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we want to give a special thanks to mga for providing us with these toys today on unbox daily we are taking a look at lol surprise we have bubbly surprise hashtag hair goals fuzzy pets & Little's let's start with the bubbly surprise it says limited edition there is a heart on the front with a doll and a pet down at the bottom it says one set not intended for bathtub use let's open this up remove the paper remove the top and place it underneath unbox me hey over here may 1st when we first open it up there is a protective layer so let's just remove that and we have some smaller surprises underneath there is an instruction manual I am excited to see what is inside of these they are kind of heavy and they're filled with sand there is definitely an accessory buried in this one so we have it's a headband with a little hat on top I'm just gonna open all of these in order the surprise is buried in this one so we have to dig through the sand which is a lot like the litter box and from the pets in order to find the prize here it is it's a pair of shoes there is a cap inside of the shoe to prevent the sand from going inside I don't think there's any sand inside of this one nope we just get a cute little silver mermaid dress I gotta admit I like the ones without the sand this is a blue sailor top with a bow I think the rest might be sand free here is a matching blue skirt and sand so now we have to find our prize which is a bathing suit I believe that's the back yep it's a pink white and blue bathing suit with gold details now it's time for the bubbly surprise we have a pink and blue heart fill a bowl with water remove the plastic wrap then place it into the water wow look at those colors the pink and blue are mixing together and turning the water a very pretty shade of purple and now we just wait whoa it just flipped over all on its own and you see a very pretty hard container and it still got the bubbles the water is now a deep purple I wait for all of the bubbles to stop before removing the heart whoa that doesn't sound right you know what I mean we're gonna open this now and we should have a doll inside there are three different ones let's start with the largest which is the doll hello beautiful her hair is adorable okay let's go get her dressed oh that outfit is too adorable unfortunately long-sleeve shirts do restrict the arm movement but she looks very sweet and I like how the glitter is sealed into the color of the hair so we don't have to worry about the glare coming off later and the other surprises are a bottle and a pet with a matching hairstyle I really like the smaller size pet I think it looks great with the doll the heart can be used to display the doll and her pet when placed in icy cold water they change the dog is now wearing a little sweater and the doll has a nautical bathing suit but I am going to stick with this outfit for my sailor cutie and sailor puppy hashtag hair goals littles and fuzzy pets are all a part of the makeover series hashtag hair goals are a lot of fun because we get lol surprise dolls and giant cans of hairspray and these lol surprise dolls have hair what we got another ultra rare I really want loose baby or splatters they are popular so they should be easy to find let's see if this is one of the ones we're looking for yes it splatters from art club you can tell she's been busy creating fabulous works of art because there is literally paint everywhere she has two tone hair that is cut at the shoulders let's take a look at fuzzy pets on the front it says wash me and on the back it lets you know that there are seven surprises inside let's open this up to see what's inside we are removing the first layer we have a sticker that says fur baby I removed all the layers and this looks like a bottle of shampoo let's open the top and here are all of our surprises here is the collector's guide the sparkly filter owner's manual a litter box filled with sand so now we have to look in here and find our surprises okay here we go this looks like a pair of shoes and another shoe and that's it this is a bottle a chain a scooper we have a collar and a hat this is our pet and it is definitely fuzzy oh it's really cute look at those big eyes according to the instructions we can use water to remove some of the fur this takes a little bit of time there we go I can see them but if that's taking too long we can just use the container fill it with water then place the little pet inside for a bath give them a good scrub oh yeah it just starts to come off oops oops the waters leaking everywhere it is important to know that there are a little oles right there on the side probably should have put the chain on the side first maybe that would plug the holes let's see does that work nope the water still comes out okay yeah so don't fill past that line this is a lot of water play and it can get a little messy so make sure you do this on a protected surface and there are little fur fibers pretty much everywhere remove the cap and drain the water the fur is left on the inside so you can discard that into the trash whoa somebody needs to clean out the drain here is our cute little pet all cleaned up going by the name of Yin hoot dresser up with the included accessories to complete the makeover let's check out our other pets off to the bath you go leaving a little trail of fur behind you doesn't she clean up nice she comes with a blue and white collar with a pink bow a glitter tablet a bottle of pop and a red scooper for the litter box this little fuzzy cutie is next say hello to ice Parker with a cute little dress brush polka dot bottle and a pink scooper our last little pet is all pink and fuzzy after a quick bath shorty kitty is all clean she comes with overalls which were a little bit of a challenge to get on sunglasses a bottle of shampoo and a red scooper in ll surprise littles you may find a little cysts in low pet or a little brother there are five surprises inside let's open it for a closer look under the first layer we found a sticker that says strut your stuff after removing the other layers you can see that it's a giant roller remove the outside it opens up we have three wrapped packages inside a filter instructions and the collectors guide that has a poster on the back whoa look on the inside of the roller one side is a bathtub and the other is a bed so you can rock your little sister brother or a little pet to sleep I gotta find out who is inside and think that's a pet it is it's a cute little cat laying on its side hello fierce meow the other surprises are an animal print outfit and a matching bag I really want Tammy tied cuz that hamster is adorable or pup cheer both of those have a popular availability so my chances are pretty good I'm pretty hopeful because last time we you said we wanted something splatters we got it so here is to being on a roll it's a golden roller which means we have a very good chance that this is going to be a rare one and it is ultra rare agent purred with a pair of glasses and a bag just two more to go Oh a new color roller so hopefully that's the one that we want I'm a little nervous and it is it is a hamster it's not the one we were looking for but it is still very cute this is OUP's ham it comes with a collar and a tie and a baseball cap which is very cute and says oops on the front I am down to my very last one and I'm a little nervous so far we've got a bunch of little pets which is pretty cool and this one is oh this is a fancy from 14 karat gold this is hashtag little insta gold she has glitter eyes she comes with a pair of shoes for our lol surprise dolls and a large gold hat we didn't get him eat ID or pup cheer but we did get oops so I guess that's pretty good and one thing that is really cool is that we can use the rollers on our actual hair we've got big hair Sophie over here to help us out for a little demonstration then we just put this on top it works that is cool ll surprised littles are coming in March thank you for joining us so we took a look at lol surprise like comment share and subscribe don't forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and we will see you next time for another unbox daily you

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  1. Please give me a shout out it would make me the happiest person in the galaxy you have got me through hard times and I love your channel!!!!????

  2. I saw all the first three ones on Cookie swirl c’s channel and she wouldn’t remove the fur and it made me kinda mad because I couldn’t see the pets

  3. yes now i know how oops baby big sis look like plus i have oops baby not her big sis but i now know how her big sis looks like

  4. Froggy I love ur videos anyhow u should open the pooey potion ( the poopsie bag with alo t of slime making)

  5. i bought one of the LOL big sister spray can toys and they are pretty expensive (17$) each time they make a new toy its more expensive than the last one.

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