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how's it going hey dr. Ross oh nice a kinkajou this is were figuring Rafik is that flanking yeah okay perfect perfect you know a lot of people think Pikachu they're monkeys no relation no anything to a monkey departed a raccoon family yeah actually I can monkeys are oh yeah they do he loves you to death yeah he's pretty much the greatest pet ever these animals from the rain forest they're so adorable but they're not for everyone they're wild animals they need a lot of space and on average 23 years of tender love and care so Chris what made you pick a kinkajou it was love at first sight I mean look at him he's just full of cuteness what do you feed him he's mainly fruits and vegetables like bananas carrots grapes okay a lot of kinkajous eat honey they love honey yes he's wild about it that's why they gave him the nickname honey man oh yeah how old is he he's 10 months old what do we have today for well I want to explore possibly neutering they say that they these guys have terrible twos oh yeah kike shoes get what we call the terrible twos they become aggressive dominant and they have a high level of testosterone all this could be prevented if you neuter them before they turn age of two get them neutered we definitely can't do that and we'll go ahead and perform that procedure today okay you can hold it yeah hold it this hurt sounds really good well what we'll do is I'll take them to the back we'll get everything started for him and then we'll go ahead and do the neuter yeah absolutely come on come with me come on big guy let me bite all you I'll give you a call as soon as procedures on okay thank you are you welcome all right Lindy ready yes all right our first incision now this is my first time neutering a kinkajou it should cut down on his activity level far as being aggressive as they age you know he's still a wild animal all right you want to make sure that we prevent as much aggression as possible so basically I'm neutering him just like I would a cat the only difference between this new to here mm-hmm and if I was doing it on a cat I would leave the cat scrotum sack open to allow it to drain okay but in this situation we'll put a little suture in here to close this up why are you closing this verse as I can't neuter because they tend to pick a lot from cats male neuters they don't even know we neuter them but these guys are so inquisitive they like to pick they like rank wonder how are they gonna keep him from picking I will put some glue okay on other parts of his body to kind of keep him occupied really yeah that should deter him oh my gosh so he'll concentrate on other parts of body do be thinking that is pretty smart I have to say I learned this method from a bunch of exotic vets that I met at a conference and it works well it would be good to go all right let's go see Dad Rafiki is a ten month old kinkajou that are neutered to keep the aggressive behaviors at bay all right buddy hey there buddy how'd it go it went great awesome he did well he should just kind of rest sleep relax but you see it already has energy so if you wanna give him a little fruit when you get home give him a little honey actually I got something for him now here oh my gosh the peppermint ball what a mint to go let me get some of that they say eat your finger it's kind of hard to tell these guys not to run jump climb hang upside down yeah so just look at his incision make sure you don't have any swelling any discharge coming from there if you do don't hesitate to give me a call yeah he's definitely a little hungry after that so yeah hurry up thank you so much thank you you have a great day guys right you said well Bobby guy say bye-bye hey dr. s remember my bird I was telling you about that was feather plucking uh-huh I was wondering if you take a look at her when did she want to come in would you be able to do it today so you brought your bird to work yeah I was really worried about her go ahead and get her thank you dr. s are you welcome you know I say yes all right yeah let me take a look at old Cindy Cindy the cynical so how long have you had Cindy about 15 years at least yeah is this what you're talking about right here yes sir so what you looking at this we think about stress mm-hmm birds usually pluck their feathers due to stress the size of the cage or boredom is similarly likes people biting on their nails playing in their hair it could be of something to her diet what does she feed you that right she's ratting me out oh yeah she gets bird genes grapes mashed potatoes french fries apples oh okay do you take her outside occasionally I'll take her outside so she can get fresh air and some Sun another thing we think about too you know we think about parasites that can stress a bird out as well I want to draw some blood and send to the lab make sure it's nothing internal such as a liver issues heavy metal toxins ink toxicity causing her to lose her feathers most bird cages are made of metal furs use our beaks as hands to move around the cage and by them using our beaks they can't adjust the metal leading into metal toxicity Cindy ready for this I get her didn't Nick she's a very sweet bird she let us do anything all right so what we gonna do Teresa bring me a stool sample we'll send that along with the smear I'm gonna go back to your cage yes all right go to work Thank You Joshua are you welcome I got the results in on Cindy to Burt so I told Theresa to bring her home back in so the good thing is everything internal came back normal so we don't have any severe infection does she what oh it's on the towel it's a dirty job but somebody gots to do it but what was gonna do you laugh but one thing you you definitely can't result this to the feather picking to frustration okay we just want to make sure you keep your stress free two things that I do recommend settle this they're native from Africa oh so you want to make sure that you have the radiant heat so you want to get a UVB ten at all that's gonna help with vitamin D that would help with our general health and reduce stress that may stop the plucking so we're not gonna be permanently involved um it's okay I'd love her anyways she may end up you know a little bit light okay so y'all are gonna be twins chronic feather picking leads to damage follicles well you have damaged follicles the feathers may not grow back pretty bird pretty bird pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty but she's healthy all right that right Cindy you

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  1. Realmente la gente alla son muy cómodos y nada empaticos. Ese animal quería una pareja. Pero como al gordo le incomodaba escogió algo mas fácil…….

  2. you can tell how much care the dude takes of the kinkachu, he’s extremely caring and immediately have food for him. such a kind man.

  3. Poor little kinkachu he shouldn't have been kept as a pet. Especially with that obnoxious fat guy who looks like he doesn't care about nothing but himself

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