Unboxing More Reptiles! 9 New Injured and Rehomed Animals

100 thoughts on “Unboxing More Reptiles! 9 New Injured and Rehomed Animals

  1. Watch the first unboxing video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik1eNEep4iQ
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  2. I didn’t even know a snake could get that thin and still be alive, it’s super hard to see animals in such bad condition. I know people love their animals but you have to do what’s best for them, and sometimes that’s giving them up before you cause permanent damage.

  3. ?I love the comedic touch with the boxes!! Freaking cracks me up every time!! Anyone with a brain would know they are empty boxes…just saying.

  4. Me, 20 seconds in: Wow Alex has really grown. What incredible growth and maturity in just a few days!
    20 seconds later: Nope same old sense of humor. XD

  5. I'm p sure the BTS is a halmahera. Couldn't get a decent look at the belly. If it's black/white it's a halm, if it's salmon then it's a merauke BTS.

  6. Oh that poor ball python! I've never even owned a snake and I know that poor thing is in a dreadful condition. How cruel!

  7. All through the beginning I was panicking that you were going to stack them like the first time.

    Then you got the broom out and I died laughing

  8. Your statements about Petco and PetSmart are absolutely false. Petco and PetSmart have very strict animal Care policies. They are allowed to spend whatever amount of money necessary to care for and or treat an animal. That means unlimited vet care if need be. Please educate yourself before you make your claims.

  9. I put Christmas lights up on my beardies cage, and as i was putting them up for some reason he really wanted to eat them lol.

  10. I found this channel from your first unboxing video because I'm looking into buying a lizard and it popped up on my suggestions and omg im so happy it did. I've never owned a reptile but am really interested and your videos actually help a lot to know what to expect along with the do's and don't's. I'm already obsessed with your channel, I love how your helping these animals, keep up the good work!!

  11. What I've found with both reptiles and birds, is they "hide" when they're not doing well to the point where once it becomes clear there's an issue, you have very little time to save them, and they train wreck quickly at that point.

    If you know the "early" signs of what to look for, and get them treatment early… like hearing a rattle when they breathe as opposed to waiting for bubbles to be coming out of their nose for upper respiratory infections (just grabbing a random example), you'll be more likely to be able to treat it. Snakes can go without food for a long time, so when they start losing weight it's been a while, and at that point it's been a really long time for that snake. Adults can go longer without food than the youngsters.

    But just want to point out so people in the comments can see- ball pythons are really prone to food strikes if their temperature and humidity levels are off too- though I've also seen most of them caused by a snake used to eating live refusing frozen… and esp when they're young. I would also say, since we don't know where the snake was purchased, it was highly stressed out if it were a pet store. Ball pythons prefer to be well hidden, pet stores keep them in glass enclosures where they're exposed. Usually in units that hold many kinds of reptiles so the heat is usually wrong, they seldom get either the humidity levels they need or a humidity box, they're normally kept with a bunch of others when they're happier alone… which 100% can be what triggers the start of a hunger strike.

    Def in bad shape, and the odds are not in the little one's favor- but I have seen a couple come back from that kind of state- but I wish people knew to look for the start of hunger folds, and ESPECIALLY when you can start seeing the backbone get the snake help!

    Hunger folds are when the snake is moving around and just being, their sides have slack to them and there's a crease that runs along the side of their body where their skin kind of folds. Sometimes a snake can make themselves flatter for whatever reason and temporarily get a crease like that- but if they're just livin' life and have their skin start to fold onto itself it's a sign they're losing weight, and one of the "earlier" ones if you aren't weighing them at intervals.

  12. I would first try a baby pinky rat and if he doesn't try to eat it I would Assist feed that baby ball python and he will be fine

  13. It really bothers me when people don't do research on animals. I am 16 and have done extensive research before I purchased any animals. I was gifted 2 hamsters for Christmas (which was a little annpying) but I researched their care are got proper setups right away. I now have 6 animals. I'm not sure how people can just take another person's advice with animals and call it good. It makes me angry

  14. i recently got a ball python at an expo and the breeders did lie to me, they said my bp would eat frozen and here i am a month later finally deciding to give him live food because i've tried everything, so i feel for the person who had the skinny ball python
    (my snake is on fuzzies and i'll be monitoring him as close as i can while he feeds)

  15. If any of you plan to send Alex an animal you should draw a picture on the paper you use so he can look at something other than newspaper and homework ?

  16. It's difficult to fully put into words the feeling of helplessness for these animals. At least they are being taken care of properly now. That ball python was a sad state though. Well, take care and have fun.

  17. i worked at petco and our suppliers always use heat packs and individually package every animal. the only time i didn’t see that was with a turtle shipment one time.

  18. That emaciated ball python is really upsetting and the original owner should have done more sooner to help it. Let's hope they don't get anymore reptiles.

  19. I felt like fighting someone at PetSmart yesterday, they had 3 little ball pythons in one enclosure and their humidity was desert level. I was so grumpy about it.

  20. For the leopard gecko owners here please reply to this

    I’ve never owned a leo before but I’ve been wanting to get one for months now and I’ve been doing a bunch of research on leo and know a lot of things about them but this guy cannot take care of his gecko anymore and is willing to sell his 1 1/2 to 2 year old leo to me for $50 for the whole setup and I was wondering if getting a leo that age would be okay for someone who hasn’t owned a leopard gecko before like me

  21. I'm sorry but how, HOWWWW can you let your animal get THAT skinny before you say "hm, maybe I have a problem here?" it's just neglect, straight up neglect. I hope he makes a full recovery, poor baby 🙁

  22. I work at PetSmart, all reptiles are packaged in cups not bags and they have been shipped with heat packs since November. I Have never seen an reptile Dead on arrival but that doesn't mean they won't come in sick

  23. In the last video the wobbling boxes gave me anxiety…
    In this video…that massively oversized knife gave me anxiety ?

  24. So I'm from Savannah, GA and someone I met at PetSmart a few months ago just texted me the other day asking if I still wanted to take in their bearded dragon to re-home…and then they never responded again…I'm sure it's a coincidence. ?

  25. OMG can you please do an update on the baby

    (Ball python)

    I call them all babies

    But the look of the baby broke my heart ???

  26. Alex: It was completely wrong of me to make a joke about hurting an animal, and I’ll never do it again.
    whacks boxes with a broom handle
    Alex is such a troll, but in the best possible way. ?

  27. To think I ACTUALLY took my Mans over here seriously regarding his message about not making jokes about hurting animals In boxes…. I just to see him WHACK everything with a broom ??‍♂️
    Me: that's understandable, I respect it whacks boxes
    Oh WOW ok then O_O so much for that

  28. Sorry but using a giant fucking knife instead of a box cutter like a normal person definitely makes you a psychopath
    Ps: joke

  29. I literally just burst into tears. To whomever sent that ball python:
    If I had been the one that received that animal, I would have made very good use of the return address. I'd like to know how you would enjoy someone forcing you to starve to death.

    Edit: While you have a bag full of hot coal covering your entire body.

  30. Holy crap I go to SCAD! I am also taking animation although I am currently a junior and not working on capstone yet. If they were living on campus they probably got caught last quarter and had to send the animal away. Or they might just be too busy for it.

  31. The box cutter would be for both the animals safety and yours. Also always cut away from yourself. Don't want my favorite reptile tuber hurting themselves

  32. The older beardie at 14: probably has yellow fungus, a skin fungus. The smell is hard to miss, and he’s got that weird yellow brown scabbing on his beard and chest, it looks like. when I was pretty young my parents got a beardie from petco, and shortly after we took him home we noticed yellow splotches 🙁 it’s sad cause it’s a long, painful death for them and it’s incurable….vets can offer medication for soaking their skin to relieve some of the pain and fungus growth. I just could never get another lizard after that..

  33. That was the first video I watched from your channel and i was confused why you did that. That was so messed up, well vloggers do stupid things just to get more views

  34. Yes, updates please and thank you. Those poor babies. I'll be praying hard for them and all the other mistreated babies in the world. I can't stand human beings.

  35. You have a very interesting thought process. I definitely enjoy your content, I encourage you to continue on your mission. I am glad to have come across your channel. Please feel free to check me out & follow, happy holidays and I hope you have AnimaZing Day!

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