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my name is Oliver can you shut that dog up please I live with my wife Kathy Charlie just incessantly barks it's grating on the nerves Charlie is extremely aggressive shut up Charlie the reason why I don't like Charlie that much is because he like always like attacks me hey Charlie I fell in love with Charlie but he is not all that friendly to the children for all of us there's been times where I was just like you know what seriously that I got to get rid of Charlie why don't you just take him back upstairs it makes me upset that my mom has to go upstairs and we can't spend time together as soon as I came into the home there's this Yorkshire Terrier fiercely barking at me you are very loud I mean you saw Charlie's crazy insane yipping and barking and that's a constant I think a lot has to do with the fact that you know he's being held and he feels her anxiety holding him back and it just makes me more anxious if you held him if something doesn't change drastically between the dynamics of the dogs it's just gonna completely divide us it's definitely not a good place that it's going okay so you go I don't need to stay for this I'm at my limit this is it I'm done hi hi this what Charlie does yeah excuse me do you want to take him so that I don't want to stress mile well yes he will ever since Bella's been brought into the house Charlie has been kept upstairs mostly in my bedroom but you spend most of your time up here yeah especially when Oliver is home what does it feel like being up here away from them I mean it makes it feels bad because putting Charlie aside it's not a healthy situation for my children they joke around and say do we have to live like this till we go to college it's it's ridiculous okay because everyone in the family dislikes Charlie Cathy's gone the other way I've got to work on Charlie's behavior when Oliver goes near his wife I want you to be able to give your wife a kiss or hug without the rat stopping you I also want people to be able to approach and touch her without Charlie going ballistic charlie becomes a vicious monster when he's in Cathy's arms and anybody approaches her especially all of them and I want to teach Charlie this behavior is not gonna be tolerated anymore I'd like you to hold Charlie and then Oliver I want you to approach as soon as you hear he's on the ground we're gonna do it again and again and again and again until he's quiet if this doesn't work I really don't know what we'll do because I don't want to get rid of Charlie Oliver approach your wife embrace her hi honey it's like that is it even when he father he's gonna have a little girl normally Charlie I wouldn't let me even get close as soon as we made eye contact Charlie gets crazy what's not power you say doesn't your wife fake enough yes do it a little faster sorry I have to go very carefully with this approach training because although we could get hurt here it's really important that they keep going because charlie has got to see Oliver as no threat boy stop stop they're good for boy Charlie is a vicious dog and he could do a lot of damage it's gonna take a lot of training and a lot of work with him to break this habit we are at our wits end so we are really banking on this working it has to work Victoria has to help us very good when anybody comes to the sofa and Kathy sitting there with Charlie he goes for them I wanted to show Charlie that the same thing applied when he's sitting on the sofa as when he's in Cathy's arms just you can relax a little bit give him a treat Charlie might be a little Yorkshire Terrier but there is a lot of pressure per square inch in that small little mouth with very very sharp teeth sir good boy good boy give him the treat good boy nice put your arm around her good okay sit in a bit closer to her remove your body okay and hang out relax your hand on her on him it definitely worked and Oliver was actually able to give me a hug Charlie in my arms and no growling or biting good boy Charlie this training was really important because it showed the couple that Charlie could really learn it showed Oliver that he's a good dog good boy Charlie yet awesome woohoo that was very good Kathy can't give in to Charlie she's been so indulgent over him for so long all that separates her from him is five seconds of quiet it's really difficult for me to hear of Charlie crying and scratching on the door now no effusive greetings just let him out know a few sub greetings don't touch him just go into your room it's really important that Charlie spend a little bit more time away from Cathy so that he's less attached her so there his whole world doesn't fall apart when she's not there you're leaving I've got to be very low-key wait till the car or he sits or gives you something and then say good boy I knew it was really difficult for Cathy to hear Charlie barking up a storm in her room and not going up to him but she did really well all right very good once Charlie gets ahold of an item whether it's a kid's toy a pen even if it's just a tissue box no one in the house can get it out he just becomes extremely aggressive will bite like you know you'd think he's a like a lion the way he goes crazy trying to bite people we're gonna do this training and basically I want to turn it from being confrontational to really being a game okay so this is how we have to do and when we start with toys we build it up Shirley's not a nicety dog but resource guarding is can be a deeply ingrained behavior you lose your resources that's your very survival and if your very survival is on the line you fight for it whether it's in the wild or in a domestic home that's a good toy isn't it oh good boy the next step is pi will concentrate and focus on another toy Charlie and my toy is so much more exciting than that toy yeah look at this whoa whoa go get that and whilst he's playing with that I picked that one up so it's a trade all the time okay then I show him this tell him to drop good boy good boy you're gonna do haha go game go get it nice it's really cool to see Harley played with a normal dog don't give it to him though when he's angry like that oh yeah that was too much it was all too close remember throw it further away from you um see he saw him getting riled up that's the moment when you get up and walk away because he just got into that enjoy mode yeah I love the fact that all of us playing with Charlie as if it's his dog see see that she is right in there while I'm doing this training I'm looking at Cathy and I see her smiling at Oliver whilst he's training Charlie and I love that boy Charlie because I didn't know whether we get to that point when I first came into this household do you have any questions about it no do you see how you have to be one step ahead of thinking with the dog it was a good thing to see Charlie responding to the positive you know training techniques and that's definitely a motivational factor for us to continue I want Cathy and Charlie to be part of their family again but in order to do this I need to get the kids involved and emphasis has got to be on safety he doesn't exactly like so how's charlie bidden you yeah Charlie we know he's toy motivated he's a terrier he likes to chase things he likes small fluffy things let him do what he wants to do but in a controlled environment I also think this is great game that the kids can play because this keeps the the toy away from a child's body now just stand back a little bit Charlie I love allowing dogs to really follow their instincts and get rid of some of that irritation that frustration of being cooked up within four walls for so long by really stimulating their prey drive just like my finger Charlie this is such a great game for kids to play with their dog because it's safe the toy is at a good distance away from them so that Charlie doesn't get frustrated angry and bite them that's what I want to see him do it's great for Charlie to connect to the children and the children to connect to Charlie so it was a really fun experience I do like Charlie more than I did before cuz he's more nice to me I definitely look at Oliver in a different light now I can give him a compliment the way he's taken control with Charlie he's praised Charlie he's actually been really nice to Charlie and that makes me really happy fallaway for Charlie Charlie Charlie doesn't even know you exist anymore I wouldn't go that far it's all me and Charlie Charlie starting to warm up to Oliver so there is a bond forming between the two of them which is great it makes me feel good that my mom gave me in the family room without having to go upstairs the dogs will make my mom nervous

46 thoughts on “'Vicious' Family Dog Needs To Be Tamed | It's Me or the Dog

  1. Im sure she's only smiling and laughing because she is nervous and uncomfortable because I do that lol but still if I could have smacked that smile off her face. It's not funny what's happening.

  2. She said it – "rat" for that is exactly what a Yorkshire terrier is. A glorified rodent. A pest, like a rodent, a disease carrier and ferral nuisance. Thank you for saying it like it is

  3. I have a yorkie Bella she is 3 years old and she takes my dadsmomsmy clothes and food and toys she takes everything. Right now she is under my bed becuse my bed can turn into a sofa and theres some space under it. When taking enything from her she bites. She has bitten my mums hand and made a hole. She has bitten my dad and the hole bathtub was bloody so yeah but shes such a good puppy she knows tricks she loves when people hug her boop her snoot and loves poeple. She loves going for walks and SHE DOESINT BITE WHEN PEOPLE HUG ME and she sleeps with me she hudles up with me

  4. The mum makes me so mad ,she has let poor little Charlie ,get away with this behaviour by picking him up and treating him like a human baby ,she has not give him the command No ,poor little boy ,it's not his fault ,she has let this dam behaviour ,go unchecked so little Charlie ,has no idea, that the other people in the house are his family ,not his enemies! !!! Makes me so mad ,she should never have been allowed a dog ,she needs to sort out her issues and her family first ,!!!

  5. You dont have to get rid of the dog just need to step on your feet and not act scared. How mistrained dog omg ?
    And yes just because its a toybreed doesnt mean its harmeless I see people around the araptment letting theese tinydogs without leash. Very dangerous because they not able call them back if they see an other dog.

  6. My dog is pretty ok but he is very territorial. He steals food when we aren’t looking. Also when he gets the food he brings it into his pen and he will bite and attack you but he doesn’t eat it he jut guards and attacks!

  7. Victoria : “I’ve never been bitten by a dog.”

    Me : “What do you call that now? You almost got bitten xD”

  8. I still can't understand how they came so far in the beginning. She let the dog growl at anyone & bite anyone without giving it ANY regulations. So he felt confirmed when he stayed in her arms all the time, anxiously held & hugged. Strange. As a wife & mother, she should protect her children and not let her husband get bitten, and that should have priority. But the way it is, she created a big issue and a neurotic over-protective little monster.
    Its not about beging rude to the animal or punish it, its about following through with reasonable boundaries right from the start.

  9. Idk why when folks get these damn small dogs, they NEVER put them down. They aren’t toys nor babies.

  10. Socialize your dog as a puppy dr ian dunbar states in his book before and after getting your puppy that way they wont bite and be aggressive

  11. I never understood why people had to carry small dogs like babies… They are still dogs, they've got four legs. Put them down and let them walk for themselves!

  12. Is it just me or did YouTube go from one ad to two?
    At this rate by 2025 we might as well be watching tv, the commercials will be as long as the segments of the show being shown at a time.

  13. Even if Victoria gets bit, she doesn't flinch or freak out. That's real professional and proof that she knows what she's doing.

  14. I love how Victoria explains that small breeds can do much or even more damage then big breeds. Yorkies are really a big dog stuck in a small body they don’t care how big you are they will go for it. I have two yorkies and two dobies haha full house. I will tell you that my yorkies will put my dobies in check anytime and I’m talking about 90 pound European Dobermans. Not to talk bad about the breed cause their not there excellent dogs when train right.

  15. That little mutt is the problem in that house every one was scared of him if I was the husband I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

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