Two Dogs Are Found Stranded On A Deserted Island | Animal in Crisis EP17

There is no road leading back to land because it’s an uninhabited island.. The dog looks skinny from the lack of eating and has lost a lot of hair It’s over there!! On top of the rock! Towards the direction the man is pointing.. There were dogs..! The dogs roam around when we approach them to give pet food and water But they do not come closer… They start to eat after we leave Informant: I came here because I thought “It’s strange.. it’s not a place for dogs to stay.. why do I hear dogs?” Then I found two dogs.. I gave food and water the next day onward.. PD: How long as it been since you’ve been feeding them? Informant: It’s been over a week There is no road connecting to land.. There is only trash around the area How did the dogs come here.. PD: It’s okay, don’t leave The dog becomes wary as soon as the crew approaches PD: Madam, did you try to rescue them? Informant: I did. But at first they were hiding.. they came out when we left food and distanced ourselves They have moved closer since we’ve been coming for a week They tried to rescue them multiple times but it was of no use However… They have a leash so it looks like someone abandoned them.. Why did someone abandon them in an isolated area..? I have to leave and you have to take the boat back as well.. I’ll be back tomorrow~ goodbye!! PD: What’s the name of this island? Mister: Sol Island PD: Do people live here? Mister: No one does. People used to in the past but everything is demolished People used to live on Sol Island SBS TV Animal Farm office We contacted the local government * Songdo (Sol Island)
An island of Gyeolsangnam-do Tongyeong-si Hansanmyeon, an uninhibited island… Tongyeong City Hall rep:
We don’t know much as well.. Did you call the Hansanmyeon office? I think the township office would be more aware about the island.. Song Island office rep:
I’m aware that Songdo is an uninhabited island Writer:
Do you have detailed information? Office rep:
I know it has a farm but I don’t know how often people come and go for it Do people who live near Sol Island know about it? It’s been decades since people lived there.. In 1974 or 1975? Spy boats from the north invaded the area so the government told everyone to emigrate… Sol Island ->Song Island In 1970, fishermen of the small island of Tongyeong were kidnapped to North Koreans.
The government ordered everyone to clear the small islands From then on, the island has become uninhabited Does anyone know about the dogs? I heard that there’s a yellow dog roaming around,.. Was it a yellow one or black one.. I saw it once. There was no dog after the fisherman left.. How can a dog enter an island unless someone took the dog there.. People believe it could be a sailor Someone can visit the island with their boat.. There is a ship rental nearby so boats can be ridden easily. There is a big possibility that someone abandoned the dog on purpose.. Nureong~ here comes the dog But something is strange..? The state and position of the fridge looks different PD: The position of the fridge has changed. Did someone move it? Mister: When the tide is high at night the water fills up till here.. so the waves swept it away The position of the refrigerator has changed because of the waves… PD: What happens to the puppies when the tide is high? Mister: They go up the mountain and when the tides are low. They have nothing to eat so they pick up the fish thrown away and drifted from the farm There are dead fish around the area. But all of the fish are decomposed.. Luckily, there are two dogs They might’ve depended on each other as they endured it.. The dogs look far away into the sea Are they longing for the one that loved them cross the sea.. We only feel sad for these dogs How could you abandon dogs on an island.. someone who took the boat must’ve abandoned them! But why on an uninhabited island.. that’s ridiculous.. If they were abandoned on the mountains, someone would’ve been around them The person who abandoned them is is a bad person.. We have to rescue them Animal Welfare Association: I think the dogs and the elderly have a bond.. If you give food on both sides, they will split into two parts. We will rescue them with a net We pretend that we’re about to give food And leave the food on the ground and wait.. Animal Welfare Association: 1, 2, 3 Missed one dog.. Animal Welfare Association: We prepared a small net because they looked skinny but they actually have long bodies The dog’s wariness has gotten worse.. We decided to give it a break The dog stays further away upon seeing the rescue team.. I should get off the boat and catch it We try to lead the dog with the other dog But it’s not easy… Then!! Nureong approaches the black dog! PD: We caught it!!? PD: Team leader! We caught it! The rescue is a success! Don’t feel uneasy~ it’s okay~ you suffered! You suffered so much.. it’s okay. No need to be scared.. The dogs finally leave the island after 10 days..! We check to see if they have a microchip. Vet: No microchip is found How about their health..? Vet: They have ticks because they were out in the wild. They also have a skin disease because of the tangled hair. On the radio therapy photo, foreign substances are found. It looks like pieces of fish or sand. They also had a heart worm for a long time.. Unfortunately, they have a heart worm.. We decided to cure them in hospital till they fully recover. They have great personalities so if they meet a good owner, they’ll be okay with adjusting. They’re eating well too! Oh dear! Nureong! The dogs wag their tails when they see the informant LOL The informant feels at ease after seeing the dogs.. They are very active so despite being abandoned so they will receive a lot of love from people. These friends have successfully finished their treatments and were adopted by good people♡

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  1. I love this story too, Thank you old Lady and people helped 2 dogs, thank you and thank you so much , wonderful people , love 2 dogs too,

  2. 2 Dogs went to club party on a yacht
    Crashed their Yacht
    Got stranded on an island
    Isn't this hard to believe?
    So as the video bruh

  3. Одно время их распространение ограничивалось южной частью Соединённых Штатов, сейчас же они распространились почти во всех местах, где живут комары. Заражение этими паразитами было зафиксировано во всех штатах США, за исключением Аляски, и в тёплых районах Канады. Высокий уровень заражённых был зафиксирован в полосе шириной 150 миль вдоль побережья США от Техаса до Нью-Джерси, а также на протяжении берегов реки Миссисипи.[4] Также сердечные черви встречаются в Южной Америке,[5] южной части Европы,[6] Южной Азии,[7] на Среднем Востоке,[8] в Австралии и Японии.[4]

  4. Why in the Fork do people do this? I don’t know anything about Korea, and how things are done. Can’t these people give the dogs away to the Shelters or possibly animal control? Instead of just leaving them on an inhabited island. These are house pets they’re not game dogs that understand how to hunt.

  5. I hate people. I really fucking hate people, you don't abandon babies like this with no food or water. Just carpet bomb these asshole humans. Make them suffer the same way.

  6. Bonitinhoooos. Igual meu poodle madox. Super interessante… amém por está mulher e a equipe. DEUS Continue abençoando a todos…

  7. Ainda bem que existem pessoas maravilhosas no mundo Deus os abençoe e lhes dê muitas felicidades para você é a todos parabéns pela iniciativa espero que continue assim bondoso não só nessa época pois pra mim o Natal são todos os animais 🙏😇😘🥳

  8. Dios bendiga a todas estas personas qué rescataron a estos dos perritos de ésa isla ellos son buenas personas gracias a Dios que todavía hay personas buenas en este planeta ellos son los Ángeles de estos animalitos y qué malvados los que los abandonaron no tienen corazón

  9. maybe boat driver is dogs owner, because the dogs are friendly to boat driver. may he want woman who feeds dogs always pay him for drive her to the island

  10. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏😁😁💋🙃🙃😍😍🦘🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🦁🐱🐈🐈🦌😜🤩🥰🥰🐕🐕🐕🐕

  11. Heartworm can be treated and prevented with Guinness Made in Dublin beer. In the BLACK GLASS bottle…info is readily available on the internet. Safer than the TOXIC crap veterinarians use.

  12. One thing I've learnt from watching this channel's videos. Korea has got EXCELLENT healthcare! Dogs are treated like humans and vets are extremely professional! 👏👏👏😀

  13. Obviously fishing nets in the water and a village across the bay. Someone put the dogs there. And all that trash. For Korea I would have though some people would get together and clean that island up. Filthy!

  14. Todo iba bien muchas gracias por rescatarlos pero los adoptaron por separado? Si fue así no estuvo bien pues ellos sobrevivieron juntos muchas cosas es como si separan a 2 hnos que crecieron juntos ahora sí los adoptaron a los 2 bravo felicidades saludos desde 🇲🇽

  15. Que bellos angelitos gracias por rescatarlos y buscarles nuevos dueños hojalas y nunca los abandonen de nuevo yo los hubiese adoptado a los dos juntos ellos merecen todo el amor y el cuido que se merecen la negrita es igualita a mi niña se llamaba Pelusita hace dos meses partio al puente del arco iris me acorde mas de ella cuando la vi unos los abandonan y a mi que mi pequeña angelita se me fue la ectraño mucho desearia estubiese viva durante vivio conmigo ella fue feliz Dios los bendiga y proteja siempre por sus corazones de oro saludos desde Nicaragua

  16. It is possible the dogs ran off while their owners were on a hike on the island and they couldn't find them. It's possible they even came back a few times looking for them.

  17. Pourquoi abandonner des chiens dans un endroit ou on risquait pas de les retrouver???? Il fallait leur donner la chance d'être récupérés par quelqu'un d'autre. C'est tout simplement inhumain et indigne envers ces animaux si fidéles qui risquent leurs vies pour sauver celles de leurs maitres.

  18. 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. 도저희 이해할수 없는 심리다 도대체 왜 사람있는곳에 버리면 누군간 데려갈텐데 왜 저런곳에 버리는걸까 그냥 죽어버리라는거잖아 최소한 새주인을 만날 기회는 주면서 버려야하는것 아닐까 최소한 정말 인간으로써 …저 작은 생명에게 그정도의 배려는 해야하는거 아닐까 굶어죽지는 않도록 ..

  20. Ce serait dommage d'adopter les chiens séparément eux qui se sont soutenus et aiment leurs compagnie réciproque !?It would be a shame to adopt the dogs separately who supported each other and enjoy their mutual company !?

    SubhannaAllah 💚

  21. Every video makes me cry. But relief too. There is a lot of good [people still care for animals. But also a lot of people are so so bad do that to animals that have live.

  22. Молодцы японцы одна женщина приманила да так за шею и поймала ловко.

  23. Great job!….especially when the bigger brown dog was finally caught after escaping the first trap…two seniors who have helped by feeding and ensuring rescue for these two abandoned dogs..thank you !🐕🐕😍😍

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