Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

Hey everyone, Afton here from Big Cat Rescue and welcome to another FAQ Friday. As pumpkin season approaches, I think all the questions and comments I get when you watch videos of our big cats interacting with melons and pumpkins wondering… are we trying to make our big cats vegan? No, silly! We know our big cats are strictly carnivores and require an all raw meat diet.[Crunching] So, what’s the deal with all the fruits and veggies, you may ask? These are seasonal enrichment items given to our big cats to stimulate their minds and bodies to help prevent boredom. So, when you see videos like this, don’t think food – think fun! Thank you for joining me and we’ll see you next time. EDITED-JP-MGN-DQ

100 thoughts on “Vegan Big Cats? – FAQ Friday

  1. Happy Friday BCR.
    I'll never forget the first time I seen the cats playing with a pumpkin or melon. It's not something that you think of. But they sure do enjoy them and that's what counts.

  2. Let my kitty see honeydew melon or cantaloupe.
    The fun is in keeping the crazy boy from stealing and eating it.

  3. Wow! Kali was fiercely protective of her ‘big girl breakfast’. Haven’t seen that side of her yet. Love that girl so much!!!

  4. Though I choose not to eat meat myself I understand I can't impose that on my pets because their body systems were made for meat. Someday the Lion will lie down with the Lamb when the Lord returns but until then it's Purinaone and fancy feast.

  5. Just a little more detail for anyone curious, cats (big cats and domestic) are what's called "obligate carnivores." They must eat meat to survive because they are physically incapable of synthesizing certain amino acids, particularly taurine, on their own. So, given enough time a vegan cat=a dead cat. Anyone feeding a cat vegan is an abusive pet parent.

  6. So cute to see them playing with their 'toys' ?. Enrichment is so important to any animal kept in captivity. ❤?

  7. Imagine evolving to become apex predators and then some Karen only feeds you vegan and you go blind and eventually die.

  8. I love watching them with the pumpkins and melons! They're so funny the way they interact with them. They're like a bunch of kittens, hahahaha

  9. You must really like being mad all the time if you think giving the big cats a pumpkin and watermelons a couple times a year is trying to make them vegan. Like that makes you a special kind of stupid.

  10. BCR – the only place where someone is encouraged to play with food.

    Don't you have one cat who was surrendered by a vegan "owner" who insisted the cat "chose" the vegan lifestyle?

  11. Some wild cats will eat melons or other fruit to get the water in them in the wild, but they're not really a food item per se

  12. I've raised domestic cats that ate corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries etc. I can't say if their bodies could even process it but they sure did love those (in addition to their regular diet). I even had a little cat that drank coffee. I didn't give it to her. She'd sneak drinks from my mug when I wasn't paying attention.

  13. I'm so glad you made this video – hopefully everyone gets it now! And which tiger was hamming it up for the camera while eating – so funny!! ❤?

  14. What is the big bump on the shoulder of the cat at 1:16, please? Hopefully just a fatty tumor.
    It looks like another something going on about halfway between the big lump and the ear; it looks like it has already been treated.

  15. So the veggies are big cat toys, okay.

    But this reminds me of something. I've seen videos of domestic cats, otters and other obligate carnivores eating corn, (either off the cob or kernels), and apparently enjoying it. I guess that, for some reason, corn is at least partly digestible by nearly anything. Do big cats like corn snacks?

  16. Well, veganism is not a diet, it's a philosophy of compassion. Plant based eating is a diet. And yes, cants are carnivores, they need meat to be healthy, but humans do not need it, it actually harms people and our planet. If we don't need animal products to live a good, healthy life, then there's no good excuse to continue eating animals and destroying the Earth.

  17. How do you decide which meat a given cat gets? Some seem to be getting boney meats and others don't. Is it a matter of cat size?

  18. I know there are some plants cats eat, not for nutrients but for reducing hairballs and upset stomachs. at least in small cats, not sure if bigger cats need bother.

  19. Out of curiosity though… Would they like vegan meals? Like a vegan stew or something?

    My regular wild cats even turn their nose up at cat food with vegetables, so it would be fun to see what big cats do.

  20. Things we want to hear in future: "Okay you leftist we are going to throw you into the vegan wolf cage. These wolves have been eating vegan soy pellets already for 6 weeks, don't worry they won't hurt you."

  21. This was lovely, showing the big cats in your lovely preserve, but suggest you take it to the next step and explain why cats are obligate carnivores, what that means, as well was explaining the consequences of a non-meat diet on cats.

  22. Hm, but housecats eat grass sometimes and my cat stole carrot from stock at one time, so I wonder if your big cats actually eat some of the fruits you give them or just spit everything out, making one big mess you have to clean up later?

  23. I just love this video! Such great clips. I love it when they growl and snarl, protecting their food. Now tell me again please; why don't they make good pets? ROFL

  24. Almost a stupid question haha cats are literally designed to be predators aha do you not see the teeth nor the claws!!!!!!!!

  25. cats can never be vegan, it would kill them – so if anyone says they made a cat vegan they are either liars or ignorant about cats : seems to be a dangerous trend with some of the fringe groups like PETA though.

  26. Yeah yeah The one who think lions are vegan is right they Can go To savannah With veggies surely they Will be friend with lions :):)

  27. I'm so happy you guys add these wonderful treats to stimulate the cats. It gives them lots of fun as you can see. I love seeing the videos of them playing !!!

  28. Одуреть, какие дегенераты задают вопросы, из-за чего для них пришлось снимать пояснительное видео?

  29. Me, a vegetarian trying to become vegan: Hell No! Dogs and cats, wild or not wild are carnivores, and ik some do eat plant material sometime but meat is what they need! Same for ferrets and wild mustelids.

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