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being a veterinarian helping profession and we think about helping animals we always think you know where the animal doctor but in fact there's so many people who become veterinarians because they want to help people too it's very satisfying of course to make a difference in an animal's life to take an animal that's ill or potentially even dying and make it better but it's also satisfying to see that you're making a difference in people's lives for me it's a love of animals it's a love of medicine those two things came together into this profession I'm not sure that it can always just be a love of animals because not every day is a happy day similar to medicine there are some things we can't fix and that's very challenging finally there comes that day when you can send the puppy home and that's a pretty remarkable feeling to be able to walk that dog up to the front can hand that dog back and often I've spent more time by that point with the puppy than they have because it's usually very young puppies and say here's your dog you know we made it and that that's all worth it generally veterinarians are people with very big hearts and their helpers they're part of the helping profession they want to help animals and people we can keep the animal loving families together they're doing a great service

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  1. Hi: I need help. I have a 13 year old male rat terrier. For a few months here he has been whining a lot. He gets his
    Bathroom duties. More then regularly. He takes his worm pills plus his medicine for ticks- fleas etc. I have taken him to the veterinarian and told them lately he has whimpered. They checked him. Not sure all what they did. But I know they did a blood test plus a stool test. That came out positive. No blood problems or stool problem. Yet the veterinarian says he is fine. But in the past he never whined. But does now? Can you give me a suggestion what might be wrong with him please? He whined most of the night last night until 3:30 A.M. Every night and other times he whines -whines. ?????

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