Vanilla’s new cage (April fools! ?)

Willkommen in meinem neuen Käfig! Es gibt viel Platz Hier ist mein Bett Schöner, gemütlicher Plastikboden Abgestandene Pellets, mein Liebling Ein paar Stunden davon wird jede Nacht meine Zähne nicht beschädigen Ich liebe meinen neuen Käfig Ich will niemals gehen! Aprilscherz (Die Röhre war die ganze Zeit da) Für Info über die richtige Hamster Pflege, schauen Sie sich diese Videos! German subtitles by Pets5ever (Arek) (Deutsche Untertitel von Pets5ever (Arek) )

100 thoughts on “Vanilla’s new cage (April fools! ?)

  1. i had a cage similar to that one (maybe a little bigger) with bedding on the floor instead of plastic. it isnt bad to have hamsters in a smaller cage, as long as they have room to walk around and everything they need. :/ no hate, just making a point

    PS: i had multiple hamsters live in that cage and they living a long fine life

  2. You put him in there for just a few moments and he is already freaking out. What does that tell people?! It's so sad that there are hamsters, who are kept this way. If you go to the pet store and ask about grid chewing, they give you an glass cube in the same size. -_- I tried that just to see what they would tell me.

  3. i totaly fell for it but it's so sad that people realy put there hamster in Tiny cages it does't cost much for a bin

  4. I babysat my friend's hamster who had a cage like this but a bit bigger and he would bite on the bars all night until I played with him ?

  5. Uhh is it really true if your hamster bites it's cage like that okay?? Because my friends hamster does that all the time…please help

  6. I know this video is a joke,but watching vanilla chewing on the bars and climbing over everything cuz she had no space made me so sad

  7. I have adopted hamsters from people that had hamsters in too small of a cage now I have them in huge aquarium 50 gallons

  8. Remembering the good ol' days when Vanilla was alive, and runnin' like there were no tomorrow. I miss that little cutie! ? But I know he's in Hamster Heaven playing with all his Hamster friends! ? That fact makes me feel better, plus, he's so funny in this video! But he will always be missed.

  9. Because they did want to make a April fool's joke but went the wrong way with it??and I am sure vanilla did not think it was funny ether so this is why I say keep trying for vanillas sake maybe the next try will be better with butterscotch ?as the star?vanilla will always be with you in spirit and memory ???now it is butterscotchs time to shine???

  10. the tube exit was there the entire time and you can tell he was stress biting in less than thirty seconds in. At 1:02, jokes over I want out.

  11. Awww!?? he probably thought that that was actually his new cage!!!
    Also he’s sooooo cute!!?? I have the same hamster just in a golden brown!

  12. I think he doesnt like his new cage. That's why he bit of it. You must also put bedding on the "cozy plastic floor"

  13. ya know i have a mouse and has no name then i saw your vid so i call him vanilla then i thought that your pet is a hamster

  14. I have a wired cage and I’m getting that same type of hamster but the cage is really big. Would it still work?

  15. My friend’s hamster started biting the cage too because, it was too small and it was bored and wanted to get out. Thank god I got my friend to change the cage!

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