24 thoughts on “Uday Hussein's Man-Eating Lions Chasing A Scooter

  1. Thats the whole purpose dick head…once American got there his army disapeared he was overthrown and the bagdad zoo is still there…Scout out

  2. Check this scenario,door accidently opens….boy on scooter shits his pants….lions get well deserved meal tainted with some human shit

  3. @ltink6 I was there from 2003-2006, so Saddam was already gone by the time I got there. He'd never allow anyone to play scooter tag with those lions if he'd still been in charge!

  4. @poosaypirate True but don't forget they too ate humans like Uday MF they can be either transported or even killed is better as they know the taste of human flesh now..do you like if they eat your brother ?

  5. Most of these comments are far more disgusting then running around a couple of dumb-shit lions with a bike.

  6. @brucebu
    Thanks; I've noticed since uploading this video that a great many people have violent knee-jerk reactions to anything with animal interaction in it. It's strange how their deductive abilities crash to nil that way. At no time while we were visiting the lions did we get the sense that we might be upsetting them. They seemed curious and playful about the moped, and I felt we might be doing some creatures who had nothing else to do except be locked in a cage all the time some good.

  7. @kissmiasski813 You sound like a tormented repressed homosexual……..you are….aren't you ?…..haha I knew it. Time for you to come out of the closet…..isn't it…….wussy boy?

  8. @chevaliercourageux71 LOL I really don't understand how it is cruelty to animals. I'm sorry "animlas" like everyone is saying. Calm the fuck down

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