UK Paedo Hunters pt3 – Nonce Ben J Hicks Likes To Beat Chicks

lease and come out and don't come in here would take away from you ask for it yeah I don't want your mom to hear what you've got to say to me it's gonna stand down here a bit more like please bend over here Ben my name's Izzie yeah fuck my head my head yes right cons and think of the people that you're around alright okay there's a captain right you fucking big man attacking a woman yeah yeah see what crimes no Jose Hong self counselor you slice it back of my head open right no reason whatsoever we'll do all we come to the door and you just done that that's out of order apologize so we're gonna get you you punch me as well as melon children ten year old to ten year old online we're here to talk and we hate to protect you no one else okay we need to protect you that's it okay to calm yourself down yeah and listen to the people what have to say to you okay this is your mum we're here did you know what's going to happen no so why did you have to attack us filming you stop progress if the police come and they say what do you know how you been talking to the children 10 year olds 10 year old got your video how can you I've been speaking to some 10 year old and a 12 year old and another 12 and a 13 year old open by punching the back of my head SiC we always come in what you do and got here before and then we inform the place in place come out and they take all the evidence no it's a matter for the police sorry guys I don't feel like talking now but I will tell you what he's done lately because he's been blackmailing children but that's precise man I'm not going to be doing my socks in there we offered in the bench any fucking luster and there I'm not taking the Torrance no more well when the police come that's when I be moving for me yes all day no affection sing love for saving he's been blackmailing to drive not worried about I'm not worried about the Predators I'm worried about the children that's why I are me but when I show you a chance to see the evidence is it really good I just let it go back in when you said he's got farm in there yeah well you be careful when this woman comes like that as well there's nothing split I was still bleeding can you put the hand on it so can't say is that my head okay you want to come in won't be head lower than you know CS is holding up she's only got better Fisher office me are they coming who's coming sit down you lucky come down here with cameras huh don't look at me check first meeting was that what the bloody bandits is coming his body heat we had five decoys and he was a black man even more so he was gonna rape a ten-year-old Stour compering at the moment I had lots of messages I can't answer the phone I am okay I just I just cut the back of my head open because he punched me in the back of the head and my head hit the floor in Danzo I just I will get checked in – I am okay – all those people that are trying to get hold of me stell hopefully be right they've got firearms unit coming down I've got the ambulance and they've got police though on the way so we're not doing much talking about hitting there this is filming Luke I'm okay I'm Sam okay I'll ring you soon as I can imagine if you know my home number can you just ring and say that could you could you just ring my kids Mandy you know me you know my home number can you just ring them just to tell them I'm alright I'm getting messages yeah I came out and you just walking right and you just you just punched him right in the back of the head and then my head hit the floor on the concrete tried to punch me again he's spitting back I'm a head open they've got no missus it's surrounded their security excellent again you just couldn't do anything it's just he just he was just there what he's doing we've done to a ten-year-old thanks I see no I'm okay no antenna Cameroon don't tell Morris I mean not to the police get here you boys right such pretty hair I say that Bloods coming from I'm actually holding it on the blood don't know where it is can you put my hand on it there so it's beating yeah it's nice it's a big sauce is it the ambulance and let's take guys before anything else yeah yeah pieces being checked out let me take the whole bags it's bringing them Oh please in the ambulance DJ five minutes this is no these may not defending him there are security make a wish yeah this moment just I like inside I am filming putting your side is it in the ambulance No yeah you should ever get your top please talk giving the opportunity to do that okay they just pull it in to me alone if they do find it you're in a lot of trouble me you are in a lot of trouble they'll go in your house and they were also to seize all your devices and whilst looking for that if they find firearms that's another charge you've got yep thank you I will ready spiky blond please you know the videographers from when you answer the door for we we had to do that – so yes I see awful hi guys only one marked within vodka going down Oh

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