Unboxed! | LOL Surprise! | Season 4 Episode 2: Ahoy! It’s Bubbly Surprise!

keep growing look I see an amazing a boxing up the head are you ready to get bubbly surprise avi what are we waiting for let's unbox the sound of that brings me joy whoa it's a cute little hard this is amazing you see the fizz you see these pearls right here that means there's six surprises I'll open this one okay captain short it's my outfit it's this one's kind of heavy oMG it's sandy beach day three of the surprise balls are filled with sand and I'm guessing – it's a cute little shark tail that's amazing it's the nautical outfit it's a mermaid dress this is amazing one more I need to cherish this boat ooh another pink ball to add to my pink collection now let's see what's inside those go perfectly with the nautical outfit Michael Michelle there's one more exciting thing we need to see what's inside this business oh my god get the water water please the moment we've all been waiting for let's get busy drop the anchor oh and throw tip using one waterworks back all right let's do it whoa okay that was awesome it looks like orange soda feels it's fizzy but don't drink it hold up we have to wait until it's done fizzing whoa look it just flipped over okay it's ready let's see who we got we have three surprises let's get a dress captain bebe is ready her hair is amazing I love the chrome blue she is so cute and you can use this as a Dalston cutie pie she actually kinda looks like a pearl let's see what's inside hey a drink it's captain kitty she's so cute and she also has shimmery hair captain kitty can be a shark do-do-do-do-do-do anyways there are many more surprises they also color change time for these cuties to go overboard OMG look at her super cute tattoos and her super cute sailor swimsuit let's see about captain kitty captain kitty has an adorable anchor and some stars on her chest who is that Michael Michelle that's Santa cutie and sailors fathers look at their hair pro tip if you have both dolls you can mix and match their outfits shoutout we want to give a special shout out to these three amazing babies who subscribe to us on YouTube gotcha world Madi Vocaloid lover and girls of five thank you guys so much for all the support we love you guys if you want a chance to get a shout out just remember to Like subscribe and check out our YouTube community right oh hi captain let's set sail

43 thoughts on “Unboxed! | LOL Surprise! | Season 4 Episode 2: Ahoy! It’s Bubbly Surprise!

  1. I've been waiting for they's to come out forever I love lol dolls keep calm and love lol dolls stay sweet??????

  2. can I please have a shout-out because I was watching videos and I love them because you're always my favorite thing and I wish I could have him lol makeover I don't know what's going to go on but I really do want hun but I have to ask my parents and if they say yes I'll let you know but still I love your videos thank you for this opportunity to watch your videos and post them everyday and I love them no matter what thank you bye bye

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