Unconscious Dog: How to Help

You’d come in, you check for danger, check it’s safe. You’d then touch them with the foot. You would then touch them
with the back of your hand and always being careful
because an injured dog or a scared dog is far
more likely to bite you. You will then be, if you have worked out that they are unconscious, you would then be checking for breathing. So you’d be looking down,
looking at their chest and seeing if they’re breathing. If they are unconscious and breathing, then you would be keeping
them in the recovery position and transporting them to the vet quickly. If they’re unconscious and not breathing, if it’s your own pet, you can then try five breaths into them which you would be doing
by holding the nose and breathing into them. So you’re breathing five breaths in and you’d see the chest
rise as you do that. And then if they are
unconscious and not breathing, so if that doesn’t
trigger them to breathing, then you’d be doing CPR, and you’ve also been checking for a pulse before that. And when you’re doing CPR, you’d be doing 30
compressions to two breaths.

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