Ultimate Bee Hive Top Feeder, Stand, Robbing Screen, Bottom Board Pest Management

okay so today what we’re gonna do is
another product review relevant to Bee keeping this is the Bee
smart designs dot-com ultimate hive cover and that’s not what this video is
about although it’s part of the system and we’re going to talk about it anyway
we’re going to talk about a feeder that sits on top of this ultimate hive cover
and what’s it called the ultimate hive top feeder of course and there’s a
one-inch hole in the middle here that little black grommet is plugging it
right now because when it’s not in use you want to be sealed off to the weather
this shows the way this cover is made I have several of these in my apiary now
I’ve been using them for a while we like them a lot and you can see that it’s
already set up to put this feeder in there’s also a little molded drip edge
around the edge here so that when rain water comes across the top of this hive
cover it doesn’t just run down the side of your hive plus there’s little weep
holes built into it there is an air space inside so when it gets really cold
it won’t shrink up and when it gets really hot it won’t expand it has these
little shims also molded into it which makes sure that you get some ventilation
through the top of your hive without getting a draft on your bees and it’s
wintertime and it’s very important to keep those bees dry protected from wind
and of course well fed now a lot of people are feeding dry feed this time of
year and that’s correct as the weather breaks though you’re gonna see some
intense bee activity they’re going to zip out and start hunting for resources
this is the trough style feeder that they make this is a one gallon tank that
goes with it and this 1 gallon tank is interchangeable with the feeder that
we’re going to talk about today so you would early in the season be doing two
to one or late in the summer for example two to one sugar to water and that’s by
weight not by volume so this shows a close-up there are five little holes
there this thing will seal up on the tank and just through vacuum here it’s
going to keep it from leaking out into the Beehive and the bees will come up
and drink from these five holes on the inside of the cover these little
grommets here come with it you’re gonna have to snap them all off even though
you’re only gonna need two of them for what we’re gonna do they break off pretty
easy a little rim tabs that are on here snap right off
just do it with your fingers and as imagine take them all off even though
you’re only going to use two and I’m going to go over all this step-by-step there they are that’s the feeder little
gasket and again this is interchangeable with
the trough design too and you’re gonna need a one-inch hole if you don’t
already have a ultimate hive cover then you can also use it on a regular wooden
hive top you just have to drill a one-inch hole and we’re gonna back it
around here and get it down in that and screw it on and that’s good seal it up
good make sure to fill it all the way up by the way when you start out don’t do
this half full or 1/3 full and it’s as simple as that we’re just gonna put the
tank right on the top here that Center plug just pushes out easily from the
inside pull it off save it for later because when you don’t have the feeder
on you’re gonna want to plug it to prevent rainwater and so on from going
inside your hive there are also four holes around you only need to drill out
two of them it’s just their pre marked for you and they are six inches apart
we’re gonna screw the little grommet on here stainless steel screw Phillips head
screwdriver pretty simple you don’t need the power tools for this one this is
easy and once these hold down bushings are installed that’s it you can leave
them on you don’t have to take them off when it’s not in use so then you just
put the Center one-inch feeder there and turn it to the right and it’s engaged
you can pick the top up the advantage of this is of course that you can see how
much syrup there is in your tank at a glance you don’t have to open the cover
at all and when you do change it out you’re only exposing them to this one
inch hole so it’s not like taking the whole cover off pulling the inner cover
the inner cover remains in place and this is very simple
everything’s washable nice durable plastic and these covers of course don’t
require paint or preservation they’re great and summer or winter and then just
put your plug back in there when you’re feeding tank is not on again as I
mentioned before some people are using dry for you this time of year I don’t
recommend liquid feed in the middle of winter
but as spring breaks you definitely want liquid ready now this is a integrated
pest management bottom board it’s made out of a heavy-duty plastic there are
little cutouts here on the bottom for strapping it has a rust proof screen so
that if you’ve got varroa issues your bees are gonna grom them off they’re going
right through that and they can go right to that removable bottom board that’s
underneath there and it’s a 10 frame Langstroth hive here and now we’re just
putting that inner cover on just so I can show you how all this stuff goes
together we’re gonna put the ultimate hive cover on there and there you go
that’s what it’s gonna look like you can put the tank right on here again it’s
one gallon capacity tank this time of year as the weather breaks you want to
be prepared to feed the bees this is where a lot of people tend to lose their
bees they’ve made it through that polar vortex
you know we saw them flying a few days ago because it warmed up we hit the high
50s where I live and this is where it gets critical because guess what
happened they started brood so you want to be prepared to throw a cover on there
and get your feed in if you’re dry feeding some people are putting protein
patties on just be ready to feed your bees now if they’ve used their resources
it would be a shame to lose them now that the weather is finally going to
break in February there it is nice and streamlined sits down snug the wind
won’t blow it off and easy to remove by hand and you know at a glance exactly
how much syrup is left now prevent robbing this is a robbing screen also by
be smart designs and you can put that on there and then just open these little
wings on the top and let your bees that belong in this colony come and go while
preventing the robbing bees because when the weather breaks again the
colonies that are strong send out their Scouts and when they find resources even
if it’s another hive they’re gonna dog pile that hive and attack and this is
where we lose colonies weaker colonies due to robbing you also have the option
to put these Mouse guards on here that are plastic they are easy to remove and
install just with a push here there are receivers in the bottom of this plastic
screen bottom board and you can flip it over and close off areas
you can use it as an entrance reducer as well here we have the to the middle on
the side closed off and then only the opening on the right they’re more
traditionally you would close the two sides and just leave the center open
because they can easily defend that and when you need to clean out those dead
bees you just pull all three out and then scrape them out there’s the other
thing they have a new ultimate hive stand everything is called ultimate I
have the predecessor of this it was a little more square this one is extremely
sturdy the other one is too I use these when I go out into the bee yard and I
want to pull apart a hive if I set this down next to it and as I take boxes off
I put them right on the stand this thing is lightweight easy to carry around it
can certainly be used for a permanent stand and that is its design and they’ve
improved it as I said I think it’s less expensive than before and you have these
bushings on the ends of the struts there that are gonna hold it firm and again
you’re just going to need a screwdriver flat screwdriver to put these struts in
here and I’m gonna get that out of the way nice and snug easy to do this
thing’s never gonna rust never needs paint you do want to set this on blocks so
you want to level it up if your’re going to use it full time again remember I use these as
a temporary stand to go around and do maintenance on my hives so I could pull
boxes off without setting them on the ground now there are corresponding holes
in the bottom board here that match right up with a stand and the holes that
it has you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver for that you can use a
wooden bottom board on this too if you do that make sure it’s nice and centered
and this is gonna hold the weight absolutely no problem screws are in
Phillips head on the top flat screw on the bottom there for the struts it’s
ready to go looks nice and solid you can put this anywhere so it’s I don’t know
how long they’re gonna last my other one shows no signs of aging you also have
these clips that come with it that will support your frames you clip it over the
side there in that little rounded out section and you see there’s a little
divot being on that and push them out to that and they’ll lock in place I put a
deep frame full of honey on it just to see how firm they are
they’re good they get to go for three frames at a time so when you’re doing
your inspections you’ve got some place to hang and without leaning your stuff
on the ground there’s little plastic pieces that stick up here that maintain
the alignment of your bottom box again this is the bottom ten frame deep this
one comes from Mann Lake and there it is easy to do and it’s not gonna slide off
of there and of course the bees are gonna use propolis they’re gonna seal
that up and then we just have the inner cover and again we’re gonna grab the
ultimate hive cover put that on there just so you can see how the whole system
goes together so you have the integrated pest management bottom board we have a
ten frame deep then we have an inner cover then we have the ultimate hive
cover now we have the ultimate hive top feeder which sits on the outside and has
all the advantages that I’ve already described so it’s pretty cool see that
little notch and the bottom there that’s for you to put your strap you got heavy
weather coming lock it down strap it to the ground I have ratchet
straps and auger screws that go into the ground that hold my hives down and
again this robbing screen that you put in sometimes you might be setting up a
swarm kit because in spring they’re gonna swarm you want a box ready to go
you could put a swarm in there put this hive guard or sorry robbing screen on
the front and use that to transport your swarm so that’s the whole thing thanks
for watching this it’s pretty cool I think and again these are the
interchangeable tanks that go with the ones that are used for open feeding you
can put them inside with the open trough but those can can spill if you’re gonna
tip it too much this one does not have the problem with spilling and the bees
take what they need and if it does expand and contract with weather they
can generally keep up with it and thanks so much for watching if you’re
interested and you’re happy with this you can subscribe we’re gonna do more
product reviews coming up thanks for watching as always

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Bee Hive Top Feeder, Stand, Robbing Screen, Bottom Board Pest Management

  1. I have so much more to learn. The only thing I am positive of is the Flow Hive. I think I can handle that type of hive without too much trouble.

  2. Great review Fred. I already use those feeders, but how it interacts with the cover definitely getting those covers. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the demonstration Fred! A little out of my price range.. but good to know what's out there and the quality. My bees were in my greenhouse after my Lemon Tree today! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87ZNBi_mlg

  4. Fred – My new hives are almost exactly this design. 10F deeps with the BeeSmart integrated screen bottoms and the BeeSmart outer covers…. but my covers do not have the center holes. Do you know if there is a retrofit kit so I can adapt my existing BeeSmart cover to use the Hive Top Feeder? FYI – I bought a water heater stand to use as my hive stand….$22 and rated at 600lbs. Hope it works. https://www.amazon.com/Eastman-86278-Water-Heater-Stand/dp/B00838IOZE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1549426285&sr=8-3&keywords=water+heater+stand

  5. UPDATE! Please watch this video before using the Hive Top Feeder Tank – https://youtu.be/YzMRmRRNLoc PREVENT LEAKS INTO THE HIVE

  6. Can you please tell this complete New-Bee how to tell when it is appropriate to open up more of the hive entrance? I will be starting with two hives; one will have a 3lb package with the ultimate robbing screen, and one will have a 5-frame nuc with the ultimate bottom board so I was planning on closing 2 of the 3 entrance reducers, and using the mouse guard on the 3rd to help with guarding from robbing? I'm concerned a lot about robbing because my property is rich in pollen/nectar sources, and since I have moved here 5 years ago it is constantly abuzz with what looks like Italians to me.

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