Veiled Chameleons as Pets : Costs of Owning a Veiled Chameleon

on behalf of expert village I'm Nicole and I'm here to tell you about veiled chameleons now as far as reptile goes the chameleon is fairly inexpensive they the veiled chameleons tend to range around $75 there are more expensive ones out there but we do need to be aware of is it's not the animal that's expensive it's the setup that's expensive since chameleons are very sensitive animals they do require very strict attention to their humidity and temperature and lighting so the lighting setup can cost quite a bit of money I purchased these dome lamps for probably about they're about 12 bucks each but the lights themselves the bulbs themselves run about 10 bucks the strip lights that provide the UVB can be around 30 or 40 dollars the cage itself runs about the same price as the chameleons so around $75 and then you have the substrate and the the water source so think about the if you buy a fountain such as this one they'll run about 30 or 40 bucks and as far as general upkeep goes you need to make sure that you have food readily available for your chameleon the cost of its vegetarian plants would range about 10 bucks or so for a live plant and that'll probably last a couple weeks depending on what chameleon you have now as far as other food goes only thing I need to keep around on a daily basis is the mealworms she loves the mealworms so and this is what her diet basically consists of they're fairly inexpensive but as your chameleon grows they will eat more you'll find yourself buying a tub of mealworms probably two to three times a week now I have a lot of reptiles and I think I've probably got at least $2,000 worth of setup and reptiles here and it is a little bit addicting so if it's something if you're looking for an animal that's inexpensive to keep then I would not go with a reptile just because of the fact that they do require such strict heating and lighting and humidity and just the general environment itself is a little hard to keep up it'll raise your electric bill a little bit I probably on a weekly basis put in about one hundred and fifty dollars into all my animals as far as food electricity the amount of light bulbs I go through the amount of bedding and supplements and I mean everything that goes along with owning the animal it's pretty expensive I have I haven't exactly counted but I do have a pair of breeding ball pythons and I have a corn snake I have a box turtle and a leopard gecko and a iguana and of course the veiled chameleons and a uromastyx

24 thoughts on “Veiled Chameleons as Pets : Costs of Owning a Veiled Chameleon

  1. Let people make the choice look at your choice not just one veiled chameleon look at all those reptiles you have trying to get other people to not have reptile

  2. No offense, you're probably really an expert but I click this video because of the title it says "Cost of Owning a Chameleon".
    I'm not good at math but the total cost of owning a chameleon equals all the expenses you spent on your chameleon only. But if you added the cost of your other reptile to calculate the total cost.
    Then, it's either my math teacher is wrong or I'm sleeping when my math teacher explains this formula.

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  5. Since I will buy a chameleon in the course of a few months, I also informed myself about the costs. To save money at the feed, so I do as well as others a desert locusts farm or other animals.

  6. Um I’d recommend to any new chameleon owners to feed baby chameleons every day and adults every other day.

  7. Please do not feed them milworms there exoskeletons cause back up in there digestive system and can lead to death

  8. I do things quite differently but I know you had good intentions so thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  9. I’m supposed ton listen to you when you don’t even have the right size cage… look it up no one will say that cage is a right size

  10. Not accurate info. For e.g. Mealworms should be treats. That enclosure should be bigger. Needs a better basking spot UNDER the light. You need some large pebble to cover that substrate. There's a blog called much ado about chameleons. She's a biologist and has been taking care of chameleons for years.
    She set up her website for people like you and me who need accurate info so our reptiles are properly looked after. It would be great for your chameleon to have a look at her site. I mean all if this one n the k destroy possible way. I forgot hope you take the advice for the sake of your chameleons.

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