Up and at ‘Em | Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Playcare | Disney Junior

One, two, three, it’s…♪ Playtime with
your Puppy Dog Pals ♪
♪ Playtime with your
Puppy Dog Pals ♪
-I’m Bingo!
-I’m Rolly! -Both: And we like to play!
-♪ In the yard ♪
♪ In the doghouse
every single day ♪
♪ It’s Playtime with ♪♪ Your Puppy Dog Pals ♪Bingo/Rolly:
“Up and at ‘Em!”
(snoring) (alarm ringing) (electronic voice):
Wake up, Bob!
-Wake up–
Great gears!
I’m late! (barking) Once you start puppy
playcare next week, we’ll all need to get ready
in the morning on time! See you later, pups! Hear that, Rolly?
We’ve gotta practice getting
ready on time! Easy! Wake up fast, brush our teeth fast,
eat breakfast fast, and be at the door for Bob!
No problem. ARF will use
ARF’s timer to see how fast Bingo
and Rolly can go! -Good idea!
-Thanks, ARF! (snoring) Beep, beep, beep! -Wake up, pups!
-Let’s brush our teeth, Bingo! (beeping) Rolly, don’t forget
the toothpaste! Whoa! (growling) Breakfast time! -(grunts)
-Bingo: To the kitchen! -Whoa!
-(grunts) -(pedal squeaks)
-Rolly: Come on, food, faster! -(rumbling)
-Bingo: Uh-oh! -Too fast!
-Aah! -(beeps)
-Time is almost up! (alarm buzzes) Hooray! Bingo and Rolly
are ready in time! Yes! But we’re a mess!
We can’t go to puppy
playcare like this. And look
at this house! Woof. Uh-oh. I think this
is the biggest mess you pups have ever made. (rattling) (beeps) ARF:
Oh boy! ARF has never
cleaned a mess this big! -Let’s help!
-Yeah! And we can practice
going really fast. Bingo:
Clean, clean, clean!
Go fast, go fast! -(panting)
-(vacuum whirring) Whoa! (moans) (grunting) (panting) Whoa! -Whoa!
-(grunting) Aw. If you move too fast, you’ll make a bigger mess. Slow and steady
gets the job done. Ooh, ooh! Bingo,
what if we tried getting
ready slow and steady? Great idea, Rolly!
Let’s do it. Wake up, pups.
Beep, beep, beep. -(beeping)
-(alarm buzzes) Woo! Bingo and Rolly
got ready on time! And no mess!
High paw, brother! -(door opens) (laughs)
I was in such a rush, I forgot it’s Saturday!
(laughs) I don’t have to work today! (laughs, yawns) ♪ ♪ (barking) (all snoring)

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