32 thoughts on “Two Largest Wolf ever caught on tape

  1. The wolf didn’t kill the dog in the first one the dog just got bit on its back and flung into the air so everyone chill out and guy had a shotgun which he just shot into the air and it scared off the wolf so he didn’t just let his dog get attacked. The wolf came back tho looking for the dog later in the day so it definitely was going to kill it.

  2. The 1 one look like a horse and it look like u turned off the camera to save your dog from get his ass handed 2 him

  3. Unless they are next to a normal size wolf how do we know how big they are. We don't know how small the dog is in the first part and second part there was nothing to give us any sort of scale.

  4. First one was fake I think. You can hear a hog squeal at the end of it. And it looked like a hog bedded down at first. A wolf that big would have killed that dog

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