40 thoughts on “Videos for Cats to Watch Birds – Bird Extravaganza

  1. very cool, forget the cats, I enjoy it myself ;-). Do you know what kind of birds they are? I recognize a nuthatch and a chickadee, but the bright orange-red bird I don't know. Lovely background sounds and I like that there is no loop. Well done.

  2. What the hell is this scrawl??!?! When I am enjoying whatching those birds/………, the scrawl steal there food;;;;

  3. Thank you very much for these videos.
    I have showed them to my cat multiple times before (she is a very anxious cat and barely leaves my room) and she loves watching them (she doesnt jump at the TV but actually WATCHES very interested.)
    Today I had a panic attack and during my shivering and trying to breathe I was looking for videos to calm myself down (it was loud outside so I just wanted to put my headphones in and listen to something calm). Nothing was really what I was looking for and seemed to make me even more anxious…I remembered your birdwatching videos, looked one up and put it on. It is super relaxing, no music, just nature and all these different kinds of birds. I was able to calm down rather quickly and chuckle at the squirrels trying to steal the seeds.
    I also noticed lots of birds picking up multiple seeds at once in their beak (possibly to carry to their chicks?)
    Anyway thank you very much, from my cat and myself and all the well-fed birds.

  4. After the birds were flying at each other(hopefully that made sense if not it’s just fighting to get the food)my cat tried to get out of my hands and hit the screen you know what happen my screen broke I can still see but it was only on the subscribe button I turn it out when she almost hit the screen …

  5. I actually put on a mouse video for my cats, next thing I know they changed it to this. Good choice. My cats and I both loved it. Thank you.

  6. My cat is developing a phone addiction. Every time I set my phone down he sits on it and paws at it until I put one of these videos on.

  7. 10/10 would recommend. my cat loved watching this. and i got a kick out of watching her try to catch the birds and whipping her head in whatever direction the bird flew off screen. so hilarious

  8. Me when I tried to see birds: Puts bread outside
    Me also: Waits for 24 hours
    Me also also: why aren’t the birds coming ;-;

  9. I put this on the tv, my 2 cats loved it. Would be great to leave on for them while you went out. Lovely video.

  10. I love Red Robbins, their eyes are so tenderly and curiously looking. But I m surprised to see more than ONE Red Robbin at a time here, for their males usually don t allow another male Red Robbin into their territory of about 1,000 squaremeters…. 🙂

  11. My cat's circling around the laptop lol. Love listening myself, & id'ing the birds. Thank you, lovely birds & their songs

  12. Интересно, что пение птиц никогда не надоедает. Ценю любую возможность послушать звуки природы, поэтому приезжая на отдых целенаправленно не включаю музыку. Благодарю Бога за то, что, в своё время, Он сконструировал уникальные органы слуха и зрения, без которых мы не могли бы наслаждаться таким разнообразием. Это убеждает меня как сильно Он нас любит. Спасибо большое за ролик!

  13. 15:10 – Well hello there!! 🙂 I'm absolutely amazed and astonished how much of an influence this video is having on me. Struggling with anxiety, high stress and feeling uneasy all the time made me search for all kinds of stress-relieving tools, activities, learning, mindfullness and so on. Suddenly now watching this video made me write, which I used to love doing but stopped feeling the joy of. Now it's like someone's taken my brain, brushed it off stress and re-loaded with hope and energy. This all might seem weird, but It's a shocking breakthrough for me, so thank you for this! 🙂

  14. Paul. You keep my cat entertained every morning while I get ready for work! Thank you! I have dozens of photos of her watching your videos.

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