Two Loving Pups Plus One Cuddly Cat Are Adding Millions Of Smiles To Instagram ?

– loving pups plus one cuddly cat are adding millions of smiles to Instagram Kiko and Watson couldn’t be more pleased with each other and now that they’ve got a furry new friend to squeeze into their snuggles their goofy grins are even wider The Internet is long known about these snuggly pups the pair of lovely golden retrievers have been together for years their adorable dog hugs attracting thousands of followers on Instagram Grahame they seem to get a few thousand more followers with each hug and their enchanting Smiles are enough to melt even the coldest day in December Did we mention they love hugs and? Can you blame them who wouldn’t love a good hug like this one? Everything changed when the two met Harry and became three But as their little furry family has grown Kiko and Watson have taken to the most recent addition with even more affection Have you ever seen anything sweeter? Harry the cat has become fast friends with Kiko and Watson he’s no longer just a third wheel but a crucial part of this eye catching interspecies trio Happy tales like these are always delightful to find, but the reality of life for shelter pets is much less lovely millions of shelter animals face uneasiness and anxiety every day waiting for the right forever family to come along But there’s a way you can help show your own pet how much you care and lend some crucial support to shelters across the country You

4 thoughts on “Two Loving Pups Plus One Cuddly Cat Are Adding Millions Of Smiles To Instagram ?

  1. Kiko,Watson and Harry are adorably cute. You always put a smile on our face WatchZozo. I Thank you for that.
    Sending warm holiday blessings.

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