Two cats and one common enemy

İKİ KEDİ VE BİR ORTAK DÜŞMAN Normalde Şanti'yle Indy pek iyi anlaşamazlar
ama bugün durum biraz farklı… Bugün geçici ateşkes ilan ettiler
çünkü ortak bir düşman ortaya çıktı. Şimdi düşman onlara yemek sunarak
zeytin dalı uzatıyor. Her ne kadar robot artık düşmanları olmasa da
bir süre yüksekte durmaktan zarar gelmez.

38 thoughts on “Two cats and one common enemy

  1. Here before YouTube’s algorithm sends this back into my video recommendations after it goes viral

  2. 1:35 It was you, right? It was you all this time. I knew, I had a feeling that you have got something to do with this.

  3. It's 6:42am and I'm in bed and need to sleep but instead I'm watching this and laughing my ass off ? thank you ?

  4. That was awesome! The best thing about messing with your cats is that you know they’ve done something to deserve it. Also, they will have their revenge. (^x^) Sleep with one eye open.

  5. Putting the food on something mobile is actually a good way to make sure that your cats exercise (for cats that are healthy enough to do so).

  6. Indy looks like a little cheetah, but it's sad his trust can be bought in a matter of minutes with a bowl of meow mix. Lol.

  7. Please do be careful , Don't wanna see that Wonderful tail sucked in .

    I know you do it for Gags but be careful !!

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