Hi everyone, this is Anastazia Custom speaking Today we are going to open a parcel coming directly from Australia and more precisely from Nicolle’s Dreams workshop She recently opened her shop on Etsy to sell her illustrations as stickers and charms Being a huge fan of her work and curious about that I ordered some from her Let’s start with the Halloween pack made of a witch charm and a stickers set It’s cute as hell So, this is a sticker of her odd-eyed cat if I am correct, she adopted her in Japan and she goes by the name of Namine So this is the first charm I find absolutely lovable even if Halloween is already gone I really love her drawing style that is very kawaii (cute) (laughters) Yes, it took me quite some time to realise it was upside down So this is the stickers set Those are 4 zodiac signs stickers that you can buy by the unit I am a Taurus and I was lucky enough to find her considering all signs are not always available in the shop And this is the last charm from her chibis range Personally I prefer the charms but if you know somebody fond of Nicolle’s Dreams I think it’s a good way to make a gift with breaking the bank and that will have its little effect I hope you liked this video, see you soon Tchuss !!

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