URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets

JB here with our view on a waterproof car bench seat cover so here we have the back of our car and we're going to take this cover and line it in here show you how it works all right so here we have it installed it literally took a couple seconds it's got these clips with some quick connects you put it around the headrests and tighten it up on all four headrest so obviously if you have a car that doesn't have a headrest that comes in and out like this it really wouldn't work but as long as you have a headrest it should work fine and we're gonna grab our Poochie and put it in there and show you what you look she looks like in here here we have Athena ready to go for a drive with this and it's really nice that this kind of keeps her in place keeps us from falling down here onto the floor I think she's really gonna love going for a ride with Daddy huh yeah a fun girl huh ding teen good girl

2 thoughts on “URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets

  1. Cute doggo! Did you figure out what the additional straps were that came with this? I finally figured out that the white tubes tuck down in between the seats. My dog is on the big side at 75+ pounds so have been having issues with the sides slipping in even with the grippy surface on the bottom of this product.

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