Valentine’s Day is for Dogs

Ok so I actually wasn’t planning on making
a video today so a couple quick things. First of all, if I look tired and haggered…
it’s cos I am. Er and second of all, ignore the fact that
I’m in a runing kit. I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m
gonna go for a run for about six hours now so… Yeah, as I was saying, I wasn’t actually gonna
make a video today but something happened. So I got a Valentine’s day card in the post. It was kind of like a thing that started as
a joke, erm and it’s carried on for five years now. I forget about it every year and then it makes
me equally as happy every single year. Now you might think oh what’s the mistake
in that? I opened it in front of my dog and she hasn’t
been the same since. You OK Ellie? I still love you. So I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re thinking, Sam… she’s a dog… she
doesn’t care… she doesn’t even know what’s happening, she probably just wants a walk. First of all, do not tell me how my dog feels. Second of all, I really don’t wanna walk her
right this second and lastly, I just feel like she needs some love. And making a Valentine’s day card is gonna
be a lot easier than taking her on a thirty minute walk… so let’s do it. I’m gonna make you happy I promise. Hahaha, staring into my soul. Right, let’s do this. So the only like, store-bought card I had
was this one that says “for my amazing wife on your birthday” erm, as a gay man you may
be wondering why I have this? Er forget about it, it’s not important. Although I have to say this has been an eye-opening
experience as I definitely have too many craft materials just readily available for a twenty-seven
year old man. I’m not sure how well this reads on camera
but we have textures! Look at this! So, this is the colour scheme I’m going for. So we’ve got the red paper and then we’re
gonna cut out some of these fancy texture ones to go on it. Ooh it’s like the er, French flag, hang on. There you go. Although this should be white and not like
a… not like a cardboard. It’s like an Etsy French flag. So, so far we’ve got some cut out letters
with the fancy textures spelling out the name of my dog. Then we’ve got some of these, not my finest
work… kinda looks like something outta the Tracey Beaker intro. But I think it’s coming along alright, I mean…
she’s a dog so I don’t honestly think she’ll have that strong of an opinion. So big reveal, you ready? Tadaa! Look at that! Only took me about forty-five minutes. Also this is a paw, can we just entertain
the fact that this is a paw. I realise it just looks like someone crying
uncontrollably but like… what else is Valentine’s day for? Gonna go give it to her. Oh look! Are you happy? Ellie, I would, I would really appreciate
it if you looked. Oh bitch. Ok I’m really gonna need you to look happy
about the card. Like, you’re practically just lying on it. Ellie! Don’t you like the card? I spent a lot of time on it… That’s rude. *sighs* D’ya wanna go for a walk? Come on then… Ergh, I wasted so much time on you today. Eh, at least it worked. True to form, Ellie’s got a little Disney… Disney lead on. Go on. We got a new cooker. Ah ah ah! I will. I swear to God, bitch I will cut you.

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