Ultra EFA product overview – Rx Vitamins for Pets

Ultra EFA is one of the finest fish oil
formulas around. We get our fish oil marine lipid concentrates
from Norway, and it’s one the finest European fish oils available. This fish
oil comes from the smaller fish that are at the bottom of the food chain. The
sardines and anchovies, so unlike salmon oil or cod liver oil, we don’t see
the concentration of these toxins and these heavy metals that we know our oceans are polluted with. We have great certificates of analysis. If you’d like to see one of
our certificates of analysis, please ask us. We’re very proud of them to show just
how clean this oil really is. And on top of it coming from a very good pristine
clean source we also moleculary distill this oil. And by moleculary
distilling the oil, we’re also purifying it even more and in the process we’re
concentrating it. So the Ultra EFA contains 900 milligrams of EPA plus DHA
per level teaspoon. This means there’s 360 milligrams of DHA
per teaspoon, and there’s 540 milligrams of the EPA. Most of the evidence now supports that we dose at a much higher
rate than we’ve been used to, and the recommended dosage is 100 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day, of the combined potency of EPA plus DHA. There’s many fish oil formulas out in a marketplace and they don’t all have
the exact same ratio between these two. So this makes it easier for us to go
from one product to the other and know how to dose it better. This dosage was derived from John Bauer and his Timely Topics of Nutrition in the
December, 2011 JAVMA article.

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