Unicorn Has Baby Foal – Endless Kingdom Barbie Royal Dog, Horse, Bunny Pets

honey hartsey Wow cool stable yes it is quite lovely because this is a castle of course it must have a lovely stable grounds as well now your job today is to be taking care of the royal pets do you think you can handle it yeah sure I spent some babysitting before and some test fitting and that's all right well I mean all you have to do is keep them alive right that's supposed to be a joke no no no no I know I just can't otally take care of pets I had a cat once but it died but of old age of old age ah just make sure that the test on well-groomed the princess will be down here in a little bit you just make sure the animals look well presented okay perfect just bring the intercom if you need to think I could to take care of Royal cuts today alright baby Banz was like Barbie Cherie paint for a surprise she just to take care of like going today a unicorn oh yes so this beautiful beautiful pink unicorn is part of the Barbie and repair Kingdom collection okay not only are we checking out this beautiful unicorn right oh we've got two adorable little pack poop your little fun rabbit is one little poodle who think Barbie can handle it I can handle it one point one point so here we have this adorably cute little fluffy pink bunny what help your little ears are I love how one's a little bit higher than the other one she's got a beautiful little pink butterfly in one ear kind of on this really cool like little earpiece multi so much a little floral necklace where I've kept you in a ball in your tail look looks fluffy cotton candy you are super super soft bunny aren't you oh so soft boy oh you are a sweet bunny aren't you why are you do you want to care it see if I can try to care it here in the barn oh now we have the Royal poodle look at how fancy she is a white little poodle with fluffy fluffy pink ears it even the little fluff around her neck is hot pink and she's got like that a little hot pink and purple tail that's also so so so curly first good girl okay haben have to keep you nice and clean don't want that white coat to get dirty hey Barbra can see vista pass nice and groomed with these little combs that each one of them comes with do you want to get brushed oh yes that's right the Karen we think I can get those Karen go on in here go in here what what is it what is it oh the unicorn Moo let's check out the unicorn here she comes a big beautiful pink unicorn she is absolutely a huge fine she's got long beautiful eyelashes with her purple unicorn horns I am loving her Mane so long attention to go out there tail has a super soft little twist in it and her hair is mega mega mega softy she's a cotton candy pink color and look at she's covered in Culina turtles body has career on it she also has one of these little pieces around her just like the bunny has here you go here's the carrot I found there you go here's one for you too so Barbie can actually brush this unicorns beautiful hair with this bigger brush and she even came up with these two little bows as well the clip in her hair oh she is so beautiful oh you just want to be careful when you're brushing her hair because she's got these two very very special pieces of hair we'll get those out of the way we'll come back to those pieces here in just one moment let's brush her beautiful hair so so silky silky soft and look at those color streaks that she has in her hair – it's so beautiful we'll put some bows in your hair okay girl we'll take a little strand here – fine brush it smooth and to lift the bow right and her minions there we go so there's one bow brush out some more of her hair he kept this little piece here we've got a little light strand there we go just like that once you totally look so beautiful where's the girl what is it she looks unhappy I hope everything's okay I don't know what she wants I don't know what you want maybe the unicorn actually wants her hair styled with this tool that actually came up with the endless hair princess Barbie well we can easily twist her hair it's a beautiful perfection so now we can take these two very special little hair strand pieces put each one of them inside of this little tool that has these little roses on it take that piece and we'll take this piece and put it right in here press the little Rose button and now all we have to do is give you the corn parrot twist and it will be beautiful here we go well it's whipping twisting of twisting and twisting perfect so the twister worked perfectly just have to unattach the hairpiece now just like this her hair is mega mega twisted so kind of let it undo a little bit there we go kind of loosen it up and we can attach the two flowers together I got you know she's got a beautiful twist in her hair that's right there's also an adorable little fold at parties and repair Kingdom said she's so cute oh so cute and adorable and baby fall was born and of course she is just as precious as her mom look at her long purple hair she actually has a brushable little soft purple and Paige pale checkups little blue flowers right there next to her eye and her eyes are so sparkly and adorable oh wow that was a lot of excitement huh Oh how's everything going down here Oh princess working the unicorn has bowled oh that is amazing I can't believe it's more of a little fall Barbie I'm so happy that you were here thank you so much for helping Sparkle out she wasn't alone as long as she was having her foal oh no problem see told you I could do this babysitting thing oh what a day at the stables all right many bears I hope you have the most magically happiest day ever ever ever today here looks like sparkles going to give you some even more happiness for today Wow Wow magical our happiness for you meaning man thank you for being so absolutely amazing amazing make sure you're subscribed you don't want to miss more horse crazy fun five-minute dance see you in my next video well well well what did the girls what is it oh-oh-oh really there was something here in the background of the video right inside of the stall here first oh I didn't see anything what was it was it a little pink horse a little black stablemate foal your little Playmobil fairy Oh

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  1. Honey it was a black foeling fear ! Ok also I love to watch your vids they are awesome really awesome! Can you plz make robloxs vids plz plz plz !

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