Up There [COVER] – South Park (GRAVITY CAT)

What did these two fools thought ? That you could get rid of the great Satan like a common person ? No one can escape from hell ! No one ! So how do you find your punishment for this life of sin ?! And so on, and so on… What … Is it already over ? Well, what’s going on my Lord ? You look thoughtful… Oh I don’t know… I was just wondering. Why do people hate me so much ? Because you are the master of Hell, the Emperor of Evil, the King of Demons ! You got a point… But I would like for once to be loved. What can I do to get their favors ? Well right now it’s Christmas, maybe you could be nice. Be nice ? Ho ho ho ! Hello children ! It’s Satan.
No no ! Santa… I brought you lots of beautiful Christmas gifts ! Come back… Oh come on… It doesn’t matter !
Finally life is much better down here my Lord. Yes, but. You know…

2 thoughts on “Up There [COVER] – South Park (GRAVITY CAT)

  1. Mdr excellent même south park xD. Ton champ est large c'est cool. Elle a du te prendre du temps celle là aussi ?. Et niveau voix tu t'en es bien sorti ?.

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