ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to Get a Pet Fox (Part 1 of 7)

26 thoughts on “ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to Get a Pet Fox (Part 1 of 7)

  1. Thank you, everyone, who made the premiere! We'll be sure to give more notice next time! Enjoy this first video in our 7-part series of our Ultimate Guide on How to Raise Pet Foxes and Keep Your Sanity!

    Meet @ Gaia and Inali! What’s it really like to have a tame pet fox? See the Secret Life of domesticated foxes. SUBSCRIBE @t Be sure to turn on all notifications to see when we post new videos. *This channel and all the video content contained in this channel are intended for adults, specifically, adults who have the time and resources to commit to a pet fox. Pet foxes are not for children. Raising a fox is like raising a child. Besides foxes Gaia and Inali, only people 18-years-of-age or older are featured in our content.*

    @ Resources:
    Belyaev's Russian experiment – How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): @t.

    Fox Laws:
    (These websites are for general information and may change. Check with the authorities where you live for more information.)

    @ @ belongs to @ – @t – @ @
    It is unbelievably heartbreaking to hear of and see inhumane treatment and slaughter of innocent and beautiful animals! It angers me to see fur used as fashion! Fox fur belongs on foxes! People would be appalled, as they should if their cats and dogs were used as clothing! Our cause is to help people see foxes as amazing beings living in their own natural wild habitat or as pets from certified and responsible people who raise domesticated foxes. Banning fur as clothing is a feasible and reachable goal – Help spread the word – Share this video @.

  2. Finally I can learn how to get a fox! (that’s my dream pet!)

    But I live in OR so I’m not sure they allow foxes :c

  3. I'm glad you did these videos to inform the public. Sadly lots of people get animals without looking into the care of exotic animals for the novelty of it & when they can't handle the animal/pet any longer and abandon them.

  4. I'm very impressed with all that the two of you went through to get permission to own Gaia and Inali. I also found it very interesting how you had to get foxes with color morphs that made them look different from wild red foxes. That really makes it clear how the rules can definitely be very convoluted and arbitrary depending on your area.

  5. They came from a breeder in Indiana, Tyr also came from Indiana. I wonder if it was the same breeder? Maybe they are even family!

  6. Getting my marble fox this May, thank you for your helpfull videos! You are doing so much good work. Sorry for my not Perfect English :p

  7. I'm creating an ebook if you'd like feel free to send me stuff to add to it it's going to be a mix of foxes in the wild and having foxes as pets and of course you'll be credited and sourced. Let me know if you're interested or feel free to drop what you want to share in a reply.

  8. A much needed guide, but it could use work on Audio Quality to come off as more profesional and easier to understand.

  9. I want to say that you have done excellent work! ? I know how hard that is, I really admire you for doing this video. ???

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