Valentine’s Day Fashion 2015 | Brooklyn and Bailey

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, guys. It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we’re
going to be doing a fashion Valentine’s video. If you happen to
like our videos, be sure to hit that
Subscribe button so you can see all of
our other videos as well. To start off our Valentine’s
Day Fashion video, I decided to go with an
outfit that was a little bit less traditional,
but I really think it has lots of
personality in it. We’ve got these
adorable red Converse, which I feel like gives
the outfit a really fun pop of color, and makes it feel more
like a Valentine’s Day outfit. I found my black skinny jeans
pants from American Eagle. And then I got this
top from Aeropostale. And it says, “Fries before
guys,” which I think is absolutely hilarious,
and definitely describes my personality perfectly. All the jewelry I am wearing in
this video is from Forever 21. So this bracelet and
also this gold bow ring that I am wearing, they
are both from Forever 21. To pull in a pop of red
from the rest of my outfit, I layered a red
ribbon and a gold headband on top of
each other to make my headband for this outfit. Even Brady was feeling
the Valentine spirit with his red heart
and his red paws. -To start off I have
my black Converse from the Converse Outlet, which
I was given for Christmas, and also my cream ruffle socks
which were from Aeropostale. I’m also wearing this
very adorable red skater skirt from Wet Seal. I have to admit I do
love this heart sweater. It totally pulls in the
Valentine’s Day fee. And I bought it from Forever 21. I also have this small silver
Love necklace, which I adore, because silver
goes with anything. And both of the
rings I’m wearing are from two of my best
friends, so I’m not really sure where I got them. But they do mean a lot to me. And to add the final touch,
I have a black bowler hat from Forever 21. And I used a deep V
waver to crimp my hair. -My next outfit is a little
bit more on the girly side, but it’s also really
cute and comfortable. So to start off we’ve
got these adorable heels that we got from DSW. And they’re just
black wedges, which go with absolutely everything,
and I love them so much. These grey heart leggings
are from Aeropostale. And I absolutely
love these leggings. Like, absolutely love them! Because they go underneath
any sweater perfectly. But I especially love them
underneath this pink eyelash sweater, which I
got from Wet Seal. And then to top it off
I have this silver heart necklace, which is
from Love Culture. The hairstyle I am
wearing with this outfit is a simple side twist. And then I just curled my hair. -My second outfit is a little
bit more casual for all of you out there who are like me,
and like to be comfortable. To start off, I have my brand
new white high top Converse, which my parents bought
me for Christmas. And they bought it from
the Converse Outlet Store where you can get all
sorts of great Converse. I also have my
ripped jeans, which I bought from American Eagle,
that I absolutely love. And to pair with my
jeans I also have this red Love You T-shirt
from Love Culture. It’s quarter-length
sleeve, so it goes with any type of weather. To go along with that I
have a gold bracelet that says Love on it,
from Love Culture, and a layered gold necklace
from Love Culture, as well. And for a more
natural look, I just used a deep V waver for my hair. Thank you guys so much for
watching this Valentine’s Day outfit video. And hopefully you
all enjoyed it. If you did like this video, go
ahead and give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget
to leave a comment below on which outfit
was your favorite. Don’t forget to subscribe. I think that’s all we
have for you all today. So I’ll see you guys next week. Bye.

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