Victor Pest: Trusted Rodent and Mouse Control Solutions

Little thief.
That’s the original name of the critter we know as the house mouse that has been stealing
our food and destroying our property,
but for every villain, there is a superhero. The Victor® Mouse Trap.
Invented in the late 1800’s, the Victor® Mouse Trap has achieved the status
of superhero, consumer icon, and pop-art superstar.
Your childrens’ teachers even use it to help teach physics.
The Victor® Mouse Trap’s popularity and stellar reputation are largely due to Victor®’s relentless
focus on quality and passion for US-based craftmanship.
The Victor® Mouse Trap is still manufactured in Lititz, Pennsylvania, where much care is
taken to produce the best mouse traps in the world.
But Victor® does more than protect you from rodents;
we strive to protect the environment too. That’s why the Victor® Mouse Trap is made from
FSC certified wood, which is wood harvested from well-managed
forests to ensure proper renewal of our natural resources.
The original Victor® Mouse Trap however, was just the beginning.
Since its invention, ongoing research and innovation have given Victor® the broadest
line of rodent control products in the world.
Victor® is proud to be the leader in modern rodent contol.
Our successful lineup includes ultrasonic repellents, electronic traps, and sealing hygienic
traps. Victor® is also on the front line of packaging
and merchandising. The company’s impactful designs are married
with environmentally-responsible packaging solutions;
another way we are caring for our plant, and another reason you’ll find Victor® products
in households around the globe. Victor®: your rodent control specialists for
over one hundred years.

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