– [RCSparks] After weeks of waiting for the literal slow boat from China, my motor is finally here, guys. 55 turn, the RS, 540 sized brushed motor, finally got here from Amazon. I couldn’t believe how long it took. You would think that any motor would fit inside my bulldozer, but in fact that is not the case. This shaft size is much
smaller than I expected. (laughs) There’s always
innuendo in RC, my friends. Well, this shaft is a direct
pinion mount, of course, into a set of gears, as you
can see here on the end. See there’s five gears, and
a shaft through the middle. Well this is the part where
the motor’s gonna mount up. It has to have a pinion that
goes right on the inside that hooks up with the
gears that you can’t see. Also the bearing goes on the outside, which in turn drives the giant cog wheel, and then there’s the outer cap. All of this, of course, connecting to the bulldozer right there. This is what we burnt out
on YouTube Gold, I believe, in the very last episode, whereas I had hydraulic
fluid dripping onto the comm, which is on the end of the bell here. And what happened is it
basically blew everything apart. It got super hot, and everything
shattered on the inside, so we were dozer down. Well, finally I’ve got
the parts to fix it, we might as well start
getting everything hooked up. Okay, first things first. Here is the pinion. This has gotta be mounted
up on the motor shaft. This is gonna be what’s turning everything on the inside
of that whole gear box. Kay, pinion’s in place,
secondly I’m gonna remove this motor mount plate. We’ll have to clean it up. Behind this plate is the gears. There’s a good look at
the gears behind it. Get rid of all that extra grease, make sure that we’ve
got a nice, clean area to mount up the motor. Beautiful. (gears whirring) We can manage that. Kay, off camera I was able
to get some longer leads onto the motor and chain it up. The longer leads are required just for the ESC to be hooked up properly, which was the speed controller. The awkward part of this is that it’s gotta be slung in on the outside, and I don’t know if this lead chain’s gonna be long enough. Scale everything. Nice. I gotta be super careful though. For the amount of time it
actually took me to get this here, I almost want to like change the position of my
excavator a little bit here. Gives me a little bit more lead at least. Get the wires through to the other side. So unchained, slid through, and now it’s just a matter of
getting the bolts into place. Lotta people would use
an impact driver here. Me, I like using a hand driver because then I can tell,
I can feel it, you know? I can really feel where it seats properly. And that’s part of the
beauty is you get one bolt in in the right spot, and it
kinda holds it there for you as you’re able to get in the other ones. There we go. Thankfully I’m able to shimmy it up there. Kay, let’s get the bearing on there. Don’t want to crush my fingers. Ooh. Need two hands for this. Nice. Kay, so the inside of the bearing already has grease on it. We’re gonna add some to the outside. Kay, I have to get this cog
flipped over, so simple lift. And then out with the arm. Oh, dang it. Okay, let’s see. I need the other side
of the wheel, the cog, so I need to flip it over somehow. So tapered side, that’s good enough. If we can lift into place
like that, that should work. I left it in the chain too long. Yeah. Up. Too much. Perfect. Then the final alignment
of that outer plate, and then screw that on, bolt it on. Nice and easy. I’d say this made my install video a little more entertaining
for me, at least. I don’t know if you guys
have made any comments or like clicks below, but I’ve enjoyed my, ah, so glad that wasn’t over the cab. (laughs) Give it some guidance here. Yep. Kay, this is gonna be the hard part, getting the track
actually over the roller. Oop. There it is. I’ll just unhook this here. (gears whirring) There, we can pin that up. Nice and slow. Nice, the final piece. Right about there. Just need a guide on it. It’s always at this point in the video I always think, geez, maybe
you should have tested it before you hooked everything back up. (laughs) Okay, moment of truth,
was it all worth it? Oh, I saw movement. Pump’s working. (laughs) Delayed shutoff. Or I didn’t put a delay on there. (motors grinding) Yeah, oh yeah, welcome back. Little bit of a squeal. I bet everything could
use a good greasing. Well there we go, the
bulldozer back in operation. Autopilot. All fixed. Geez, I might have just done the most scale RC bulldozer repair ever seen on the internet. Leave a like click just for that, guys.


  1. Do they have like Jack's and you can actually move in the scale the dogs dirt does your scale like you can move up the jacks up and

  2. Why do you drive with your excavator sprockets in reverse? In real life that causes more stress on your chain which can lead to your track coming off the machine

  3. Shrink tubing makes for a great seal on the backside of that motor, so you don't have this type of problem in the future. Just sayin !!!

  4. I like how you used the equipment to fix the equipment cuz in reality they actually do that so I think it's pretty cool

  5. Would love to see more maintenance vids on the YouTube gold rigs. It’s pretty cool to see the wear and tear on the machines.

  6. I mean OBVIOUSLY it takes heavy machinery to help fix heavy machinery.. THANK GOD the Kobelco was on site to help out‼????

  7. I love with the RC cars that you are showing us what it would be like if we had full size of those kinds of machines and how to properly fix and redo things like if we had an actual full size machine and I think that is awesome

  8. Wonks had oompah loompas ,Hawaii get menehune, hey medic what you call the little people helping you?? I saw them I did , do they also work for beer ? lol….???? you need to figure out an elf ?‍♂️ ear or something penalty before Xmas …..

  9. Very Cool! You did a great scale repair! The excavator looks so awesome! Can't wait to see it in action for the next season of YouTube Gold!

  10. Sometimes when I’m in a front end loader moving wood at a mill in Utah, I think about you guys, makes my day that much better!!

  11. Good representation of why RC models like this have the prices they do….. the parts contained are crazzzyyy!!! i.e. those planetary gears and bearing! a machinists&engineers hobby size wet dream.

  12. I'd love to see you assemble an RC4WD special edition Blazer using the excavator! (The one that comes with the scale V8)

  13. Hey Medic, perhaps you could film a bit of a comparison on size and capability between the Kobelco and the 4200XL? The differences in detail and overall quality are pretty apparent even without them side by side, but I am curious about reach, lifting capacity, breakout/digging capability and such. (Yes, it may need to wait until the white stuff goes away outside).

    Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Another fun video, love how much pulling power the Kobelco has.
    I know the D9 was on a slippery surface but it seemed to move it with ease when it was refitting the tracks, maybe you should have used some chocks… ?

  15. Definitely interesting watching it loved it!!
    Jem idea for loading wars for the penalty using the excavator by picking a item up with the chain and swinging it 180° and sitting it back down with out dropping an unstable item?

  16. Would be fun to set the coffee maker to RC. Replace that excavators coop to that thing normally measure coffee in the machine and some sort of sluice to supply a water and rock crusher deal with coffee beans… WOHOO!!! Waiting the video now 😀

  17. I want a dozer so bad but I cant justify the price. Is there any reason that you can think of to justify the price of this dozer? Or if you know of any cheaper but still functional and worth the price ones for sale, please let me know

  18. Just a tip for when your putting tracks on, drag the track back over the segments from the back and then just track back until it just touches the rear idler, looks more professional 😉

  19. That Kobelco is absolutely beautiful. You did a FANTASTIC job on that from top to bottom. I think she'll be March on my 2020 RC Pinup Calendar. 🙂

  20. What a great idea
    It's nice to see you using the excavator the way it would be used in the field
    Well done Medic
    Keep up the vids

  21. You needed a guide rope on the cab & that top piece to help position them. The “Loading Wars” dock worker could manage the tag end of the rope.

  22. Gday Medic, nice work mate, love your enthusiasm using the kobelco to help you with the super heavy motor, bearings and drive cog, the dozer is my favorite machine out of all the earth movers great job Medic.??

  23. Doing it this way was really entertaining. Very relaxing just hearing the gears and tracks moving everything into place. Now the next step is to get a full scale RC excavator to work on your full scale RC skid steer lol

  24. I enjoyed the video as I always do especially the gold rush series. One suggestion for the next time you do a repair job is place scale size workers in the videos and maybe a tool truck. Same thing goes for the gold rush. Should setup a office trailer and some campers with people to sort of add to the theme of it.

  25. i like how you used the excavator to fix the dozer… this video reminds me of when @AndrewCamarata services his equipment.

  26. Would love to see you do an epic RC endurance event. I'm planning myself to take my RR10 Bomber up Mount Snowdon in Wales. Will probably take about 50,000mAh to get up and down but will be worth it with a buddy running the winch. Would be great to see you do something similar as a series. All the prep videos, the planning, the pre expedition recon

  27. I think that the work had to be much longer than if you had done with the hand ? but the repair with the shovel was excellent !! Bravo !!

  28. Two great RCs, definitely in my favorite list. Glad ypu got it fixed in a very fun way while outside is probably freezing cold 😉

  29. This was fun too watch
    I use to operate a backhoe and moved many things like this and I recommend uncurling your bucket and try using that small moment on the chain for more control. It will get your item higher and also less movement on the chain.
    Anyways this was awesome!!

  30. An the dozer has not been washed since the last Season of YouTube Gold.Now imagine change the motor on the bulldozer that is few time bigger then your self. That would take some time repairing .

  31. The excavator got a little shaky with that cab under the bucket. Surprising considering all the weight that that thing has.

  32. I k how you probably put alot into this video but I'm really not a fan on any level.. takes way to long.. no real explanation, and just not working at all if you ask me. Annoying seeing thi gs fall off and trying again and again and jerking things around with the Kobelko.

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