Vampirina & Wolfie Visits Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Toy Hospital!

hey everyone welcome back to awesome er kids today I'm hanging out with vamp Rita hi everyone I hope you're having a fantastic day I'm you in town my name's vamp Rena and this is Wolfie that pretty enough time to get ready for school coming mom do you mind watching wealthy why eats his food right down here I'll be back in a minute no problem well it's just you and me whoopee here's your breakfast get puppy do you want a treat here's another one how about some milk to wash down those biscuits I'm back thanks for watching whoopee are you full buddy wrap my weights why is this boy white please tell me that's not what I think it is what it's just milk oh no we can't have milk he turns into we're wolfy oh my bad it's okay you didn't know but we have to hurry get him the antidote before he turns do you know any vets around I do actually don't worry this is my fault so I'll take him while you're in school and you can meet us after okay thank you see you after school whoopee be a good boy all right we'll be let's hurry up before you turn giant oh we're here the dog will be with you shortly well hi wilfy I'm doc McStuffins I hear you need some sort of medicine in a hurry I'm gonna have to give you a check-up to see which medicine you need well let's get started first I'm gonna listen to your heart with the stethoscope oh that's beating pretty fast we better hurry let me take your temperature next yikes that's like this well I'm gonna shine his light into your eyes to check your pupils those are both a little Biddy I'll use this otoscope to check your ears that one's clear and so is this one oh no let me check your reflexes those are both strong now say offer me a room that looks normal okay I think I know exactly what you need a mood test shot should keep you from turning come on Wolfie it's gonna be okay we have to hurry before you turn Wow they're all done puppy let me give you a brush look nice and clear one vamp green arrives oh I think she's here hi dot and hi Buffy did not wear Buffy which means we'll talk pick you up rapper big duck you really are the best toy doctor around no problem and so welcome yoots attack these are from me and my team Wow thanks duck hey vamp Rena I can help you open those thank you but first twice an lol surprise little sister this one's from series 2 and there's five layers of surprises inside the first is a secret message then a collectible sticker two accessories and the doll let's open this up here's the secret message go pit down the comments what you think it says let's keep Ewing here's the collectible sticker it lets us know that some of the dolls can change color in cold water this is the baby steps booklet here's a keychain you can attach to the ball here's the first accessory oh it's a little pinky oh let's open the second one cool a marching band hat or maybe color guard let's see how this belongs to we got little diva from the glee club and she's a fancy girl let's put her shoes on so I'm very dip in some cold water to see if she changes colors Oh kinda it's kind of hard to see though let's open more toys oh this is a my little pony fashem there are six different characters we can get we have starlight glimmer she's the leader of a mysterious village in which residents give up their cutie marks she uses a magical artifact called the staff of sameness to remove the cutie marks and replace them with equal signs the last toy is the shimmer and shine teeny genie this particular bottle is purple we got Princess Amira she's in her winter Sparkle outfit she's kind and generous and the most powerful genie from where she's from she's a mentor to shimmer and shine at all the genies and training thanks again for fixing Wolfie and all my gifts are you ready to go home whoopee let's go whew that was a close one remind me to never feed wolfy milk again and this was a lot of fun I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up he did and please subscribe to watch more Thanks

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