Updates on ALL my pets

hey gu- *dramatic music* hey guys so today I wanted to
do another pets updates video I like doing these types of videos because I
get to show all of my pets in one video and I think you guys enjoy that too
because some people like saffron some people like to see the rabbits and the majority of my channel is usually revolving around hamsters because that’s
what a lot of people want to see but when I do videos like this you get to
see all of the animals so then it can satisfy everybody’s needs so I first
have saffron out here with me he’s doing great he’s been loving his bioactive
enclosure I’ve added some more apothos vines in there for him my mom has a ton
of them growing up in our kitchen and they’re like 20 years old so they’re
huge so I’ve just like wrapped a very
large one around the cage but he’s been loving it and I really love the isopods
in there I just think they’re so cute even though I hate bugs
I think they’re adorable hey you’re so cute so as of today the rabbits are doing
really good a couple of days ago though Lola actually wasn’t feeling too well
she kind of gave us a little bit of a gi stasis scare so basically she didn’t
want to eat anything she did look a little uncomfortable like she possibly
had gas and when she goes into that type of state she becomes untouchable so she
will run away from you and won’t let you touch her at all
thankfully I did have some metacam on hand
metacam is basically a pain medication that you can give rabbits and that you
generally will help because when a rabbit gets GI stasis they generally
have gas bubbles in them and when a rabbit gets a little bit of gas some
rabbits are more sensitive than others and some will just totally shut down
almost and they kind of just don’t want to eat anything which isn’t good a
rabbit needs to be always eating or most of the time they need to be eating so
the metacam basically just helps them to relieve any pain and then it
generally helps them to get back to eating so at 2:00 in the morning I had
to chase Lola around which I’m sure she absolutely hated me I got scratched up a
ton yeah Lola you scratched me a ton and I finally caught her in the towel and I
was able together give her metacam and then literally I woke up with both of
them on my bed. are you scared? I woke up with both of them on my bed and Lola was
feeling back to herself so I actually wanted to show you guys
this a big tunnel Haven that 101rabbits sent me for some reason it’s very
expensive to get these cardboard bunny accessories here in Canada like this
tunnel I think would have costed $40 or something like that to get and here’s
lola they love their tunnel it usually isn’t in my room because it is huge so I
usually keep it out in the basement area when they are playing so that they can
play in it but I just brought it in here to show you guys. Then we have our
princess isabella sleeping on her couch she is getting a lot slower if you guys
follow me on instagram you would have seen that we actually bought her a wagon
because she has a really hard time keeping up when she goes for walks and
we like to go to the park a lot and take her with us so it’s really hard to walk
her when she’s going so slow so now she has a wagon to ride in which she’s still
practicing how to like not want to jump out of it but she’s doing pretty good
with it and it’s really hilarious to pull your dog in a wagon I feel like
it’s pretty extra but anything for my animals *cute music plays* so here we have my little garden for my
animals we have some romaine lettuce in this pot I think this is basil I don’t
know what this one is some type of herb it might be thyme or parsley and then we
have some cat grass here this is very wilted it’s gonna go to one of the
hamsters but it just needed a bit of water and then up here we have more
romaine lettuce. So because it is summer that means we have willow season so I
can pick some willow and then dry it out and give it to the hamsters Do you like your willow? willow is a great healthy snack for
hamsters and rabbits and other small animals it’s very very healthy for them
so and a lot of them do enjoy it. is that good? good excuse me miss I’m trying to show stuff
in your cage and you’re trying to escape that’s not very helpful Look at how cuuuttteee so these little
ledges here are just ordered off of Amazon so they’re wood slices actually
there’s one there one right there and then one by the sand bath and I’ve
glued down some dowels on the ends of them and then I’ve stuck them on to
there and they’re really good ledges for the hamsters. Miss? yeah thank you for
getting down. No, your- look at all the poop
she likes to poop on her on top of her hideout, beautiful. I can see you
struggling very much you want to come out hello that’s not for chewing but
okay if you guys didn’t know bumble actually turned a year old on June 10th
I can’t believe I’ve had her for a whole year it’s insane.
we have an escaped hamster hey! get back here!
miss? ma’am? miss ma’am? get back here! Hi miss honey what are you doing on top
of the hideout just exploring? I’m gonna give you some willow now so another
reason I really like willow is that it just makes the cage pop it makes it look
a lot more natural with the green it just gives it like this natural color or
look and I really love it so honey is doing really really well she wants to
come out obviously because she’s being a little spider-ham here I know you want
to come out really bad but here you can have this little hammy treat oh that you
pouched okay you’re so funny and here is honey’s little a log-log ledge I don’t
know what to exactly call them but I really like them the hamsters seem to
like sitting on them and like eating things so I think they’re really cute
look at this little cutie she was just grooming herself oh are you
gonna are you tired she’s like closing her eye, she’s go away. I wish you guys oh
she almost fell over I wish you guys could see she’s like picking up her foot and
cleaning it it’s very adorable but the bowl is in the way! are you just staring
off into space I want to know what you’re thinking what are you thinking
about well I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and seeing all of the pets
and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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