on sunday 1 20 2019 sadly she passed away at the end of last year… sweet girl will be missed…

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