VIP Petcare – Wellness Center

Hi and welcome to VIP Petcare, your convenient preventive veterinary service provider. Our mission is to keep your pets healthy happy and safe through quality wellness care. Located in your favorite pet and feed stores, we make it easy and affordable for you to get the best possible wellness care for your pet. Today we are visiting one of our Wellness Centers. Created as permanent locations within your neighborhood pet store, Wellness Centers are open for extended hours during weekdays with no appointment necessary and have a full-time vet on staff, ready to provide ongoing wellness care to your pet. When you bring in your pet, you will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable staff members. After asking a few questions, they will help you create a personalized plan optimized for your
pet’s lifestyle. If you have to wait to see the vet, you can browse the store and our staff will notify you when it’s your turn. In addition to vaccinations and
microchips, we also offer diagnostic testing and prescription heartworm, flea, tick and parasite control products. The wellness centers also provide a complete physical exam – including checking of the eyes, ears and skin – nail trims, a comprehensive health panel, health certificates and a wide variety of other wellness services. Our licensed veterinarian will oversee the care of your pet. In addition to providing our standard wellness services, our vet can diagnose minor health issues and prescribe medications as needed. Once your pet is seen you will become part of the VIP Petcare family. We will send you reminders so your pet can remain protected from disease and parasites. Your pet’s records are stored safely in our database so if you ever need a copy or have questions about your pet’s health history, we’re simply a
call or click away. Thanks for watching! For more information, visit us at

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