Two Lynx in Ontario Have Intense Conversation

Rahhhhh! I didn’t do it! I swear I’m innocent! (DON’T LIE TO MEEE!) I don’t know wh- I’M TELLING MOM!! I’m telling her you took my food again This is why she doesn’t like you YOU LYING PIECE OF- I’M SORRY ALRIGHT?! That’s what you said last time Get your own hunt for f**ks sake I’M TRYING, OKAY?! what? YOU CALL THAT TRYING?! GET AWAY FROM ME! Why are you like this? Brother? I’m not your brother, okay? You ARE my brother Stop denying it I care very deeply about you but please don’t take my things. I LOVE YOU! – I HATE YOU! that’s right. whyyyyyyyyyyy? YOU SLEPT WITH MY MATE! I’m not denying it. I’m not a liar BROTHER. At least I know when to man up and admit my mistakes She wasn’t a mistake though AND I’M STILL TELLING MOM!

100 thoughts on “Two Lynx in Ontario Have Intense Conversation

  1. We adopted a feral cat that was part lynx and had no feeling in his tail. Would ride on the vacuum. Fearless. Would attack dogs bigger than him. His name was Buddy.

  2. “I can’t believe we’re getting this. Do you know how rare is this?” And he recorded only 1 minute of this rare event.

  3. If I only heard the audio I would have assumed it was two wine moms arguing over a 60” flatscreen on Black Friday…

  4. Clearly this is the end of a date and the Lynx on left won't take the hint. Leaning in for a kiss despite repeated shut downs.

  5. This is sad. They ran from us in the past because we were apex predators. Today they stop traffic so they can get in a bitch fight. Now we wonder why we are being replaced in the wild. This is pathetic.

  6. Imagine camping out in the woods by yourself and hearing this shit in the middle of the night, that's some Blair witch shit right der

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