TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) Interview + ‘Cat & Dog’ Dance Tutorial With Liam McEwan

ladies and gentlemen I am so so so excited to be with the future of kpop right now tomorrow by together what sweep hello you tomorrow bye together hi hello I'm sooo beloved tomorrow bye together I'm the leader of this team hi I'm Pandu and I'm the Energizer of the crew hi guys I'm eunjin and the eldest hi guys I'm Tia and I want to be a sweetheart yeah hi i'm yoon kye and I'm the Cutie in the proof look at me welcome to Los Angeles now I have been wanting to interview you guys since you debuted congratulations huge success so far and this is only the beginning I cannot wait for more from T XT so of course so many messages within your music what do you want people to think of when they hear txt we want them to know us as bright and energetic yeah okay yeah and we hope the name tomorrow bye together makes people think of how energetic and bright we are of course the group was introduced one member at a time showing that each member brings something different to the group of course worth introduction films what do you think it is about this group that helps TX t stand out we show that we each have our own charms but we shine brighter together as I mentioned of course the group was introduced with introduction films we were excited to see the fans reactions to their different videos yeah it was really awesome and we really surprised that there are lots of fans support us thank you so much yeah you've released five songs so far each song very different to one another of course crown is very different to cat and dog which is very different to our summer how would you describe I guess TX T's sound we wanted to show different junglers through our album and we hope to continue to show our bright energy through our music so is the musical style of the EP is that is that similar to what we can expect in future releases or is the next step for txt gonna be very different from what we've already heard you will just have to find out by going on this journey with us and we are confident that it will be tomorrow by together very own style txt visuals are very cute there we go and there's a story actually that you've been telling since the very beginning of course with crown and big hit as a company are very committed to producing music with with a message as you know both in the song and with the choreography you talk about the challenges of growing up is this a theme that we can expect to hear more over as this I guess just the first EP if we continue to listen to our song yeah keep enjoying our song oh then I'm sure that everyone will be able to ya know our messages so don't want to spoil the fun yeah I will stop here yeah these guys I know how to taste they're making us wait ladies and gentlemen they are making us sit and wait I love it you're currently on your first tour with six showcases around the USA I was at the Los Angeles one well done very impressive the singing the dancing the colors the lights I loved it the audience the fans just loved you have you been having fun on your first tour this was our first time showcase touring in the US and we we were so happy to meet our fans here and we had a lot of fun and we hope to see you again now you're about to teach me a dance you're about to teach me the cat and dog dance I'm about to learn it within a is a 15 minute time frame I want to know how long does it take you tell me about the the process of learning a choreography I we learned a choreography like yeah three four days and we keep practicing until we get better and better so I think total totally we took like oh four weeks three feet yeah three weeks yeah it is time for me to learn the cat and dog art so come with me it's time let's go we have conveniently found ourselves a nice dance floor and I believe I'm about to learn a little bit of cat and dogs I got you some stretches all right okay I'm feeling good teach me what are we gonna do I'm I'm you're nervous think about me I haven't danced in years that's all good but I have a feeling it's a little bit faster than that son shall we try it with the music okay all right let's do it [Applause] we're not done we're not done folks we're not done that was great thank you so much thank you so much but we've got one more move to learn [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

20 thoughts on “TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) Interview + ‘Cat & Dog’ Dance Tutorial With Liam McEwan

  1. I love Soobin, but sometimes I think Yeonjun is more of a leader. I’m totally not just saying that because Yeonjun is my bias ??

  2. Thank you for always treating Kpop groups so nicely. It’s obvious you interview them because of genuine interest and not just for clout and I think that’s really cool. Can’t wait to see more interviews of groups in the future!

  3. Kai’s interview personality and the way he speaks English reminds me so heavily of Namjoon!! It’s so endearing, he’s also even mastered the fake laugh Joon uses haha. Can’t wait to see how they grow their personalities are literally bursting and they all tried so hard with the English !

  4. I love Liam’s interview – you always make them comfortable and can tell you respect their music and culture

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