United – A season of Fantasy Flights

Ho! Ho! Ho! Real snow! Look! Today our life isn’t revolving around cancer or the hospitals. The whole experience of taking off and landing and coming to the North Pole was just more than than any gift we could ever give him. Yeah! Santa! Were you naughty or nice? Naughty. I mean nice! Today is all about joyfulness, happiness and love. I’m so thankful that I’m able to help all these kids and make their dreams come true. For me as a mom, This day means so much. We’re just… You know, the biggest present we have is to have our son with us and our family together. It’s the spirit of the season and we brought it today! Happy Holidays!

27 thoughts on “United – A season of Fantasy Flights

  1. IF I WAS ON YOUR AIRPLANE ILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. Human scumbags. People like you shouldn’t even be on this planet. Go to hell

  2. United Airlines, the company that will take your seat and give it to a more important person. United will then lie , say the passenger canceled and then defend themselves because this is a continuous thing. Democrat members of Congress are so very important, they take precedence over the average flyer.

  3. On Christmas day, you threaten and lie to media outlets? Such as accusing the DailyWire for not printing your wrong statements about how your employee threaten one of your first class customer to "find another airline" or lie about some apology that has never been written ??? This Christmas video is a slap into the face of reality. How about you start to be nice – instead of some fake season marketing gaffe ???

  4. Is santa going to give me a gift in the flight. OR IS SANTA GOING TO PULL ME OFF FROM THE PLANE WITH JOY AND LOVES??

  5. I'm never watching u guys again you guys are nasty I hope u f*cking read this u kick off panegers for no reason u dragged of a passenger not good enough grow balls/vaginas u raged at my pa felt like punching u freaking he'll GROW UP-10000000000 year old's ???????????????????☠️???☠️ u r HELL!!!!!!!!

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