TYT – Extended Clip September 6, 2011

I back on Young Turks so I hey good news in Iraq it turns out that at the end of 2011 we are largely leaving I love this cuz it's uh framed by the press as Obama administration supports reducing US forces by the end of 2011 but of course there's already an agreement the way they'll take all of our forces out by the end of 2011 now the Obama administration saying you know what before trying to keep 10,000 in there but are we not merciful we'll make that three thousand well the reason for that is what we explained you at the end of last week which is that the Iraqi government came out and said ye ye they rough doctors and ran us off saying that we are not allowed to keep the troops in there and by the way here's two other caveats they say well 3,000 but because of troop rotations at most times that'll be five thousand okay but we're not done yet what's the second cam yet oh by the way that doesn't count private contractors and they will still be a very large army of private contractors protecting our embassy and our other interest in Iraq so that's a good news on us leaving Iraq so President Obama will not violate our current agreement and his promises that much he'll only violated by a little bit is he not merciful sick brilliant strategy for reelection all right but the reelection of president obama uh has begun in terms of his campaign he's gonna go to Detroit and give a campaign speech now of course the president gets to do this and pretend to be the president you know and Bush did this all the time go give stump speeches uh in disguise of presidential speeches so he's in Detroit and he's gonna President Obama is gonna tell us about how much he's done for labor really let's watch well let me say a word about about labor in particular you know I know this is not going to be an easy time I know it's not easy when there's some folks who have their sights trained on you after all that unions have done to build and protect the middle class you've got people trying to claim that you're responsible for the problems middle class folks are facing you got some Republicans saying you're the ones exporting working families they imagine that so when I hear some of these folks trying to take collective bargaining rights away trying to pass so-called right-to-work laws for private-sector workers that really mean the right to work for less and less and less when I hear some of this talk I know this is not about economics this is about politics and I want everybody here to know as long as I'm in the White House I'm going to stand up for collective bargain now go go go on okay you're set over collective bargaining you're gonna send over collective bargaining like you did in Wisconsin like when you grab your walking shoes and join the picket line like you said back here when you were running for president first time oh wait a minute that's right you didn't grab your walking shoes in fact you hardly said a word about Wisconsin in fact use to a leak to the press the your White House was trying to stay as far away from Wisconsin as possible now you go on a campaign like speech and say oh I'm with the Union and out for collective bargaining rights come on what a colossal joke man so this is the fundamental problem with Obama's re-election efforts he's gonna give these pretty speeches that don't mean a damn thing everybody knows they don't mean a damn thing he just have three years approved so and then do it at all so now you talk to me about how much you support the unions and labor the working guy I can tell me about your walking shoes again what a joke all right now let's hear from a guy who's actually fired up uh Jimmy Hoffa hold on before i go to chew me out let me give you one other thing here because there was a one other part of the speech we did not include there uh party quoted for you Obama also said quote I still believe both parties can work together to solve our problems okay I know the key is that some folks are trying take away your rights and blame you can I do that that's crazy I plan on working with those folks you know what before i get to hop up here it turns out that the president and the problems are gonna work together on a new jobs program we look at that good news right it's called Georgia works or doesn't uh what is a proposal well it's it takes on the long-term unemployed and give them a job here's a catch they don't get paid like that forget now look here's how it works in its totality uh businesses give these people an 8-week job training program now they continue to collect unemployment insurance but they have to work for it instead of not work for it okay you know you can say hey that's interesting in and perhaps fair right and the great thing about it for the businesses is they don't have to pay the employees the government does so it's free workers for them so of course them minute the Republicans saw this they're like I'm jumping it I has a billing yes this is my partisanship we can work with free workers for the companies paid by the American government were in so now the guys who are doing those jobs are they in full-time wages no will they have that job after they we period is over the answer seems to be no and now let me ask you something you really think those businesses are gonna train those workers are they gonna say hey get the work there's some boxes go okay whatever you gotta do say stand in line I'm getting this at a reduced rate at the end eight weeks I'm gonna bring in more unemployed people to take your place and a uni be back on the street how do you like that for bipartisan proposed by the way so far how many people have benefited from this in Georgia where Georgia works began only nineteen people that's because they go wait a minute you want me to work full time but not pay me full-time wages payment unemployment and do this huge favor for this business that won't hire me why would I do that that's only nineteen people have signed up but hey look if the Republicans have their way I'm sure they'll make it mandatory I'm sure President Obama will go along and then you'll have to work for less wages and then go back into the unemployment line it's a beautiful system set up for corporations they get to pay lesson less and in fact in this case they pay nothing they make the taxpayers pay I like them apples as up bipartisanship working out for now there's another by part bipartisan proposal that President Obama talked about in that speech which is not as bad he said look we gotta create that we've got new infrastructure building in this country and that could hire up to a million construction workers and add don't worry the business communities behind because they once were you paid hey that makes sense to me okay if the business communities behind it it'll probably happen and it will actually get people hired again we'll be on our dime but that's okay you know uh I I think I'm not even sure if it's better now private industry or public uh programs to do that but the only things that are gonna pass is if the business community says the Republicans go ahead and do that and it ain't got another new spending or balancing budgets or anything like that it's just all matter what helps corporations and what doesn't and if it helps corporations to do infrastructure hey at least I'm upside we might do infrastructure and hire some people so that actually was a small note outside the Georgia works program nonsense that the construction jobs I was a decent ray of hope all right now there's guy like I said who's fired up in the labor movement is named Jimmy Hoffa maybe a familiar name course James Hoffa jr. uh president of the Teamsters let's let him go to work we gotta keep an eye on the battle that we face a war on workers and you see it everywhere it is the tea party and you know there's only one way to beat and win that war the one thing about working people is we like a good fight and you know what they got a war they got a war with us and there's only going to be one where it's gonna be the workers of a Michigan and America we're gonna win that war hey man I like that he's worked up like hey I doubt it but hey kid Allah by all means let's fight man and look when workers fought in Wisconsin they did better than any damn politician in Washington all right second part of Hoffa President Obama this is your army we are ready to march and press their noble we want one thing jobs jobs jobs that's what we're going to tell him he's gonna be and when he sees what we're doing here he will be inspired but he needs help and you know what everybody here's gotta vote if we go back and we keep the eye on the prize let's take these son of a bitches out and give America back job Erica where we go I like his enthusiasm Fox is already queuing up that tape can you put lady said sons of bitches this is the kind of communion buggery that were in store for surprise Obama didn't run away when he heard like Oh what what'd he say I get out of here hey uh but uh look in reality some people go vote for Obama look uh I'm not by nature or by history and the Obama I just don't know what he did for unions that's why I keep asking these questions what he do for employee free choice act number one priority for them so that you know they can sign up more union workers didn't abundant even proposed it is I Kobe propose that the Congress I know they'll accuse me of being pro in no way public option was a number two priority gon go down the list free trade agreements that they hate yeah he's pushing for aggressively right now as we speak what did he do for the union's what he do for labor are you do for the average American I gotta be honest not much so Hoppus fired up but not quite sure why alright uh two more quick things on obama uh Ramesh Ponnuru wrote a really interesting article in a bloomberg view about Obama's weakness leading to Republican overreach is a fascinating idea is like maybe one perverse advantage that Obama has is that he's so sad and week that the Republicans will think will they get anything they like it doesn't matter how extreme they are does matter how right-wing they are so they'll nominate someone in their primary that's as far right as possible and then Obama will get say hey at least you don't want that lunatic in charge by the way that is the Obama strategy they just don't call weakness but that's what it is but I don't think gonna work out that way but I mean people that I by give you that as partly like people are stretching for a silver lining so hard to like maybe it's actually a great thing that our democratic president is so pathetically weak yeah yeah that's the ticket yeah that'll actually help okay good luck with that Jared Bernstein who used to work in the White House uh says that tax reform in deregulation are not the way to go uh and that's because their old Republican I tricks uh and policy proposals that they've been proposing for the last thirty fifty years and a proposed them in good times and bad times he's a hundred percent right about that and it is exactly the strategy the president obama is currently pursuing fun for everybody yay I before you crazy michelle bachman uh let me give you the one piece of good news actual good news we have today so this is a fascinating an ironic piece of good news it is that the super committee might have a little harder time reaching agreement that we match now the default if their committee does not reach an agreement is that we cut one point two trillion dollars in spending but half of that would come from the Pentagon and get cut some of the waste in the Defense Department and now a lot of people might say and presses might say hey you know that's cutting 1.2 trillion it's not really good doesn't really raise any tax revenues it's not a fair and balanced way to do it I hear you but other proposals are even worse at least this cuts half from the incredibly wasteful spending it defense right so I think that's the best-case scenario under the circumstances which shows you how sad circumstances are well before I told you I don't think there's any chance that they'll do that that they will actually come to an agreement and that agreement will be worse it'll be the grand bargain with a cut Social Security Medicare etcetera etcetera and uh and that they cut taxes on the rich in corporations okay now for the first time we see perhaps not why not because voters mobilize and Democratic politicians cared or any night of course not no it turns out the health care industry has decided hey you know what this proposal doesn't cut us that much it only cuts care to percent and Medicaid and Social Security remain intact and a lot of those programs are bread-and-butter we get money from those programs so we will use our considerable lobbying force to make sure that they stalemate now they're going to be opposed by the defense industry which is also incredibly powerful in Washington but at least it's game on before if it's just industry on one side and voters on the other side voters in the average American would get crushed every single time it doesn't matter who the president is doesn't matter which parties in control Congress but if you have to business interest fighting then we've got an actual contest so what has the health care industry started to their already sending out emails letters summer thing about running ads and they're pressuring all the lawmakers that they have bought saying hey you know what uh for the Democrats all you don't want to touch Social Security and Medicare that would be terrible for your consistency for the Republicans they turn around and say hey you know what you said you would raise any taxes so you know what if this current deal goes through no taxes get raised you better stick to this deal you better not go to another deal where taxes get raised otherwise you'll be in season ever in trouble and we'll run ads saying that we really care that you raise taxes in fact the health care industry doesn't really care about that they care about protecting their own profits in this particular case but they may sleeting advertising like healthcare industries like that's all we do of course so now the threading Republicans you know how much the healthcare industry spends in lobbying no forget overall for Congress just the 12 lawmakers that are in the super committee they've already given them collectively in campaign contributions 9.2 million dollars 9.2 million just those 12 game on game on and there's some insiders quoted in this story from Reuters say hey listen we're gonna pretend we're in favor one outcome and not another but the reality is all we're looking for is a stalemate so they can get any agreement so the default goes into place because the default is not bad for us healthcare industry versus defense contractors this ought to be bloody it's fascinating see who comes out wins but at least we have the most ironic people backing us that you've ever seen in your entire life all right let's take a quick break here and come back and tell you about crazy michelle bachman and an even crazier conservative saying that helping the poor vote is unamerican I back a young turks you know before we move on I just wanna add a point and a half that cult story where the baby got killed um first of all the half a point and queen Antoinette ed said that God prefers God blue white and khakis uh that's fairly the colors and the type of coding they got prefers when they tell you they got prefers concern kinda clothing run for the hills and that by the way is also true the major religions you know I talk about all the time the uh Hasidic Jews with the crazy Russian coats and then nonsense insane russian hats when and when they tell you God is in the fashion and you know and thinks you should dress a certain way uh here's a fact that it's not true okay if God cares about that then what a sad petulant creature right uh oh and I didn't like what you were wearing today it's so not summer it's a little more fall sorry well actually are we in the fall not yet okay hey you're going to help you imagine I can't imagine look that there are people out there that are easily manipulated and they're people who feel lonely who feel desperate some of these calls I I compare them to gangs like why do young boys I enter a gang the reason why they do that is because they're lonely they need some sort of family to belong to and I think that's the case that happened with this woman in her 15 month old baby she came to this new country she felt lonely she know to do here comes Queen Antoinette and she easily manipulates her and it's a really sad story it's horrible but I think that what you said before about how anyone who says that they can talk to God you immediately discount everything they say after that well that brings me both of those points bring me to michele bachmann because you know as i was reading the story of how this girl got manipulated into letting her kids starve either i sense parallels between michele bachmann story so you might be thinking well that sounds one of the parallels the parallels are as is you read both stories but Bachmann's life story and hers they're looking for answers they don't want to take responsibility for their own lives and so they're thinking somebody help me that girl from Trinidad she first turned to Hinduism her because her mom was Hindu and she couldn't find the answers there right in her mom didn't help her very much they she started reading the Bible and she was so frustrated can understand what the Bible was saying she threw against the wall couple of times with michelle bachman you see she's had trouble with her stepdad or something their family was broken up and she was like I need answers I I don't have answers and I don't want responsibility for my own life s'okay like Calgon take me away right those old commercials with it's the bathtubs up at the bubble bath they know they know your time okay some dough from our new school okay anyway uh instead they say God take me away right and so when they whether it's an organized religion like michelle bachman join or this cult that this woman joined they don't worry you don't have to think anymore you're not responsible for a damn thing it's God's well that's a you remember is you redo the story kept talking about she's like I don't know is trying to figure out God's will ya somos been God's will to have the kid died right and so and Bachmann says the same thing all time it must been God's will the earthquakes in the in the Hurricanes must been God's well I responsibility I just follow along to whatever the dear leader said yeah going back to your point about not wanting to take responsibility of your own life you know as soon as you said that I immediately thought of michelle bachman allowing her husband to kind of take control of her life and she says that women need to be submissive to their husbands you know i'm always curious why some women are or some people not just women are willing to give up that type of control their own personal lives but you're completely right about that she wanted to have someone basically control her life and decide what she was gonna do for a career what kind of school she was gonna go to what she was gonna learn you know she went to law school because her husband told her that she needed to do it she claimed that she even want to go to law school she became an IRS agent cuz her husband told her to do it etcetera look I think that this is a phenomenon that's not talking about nearly enough and it's a huge part of life there's so many people in this world at me even a majority who don't want responsibility for their own lives it's just too tough life is too tough and they don't want their responsibility so they just say whoever's gonna take that away from me go for it I'll just follow blindly at least that way I'm not in charge I don't have to make those tough decisions I just follow whatever the leader told me to whether it's Jesus Christ or queen anne to an end or whoever might be right and and it's look it's sad you know hey you in then with this woman realize after going through that whole mental health care facility etcetera was that oops turns out I was responsible along it had nothing to do with God's will and whether you advocate that responsibility or not it ultimately comes back on you anyway it's your kid right and so you're not really running away from anything all you're doing is taking the easy way out and not on 10 times all does is hurt my Heather Morris from glee was in a recent photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields and his photo shoot with her is getting a lot of attention and it's caused a lot of controversy because people believe that it glorified domestic violence now what's interesting about the photo shoot is it didn't really have a message okay in fact if you go on the website you see that the only thing that or only message that the photographer is trying to uh I guess talk about is that Barbie can also bruise so he wanted to do like images of a bruised Barbie but what what does that mean you know you should I think he was trying to be artistic all right in the pursuit of being artistic I think he failed a little I Leslie the pictures and see if we can divine the meaning that he's tryna be is based on Anna's explain okay so she has a bruise and she's pull she's tied by that okay the iron court okay I don't get okay yeah what okay I just is so stupid and pointless no it is stupid and pointless because it doesn't have a meeting what's the message okay and I get it it's artistic no it's not it's crap okay you think you think all artists crap or no I don't I don't most art is crap Modern Art Moderne stupid dumbass are like this I all yeah look if her ironing this guy's balls had some sort of point hey she's striking back in the Messick abuse that he caused whatever but I say okay you know that's real hard modern I don't care what you go right but it turns out this photo shoot doesn't have anything do with domestic abuse in fact when they receive criticism on it because of domestic abuse say hey sometimes people actually do use arms to hit people and give them women uh black eyes I said like oh yeah yeah I want to give you guys the response that Tyler Shields gave to people that were criticizing him he told e in no way were we promoting domestic violence we wanted to do a bruised up Barbie shoot that's exactly what we did but what kind of what kind of that doesn't make any sense doesn't it what is a Bruce up Barbie mean what is your point and what drives me crazy about so-called modern art is when they're like a the point is for you to enter path okay that I could take a poop in the middle of this table ad for you to interpret okay and then this stupid a photographer is apparently hot in Hollywood so the young actors and actresses go to him to do these dumbass shoots this is how you get hot by doing meaningless shit and I'll pre people in Hollywood are so stupid they can't figure it out they figure like I don't understand it but that's prob that means it's probably brilliant cuz I'm an idiot right so I'll just do it and then look I'm not trying to blame her she's trying to she's doing whatever they do to get publicity right but the guy behind the Sheep pictures is a dumbass you think that might draw attention but beyond the fact that it is a domestic abuse problem and people sane taken seriously more than that what offends me is how meaningless it is and how it's supposed to be art which is garbage look Jake it's meaningless to you it's garbage to you but there are people out there who look at modern art and they do get something out of it okay and just because it's not your thing doesn't mean that you put it down look I hate football I despise football football is so boring to me i watch five minutes of it and I want to shoot myself okay but you love football the majority of americans love football and I gotta understand and respect that no I do with art it really no it isn't it's not the same thing at all because look art is supposed to have a purpose like I mean it's either visually appealing which this isn't right or it means something it's you know and not was a work of art a poem is a work of art those are our that's art I appreciate as millions a piece of art that have great meaning right a football game is a meeting supposed to be entertaining his to his sets of team smash into each other you know great speed we like that we're guys okay no I get it look this that if we're specifically talking about this photo shoot I do not like it I don't consider this art I think that this was a ploy to get as much publicity as possible you have to know that this is something that looks like it glorifies domestic violence you're gonna get attention for you're gonna get the press to talk about it like we're doing now but when you're talking about modern art as a whole that's where I you completely lose me and I do not agree with you at all this is classic modern art I'm not saying there's no a good modern art of course there is right but but I'll make up a number that'll get me in trouble at least eighty percent of it is utter crap okay if you if you tell me what the meaning behind is we're having a conversation massive conversation I actually think a lot of any wars really good okay but if you just put up crap and go enjoy you put may be hunted fuck off like because then you're not an artist you just do like then then everybody's an artist okay here here's my pee all over the wall into that Jack is kind of right if everything is art then nothing's are right Andrews is great a little segment on one of those 20 20 prime tenth episode where they actually had little kids like a little 34 yo just scribble crap and then they presented to these like art critics and told him that they were done by famous artists and to you know derive some meaning from it and there I get making up all this crap like oh yes this little orange dot over here in this corner means blah blah blah and that idea means nothing some little kid scribbled on it I get it look I get your point but people do interpret arts in different ways that's why it's interesting how does your brain interpret that information at that image that illustration I think it's fascinating because people take away different things from it but look when when you purposely put out art that has a negative message like that a message that could be hurtful to society then you lose me and I don't like it right by the way I want to go to war over this so you wanna send emails and tell me how I you know I don't understand art god bless man you I would be very surprised we get me to move on this you know on the most open-minded a man in America right and you know I listen to all you folks who send me the emails are from time time you can miss me but good luck on this one man uh I love art that has meaning when it does have any meaning it's just obliterates art it's stupid all right we move forward and look I just a lot of people that industry just the dumbest people in America and I'm sorry I'm going I'm going too far just calm down oh uh yeah they're not French I yeah I don't know I've you know French accent but like it I I have to look into myself more find out why it makes me so angry like is it makes you angry because you're the type of guy who likes like fact-based evidence you like logic you don't like you know you're not an artsy person you're just not okay you don't like to look at we interpret it for yourself you're not an emotional guy now it's a lack of logic you're right but it's a second part I don't agree with good art I love okay I of course I appreciate you why you let me guess you like art where you look at something and it's clear and easy to understand not like a me no no no no okay last thing us cuz we gotta move on but look I'm not asking for German art where it's like yeah I a very good square lines all square very logical yeah this this one's really well is our llamar Chanel right I don't need that right i don't need it to be coronal logic like that I also don't need to be simplistic like oh I get it it's a bit I'll that mean that uh no biggie could be incredibly complicated and I are you kidding me my favorite book is Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie that's a piece of art it's really tough to follow that's why people don't like to read it right and it is ever it's layered symbolism layer on top of layers as complicated as it gets and it's freaking brilliant I can't believe you wrote that book that's art you insult Salman Rushdie when you compare that to the crap that is eighty percent of Modern Art okay that's my last piece on it all right what's it all right let's take a deep breath calm down a little bit damn Jake is on fire okay all right Americans are no longer the fattest people on the planet when though fortunate part is that we can no longer yell we're number one we're number two and fattest okay what happened we are number two in fattest with a specific age group in mind okay when it comes to middle-aged people people in Britain are actually uh less healthy than we are so what now UK sorry what now all the sudden who's fat well I am but other than that some of you are as well so it's really interesting because researchers looked at 34 uh thousand people and they focused on 12 different countries and they found that in the age group of 45 to 54 people in Britain are the fattest coming in at number two of course are people in the United States of course I didn't see the full report my guess is India came in dead last but okay but anyway when they looked at that these they were surprised at the age groups right because Britain only comes a number one in that specific age group once they get older the British actually wind up exercising more take care themselves better they get healthier they get healthier so then the u.s. goes back to be number one it number of fat asses right um but uh also in their younger age groups were so Kagan asked it being that bad right but just in that sweet spot of middle age the UK comes in really large shuang way okay all right by the way a one-third of people 45 to 54 in the UK are obese so that's just the specifics for you guys one third are you gotta lay off those uh where they have fish right no fish and chips okay alicious okay and sir well yes EEE continue the tea the tea is finally that hurts you but the crumpet Seattle at our crumpets a little scones all sadly stop talking about it so delicious I want to go have it ok I decided a couple weekends ago that I don't go to tea enough I i think the tea like the English tea where they serve you the little sandwiches little finger sandwiches and the sky the most listing and relaxing thing in the world I should every weekend but I almost never did where do they even have that it turns out all over LA I just discovered like three new places I love how Jake like the the guy who just went on a rant on religion and modern art likes to go out for tea I do I rather enjoy it quite right see on the most open minded man in America okay if you want to visit an inmate in a State Penitentiary in Arizona you will now have to pay a $25 fee uh and they call it a background check fee however the money is not used for background checks it's used to maintain the facility so that would actually just be a lot like what we call a background check fee acceptance for background checks so we just take the money okay but well we okay you got any you like but you're lying hey so uh people are concerned rightfully so because they like hey you know what uh if family members don't visit somebody in prison that person is much more likely to be reserved recidivist and commit another crime and then one back up in prison so you save a tiny bit of money but you crossed yourselves a lot more let alone the moral issue of hey you gotta let the his mom or dad or his family see the guy right but what I'm worried about is this is at least in public prisons soon this will become into private prison oh my god in private prisons will charge like a hundred fifty dollars exactly prison a thousand dollars i wouldn't be surprised and and one of the women in the story said hey you know I send the money the first time for for people that are visiting they say they didn't get a descent a second time and so next thing I was out two hundred bucks wait the private prisons get a load of this scam okay it this is just the beginning I'm just I'm surprised they haven't thought of it yet but look this is just another example of the state trying to close budget gaps right because they don't want to raise taxes they don't want to increase taxes at all so how are they gonna make money they're gonna make money by feet giving fees like everywhere you go there's a fee you wanna use a public toilet there's a fee you wanna park your car somewhere there's a fee you want to scratch your head in the middle of the street there's a fee you see what I'm saying almost sound like around I kinda like there's a fee there's a fee there's a fee pretty good I said that she had a good rhythm si si I like a she's proud all right i would like to uh get on the go back to something we were just discussing which is how i'm the most open minded man in America okay okay I like to return to that topic uh person because now I will tell you about a couple blogs who wrote against me yeah okay you know that s or we did about the guy having sex on top of the hood yeah cop I had a great deal of criticism for that ice a couple things first of all uh there's a guy person who wrote a blog saying that i'm in favor please / tality house up police brutality we don't know that it was not if it's not essential that's rape are you crazy of course I guy in prison right but four and four in fact we did find out it was consensual so how's that please fidelity unless that guy's really hung i don't know like but what's your what's your argument okay anyway uh net number two they say my favorite part of the article was is Jake you girl who tells himself as the open my most open minded man in America but you do know I know but you shouldn't quote me other that's hilarious get it I do you that title reinforcing god bless okay and then it's on another issue um about of course me attacking obama somebody in daily coast road that i would tree in my head thoughts in case criticism what does that even mean he had this absurd theory about how there's Jay you know apparently based on some writer there's people who have grass in their head and trees in their head and apparently the grass is good but the tree is no good uh I can't believe you have a tree yeah shame on you and then apparently no to give the tree out of my head I have to agree with Obama all the time oh well that cut it down apparently serve a little turn in the grass and then unicorns will come out and and the rainbows will come on everything will be great so I just want to share that Chrissa with you but you know what I'm saving the best one for the members only oh I can't wait to hear it uh there's someone who was going off on me that was so freakin hilarious I will I will give it including accent okay eh oh yeah yeah no that's gonna be fun when there's accent attached to it okay so I I told you members always gonna be fun today all right now we move home currently in the United States there's absolutely no legislation that regulates the amount of babies that can be produced with one sperm donor okay and one sperm donor can potentially produce hundreds of kids now look in the beginning of you told me hey do you need legislation like that I probably would have said no I'm imelda said it's probably over-regulating what's the point and they tell the donors to we're not going to use it for that many people so what is it five or ten rightmost and in fact in the UK they have a law which is apparently the industry standard in a lot of countries that they can only use it ten tops for from wonder right in the US they just found out they're abusing the hell out of course they are like 50 at a time in one case a hundred and fifty so problem is then you have all these siblings that don't know that they're siblings which then sometimes Lisa incest then sometimes Lisa genetic problems it said now is this an epidemic no not necessarily but is something to watch out for yes I think it's something to watch out for I'll give you a reason why more and more women are waiting to have kids right and the older you get the harder it is to conceive the harder it is to find a mate to have children with so more more women are going to these uh clinics and they're getting in vitro fertilization or they're getting artificial insemination and they're using the sperm from these donors right so more more women are you have these babies and keep in mind that if a donor has a rare genetic disease that people are not aware of at the time that he donates that sperm that rare genetic disease can become something that's wide spread very easily so that's a second be probably one guy gave is a sperm and then wound up a guy got curious and one of tracking his kids because there is kids genetically right he's got over 70 of them he's got an Excel spreadsheet he's having trouble keeping up literally okay and look at it this is madness okay we we can do this and weep are the reason that they do it is because uh only surmount sperm donors have attractive qualifications okay now what you consider tried qualification sometimes very sometimes doesn't so for example the guys has an Ivy League degree that it might seem bothersome to us that people care about that but they do right and other guy is a homeless guy off the street like which one should I take so every time a woman comes and goes I think the guy with Ivy League degree in the DA and these qualifications or keep it real might be based on race right I on white I want a white sperm donors actually done a story about the right of course right so then that's why sometimes the same guy gets picked over and over again now they're people that are running the clinics are supposed to watch out for that but instead they see dollar signs alike or really good wait wait wait you pay me more for that guy yeah sure let's use him again of course that's what's gonna happen so what's the bottom line on this look yet up some rules and regulations if the government doesn't lay down rules and regulations private industry will always do what is most profitable whether it makes sense or not by the way if there's genetic problems later and down the road for those people you think that companies gonna pay oh hell no no the company just makes a profit the problems are yours not theirs so that's why you need the government to be the cop that says hey you know what this doesn't make sense overall for society we're gonna limit the amount of money you can make I guess which would be by the way tiny for that tiny margin they're willing to take all the risk because the risk isn't theirs that's why the governess's say this is the risk we will not allow you to take the government needs to be the cop that stops it yes they need to say end of this I'm gonna tack it okay I'm gonna attack it okay will they of course not sure did you want to say something yes it's wrong it's bad you wouldn't want 70 kids but if you if you have an Excel spreadsheet you just can't keep up you gotta stop and go you know what this is awesome it's not nice awesome you know what they like me so much North they're like there's no other dude they want with me I'm I'm the man ok no no chairs at a point I had a really interesting reaction as I was reading the story his half of it me was like oh jeez that's crazy man all my kids out there and I can't see them I can't raise them they're all bunch of little jenks running around which by the way is a scary thought for everybody right okay now the other part of me was like oh that's um Genghis Khan shit man like you know Genghis Khan has his genes in one percent of the world population that is out amazing right so the scientists did a study on that they found it so like you got accessissue the 70 kids and I had a half amis like it what now oh god you know I'm saying what do you make sure man eh its nature what do you do when they start calling you up Papa Jackson well they're not gonna call you a man it's your spreadsheet not theirs you know I look I I also felt this about this runs dad like he's got like ninety eight kids from like a hundred two women ok and a part of me is like what are you nuts another part of me is like that's a modern-day Genghis Khan shit man hey you know Hey look I to me I think you should either go one way to love ok either don't do any of that nonsense or just go all the way like seven kids isn't gonna help anybody 70 kids hey at least you decided to go in that direction and you've made your intentions very clear but what happens when those 70 kids want to find their biological father soon and then they give you a little ring ring ring ring you look all oh I see okay i thought they're gonna give me a ring I think all right i'll take it i guess more booty um now uh what will I do by the way by booty I mean prize to your kid man again I was going to all world you know okay anyway okay uh what would I do either you deal with it then know you you've got once you go past the tipping point there's no point so like rock Dennis Rodman's uh dads kids aren't all looking to Dennis Rodman's dad for help because they know he's got ninety eight kids mm-hmm he can't help them all like at some point you past the tipping point of me go you see what I'm saying yeah well I mean it's not like they're gonna come to you and say you had sex with 75 women why did you take care of those live in I didn't leave any women hey I just went in any little money and they too you know it's not like you had you you went out and had this responsibility these kids are mad at you for something I do anything hey as you tell Miss Elizabeth fucker okay everyone for me you need me around so just thank the sperm and move on you don't have those striking good looks for no reason shut the fuck up oof aaaah hey I by sure that'll go over well I need everybody calm down this whole Dennis reckons that does not have ninety eight kids oh she doesn't have 90 kids like a hundred twenty women I thought that was the correct say but he has a lot I you have to look it up second of all I of course I wouldn't say that because I'm not Genghis Khan by the way one of the things that I I had the world's longest like mental checklist before I got married you know me on making decisions right I thought about it for months and all the things I consider this am I Genghis Khan or not oh my god getting there I'm not I'm not and I decided as much as I'd like to be turns out damn it I'm not Genghis Khan does that dude had no conscious you know what I'm saying and my problems I got a conscious like I'd love to have sex with half of Asia right but you need but ya have to have no conscious that I have a cottage mm-hmm all right anyway can't believe that was on your checklist or your or your mental list is oh yeah mental checklist yeah so questionable all right let's take a really quick break when we come back a French man is ordered to pay his wife for not having sex with her oh no

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  2. You guys said change ! and voted for for Obama. then now you guys says again CHANGE and wants to vote for Ron Paul. Who ever you guys put up there is gonna be the same.

  3. Cenk abi.

    pleasee watch the show Penn And Teller:Bullshit episode Beeing Green. you must watch it!!!! to see how Al Gore really is!!!!!

  4. Who gives a fuck if this bitch's eye is purple??? Who's going to think "oh, cool, that bitch is banged up… why don't I go beat the shit out of my wife??? Yes, that's what I'll do now that I've seen those stupid pictures!" So how can anyone say that the pictures are PROMOTING violence?

  5. You know it seems to me that SOMEONE would have had the idea "hey, lets put people back to work repairing our roads and crumbling infrastructure." Just like the works programs that brought us out of the depression this kind of planning and program would have been a win win for everyone! But what do I know?

  6. Soooo right Cenk. What has Obama done for us? Did a give-away on SS and repubs. wern't even asking for it. Nothing for labor. Nothing for civil rights.
    Still fighting wars. No new revenue from the top. He screwed the enviroment.
    No closer to altern. energy. No single payer. On and on and on. Dems and progress. will NOT come out in 2012. Social Security and Medicaid is in danger when the repubs take over. Real danger. I have no pension. SS is my and my wife's pension. Will we be homeless?

  7. There's an interesting point that Cenk said, he said: Doesn't matter who is President, doesn't matter who's in Congress. They are all under the control of another entity.

  8. @hitjohnyup We had a fundraiser at my old high school where we collected pop cans and bottles for a year to build modern art pieces. Im pretty sure we were ripped off. We got 3 hideous statues that are just metal tubing that is bent at one place near the top. Its so ridiculous. I really hope that none of the money went to some high priced "artist" because the metal tubing cant be very expensive, and we had $1500 in the budget.

  9. @TheYoungTurks


    h tt p : // technorati . com /politics/article/open-letter-to-cenk-uygur/

    Randy Gonzalez said hi.

  10. What is the difference between the Free and Paid Young Turks Memberships? Can we watch the full 2 hour shows under a free membership?

  11. @waltermh111 wtf is anecdotal evidence? and how the hell would you know. I know from experience and thats why i say she doesnt know what she's saying. or at the very least i dont like her talking about it because she is the most foreign type of person to that lifestyle.

  12. @TheYoungTurks

    From the same post, for the record:

    "Any public safety veteran can tell you that we don’t have the same rights civilians have. We’re presumed at fault until cleared. This is a safeguard against the brutality and corruption that Uygur rails against. His sexism and hubris, however, blind him to his support for same.

    Failure to understand the law is not a defense. Especially not for a journalist, whose job it is to find out."

    htt p : // wp . me/p1NIwL-1F

  13. @TheYoungTurks

    The actual quote from the 400-word blog post Cenk didn't bother to read before dismissing:

    "[Cenk] declares himself the most reasonable man in America, insight apparently not required for reasoning."

    I appreciate that someone at TYT does actually read my words and consider them, and apparently tries to clue Cenk in, too. I've broken my argument down from 400 words to 200 for his convenience, please advise where to send it once it gets published. This beef isn't about me.

  14. You have to love these studies. The checked on 12 counties, ignored the other 150 or so, and based on that decided one county or the other is the fattest? Now I realize what random sampling is but the 12 countries are all industrialized countries. So why wan the report not titled fattest industrialized countries?

  15. @bebopbountyhead Except he has, and hes thought about and discussed this alot more than you seem to have.

    So dont talk about it like you do, cause you know nothing about him. Or are you some elitist who "studied" art in college?

    I cringe at modern art and mock those who defend it because I have studied art and most of the modern stuff is a joke.

  16. @MaryJesusJoseph No, theres literally nothing to get about much of it. But some of you can find something in anything, especially if your asked or expected to.

  17. @bobbytiger Oh, a troll. I can tell you havent been watching TYT more than this episode, so i am amusing myself with your trolling, feeding you nomnomnom.

    Oh, you are having so much fun arent you. Now we both wasted our time, weee.

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