Unusual Pets – African Pixie Frog

here I got an African pixie frog this is a monster of one we usually sell these with babies and you know half of the time we don't ever see him after they get this big he's probably 10 inches across you can keep him in a 30 yard enclosure I would keep him at temperatures between 75 and 82 degrees this guy's eating mice right now my some large roaches well as a baby he'll be eating crickets small roaches with mealworms but after he's about this big that I'm going to feed the guy anymore for a 30 gallon aquarium I would use substrat would use a mixture between coconut soft and moss for humidity give them a nice big hiding spot and a water bowl that's like the size of a dog will part about 12 inch across ceramic dish would work great

35 thoughts on “Unusual Pets – African Pixie Frog

  1. Can they live in the southern  state ,  winters , out side ? . If not , does anyone know what big frog , & toad species in pet stores , that can ? .

  2. Thank you! I've actually known about firebellys for a while but it never occurred to me to get them as pets. Again, thank you.

  3. I've got an empty 10-gallon tank right now and thinking of getting something to put in it, just thinking since I've got a turtle in a 20-gal tank right now. Is there a frog that I can keep in a 10 gal tank its whole life? I really can't afford much more than I've already got right now.

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