UNICORN DOG BALL PIT with Chihuahua Puppies | Sammie and his family need adopted

– Okay, Sammie! C’mon, buddy, you ready
for your first bath? (lighthearted music) You ready, my man? You ready? That’s your puppy shampoo, bud. Meet Sammie. This little chihuahua needs a home, so I thought I’d make a video
giving him his first bath to raise awareness so
we can get him adopted. So if you think Sammie’s as cute as I do, smash that thumbs up button. Sammie and I would like to thank rover.com for sponsoring this video. They’re big supporters of pet rescue, and they’ve even given me
a savings to pass onto you for any of their services of
dog daycare, house sitting, and my favorite, on-demand dog walking. So just visit RockyKanaka.com/sammie for that special offer
and also the application to adopt Sammie and little dogs like him. Water’s nice and warmed
up for you in the sun. You like that? Oh! (chuckles) (lighthearted music) Get you all cleaned up, my man. Get you all cleaned up. (lighthearted music) Still got some soap on
you we gotta wipe off! (gentle piano music) Sammie did so good with his first bath and I wanted to reward
him with some playtime, so I thought, hey, what’s a better way than a unicorn ball pit? (upbeat guitar music) What’s playtime without family? I think it’s time to invite his sisters. C’mon, let’s go play! (upbeat guitar music) Okay, if you had to pick
one, which one is the cutest? Let me know down in the comments below. How do you even pick? I would definitely pick you. No wait, you. No, Sammie, I would pick you! I’ll take you all! Not really, they need a home. Make sure you share this
so we can get these guys into a forever home. The whole reason I made this
video is to help these guys get adopted but also just to
raise awareness about adoption. If you believe that rescue
is the way, like I do, hit that subscribe button
for more videos like this. Also make sure you check out
my new show, Dog’s Day Out. Links to that and everything
else in the description below.

100 thoughts on “UNICORN DOG BALL PIT with Chihuahua Puppies | Sammie and his family need adopted

  1. If you had to chose one, what one?! Also check out www.Rover.com/sammie for $20 toward walking, sitting and more. Sign up now before the credit goes away ??

  2. they are all soo cute. Would deff love a little brother (mom sayes i can't have a sister cause i am not fixed though i don't think i'm broken . because of something called responsible dog ownership and my growth plates aren't closed to do forward momentum tasks.) but mom says I have to wait till i'm older even though she agrees and i caught her giggling at the them playing.

  3. Hey sammie you're so cute I wish I could have u but I already have a dog and am not sure my mom will want another

  4. I ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sammy


  6. All of em I have 5 dogs that just….. well don’t know how to explain it. I love them all so much❤️????

  7. hey I know know this is very unrelated to the vid but my grandma's dog just died yesterday and really needed to tell someone cuz it was really bothering me

  8. Awwww Sammy’s so cute!!
    ps- his fam is cute to 😀 love it
    And to answer your question they I would take them all and give them a loving home!

  9. i cried this whole episode 5 weeks ago i had to say goodbye to my best friend of 12 years my chihuahua Jake my heart is broken

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