Hello everybody … we kind of had some sad
news. Last night when we got home from the chocolate factory we were playing with Kirby
and he seemed like everything was fine .. he was playful .. he was happy .. and he was
lovey and cuddly and then we all went to bed and when we woke up .. he died on us last
night so everybody is really sad right now and we don’t know what happened or why it
was totally unexpected and sudden. You know … like I said he seemed like everything
was cool and then all of a sudden he is just not here anymore. So … we are all a little
shaken up this morning … Kayla is hanging in there and she is doing fine but we are
gonna go and try to see if we can .. you know .. try to find somebody … not necessarily
to replace him but we wanted to have a pet as a new member of our family and you know
we only had Kirby for about a week. So poor little guy … he was sick and sometimes that
happens when you buy animals from a pet store … you just never know what king of condition
that they are in or how healthy they are and apparently he wasn’t as healthy as we would
have liked him to be so. God rest your soul little buddy. I’m sure
you are gonna be fine up there in heaven and I am sure your little brother, uncle, nephew,
or niece whatever we end up with here will be loved just as much as you were. We will
share this journey with you as we go and try to find a new buddy for our family here and
we will be back soon. OK guys .. so .. last night as you probably
already know Kirby died so we .. I’m still trying to get over it but we still have the
tank and everything and we wanted to have a new family member in the family so we decided
we are going to go get another one. And we decided we are going to get this little guy
right here. He is only 10 weeks old but he is in .. where is he? What city mommy?
He is in .. Its almost in Tampa.
Ya .. he is like 2 hours away so we are on a road trip to get him and so I’m excited
that we get to see him but I am still sad the Kirby is gone. Kirby was super nice but
I know that he is in a happy place now and he gets to hang out with all his chinchilla
friends in heaven and just like live his life happily in heaven.
We are traveling to the ends of the earth for this little guy. He is going to be worth
it I know it. Just look at the picture.
Look at that picture! He is adorable!
OK you guys .. pray for us .. cross your fingers that this is the one for us. We really don’t
want to deal with another loss I just … its been really hard, I haven’t really wanted
to video today because of this so. Please think about us and have happy thoughts and
we will show you in a minute .. or actually we have about another half an hour or so before
we get there and then we will get to see. For you it will be like 10 seconds.
It will be a minute for you but we got a few more minutes for us before we get there but
we are really excited and hopeful so .. stay tuned.
Look at that .. .cows. So ..
whats the gate code? Can I hold you little guy?
What you want to do is hold him by the base of the tail.
OK He is just a baby .. just leaving mom now
.. so he is going ot be a little scared. And if you will hold him like that.
There you go. You want me to hold the base of his tail?
Yep. Its going to take a little time.
You sudden movements or loud noises. For a while and then …
Hi You are just a little baby.
He is so cute. So cute.
Hi. Hello.
Those little whiskers are just moving. Do you give him a name?
Has he been being called anything? NO … I don’t name them.
Oh my gosh!!! You crazy kid!
It was like a wild goose chase .. huh? We made it home!
We made it home… hello! Hello little guy.
He likes us a lot. Wow!!! Little fella.
So we just got home. I want to see.
We just got home. We let him roll around for a little bit.
Oh .. he is getting whiley. Hey guys … we didn’t really get a chance
to wrap up the vlog yesterday .. we had a really long day trying to deal with the loss
of another pet and then on the journey and search for a new love .. a new family member
.. so .. My hair is a mess.
We got home so late last night and our new little friend was kind of exhausted so we
didn’t want keep pestering him and bugging him trying to film him so … we are going
to try and just give you a little peak today and we want to let him keep resting and get
adjusted before we do very much more with him.
But he does look to be very very healthy and strong and full of spirit and so we are really
excited. Did you want to say anything Boo?
I don’t know what to say … I just woke up. We did just wake up .. its early in the morning
and I haven’t even seen Tyler yet. We are going to see if we can get a little peaky
boo of our new little guy. Oh and another thing is we need help … we need your guy’s
help. We need to find a really good name for this one. Take a good look and then let us
know what you think he should be called. Its a little boy and he was born on Valentines
day. He is a little lovey .. he is just a scared little lovey right now because it is
a new home. Lets see what we can get. Hello baby.
This is our new friend. He looks almost exactly like Kirby was.
He just got weened off his mama though so he is very unsure of his surroundings.
Its probably going to take him like a week to get used to us.
Kirby came from a pet store and was handled by all kinds of people and so we don’t know
what kind of condition he ultimately was handed over to us in. Obviously he had an issue that
we were unaware of so … this time he came from a professional breeder that took all
the love and care and put it into him and he was with his mommy the whole time so this
is the first time without his mommy. Anyways .. I’m going to back off because I
don’t want him to be stressing out. Its a lot that these little guys go through when
they first leave their home .. so he is probably going to need about a week or two to get adjusted
to us. That was our new little friend … if you guys can help us come up with a name that
would be awesome .. we would really appreciate your input.
OK everybody .. thanks for hanging out with us yesterday … it was kind of a long stressful
day but it looks like everything finally worked out the way it was supposed to so we want
to thank you for joining us on this journey here and if you liked this video make sure
you hit that little thumbs up button down there … that really helps us out there a
lot and we will be sure to introduce you to our new guy here once you help us get him
a name for him and as we get him more comfortable and he gets more comfortable with us .. it
will be kind of fun to have a new family member here once again and he looks a lot healthier
so I think we are in good shape this time. We went to a professional breeder instead
of a pet store so … that can make a big difference too so we want to thank you guys
once again for watching and we will see you next time.
Have a good day!! Bye!!

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