Tutoriel d’installation L.Box de Lacmé (connexion en mode WiFi)

Hello ! Lacmé asked me to test its new connected electric fence the L.Box. I will share with you my experience. We’ll see if it’s so easy to use. This innovation makes it possible to switch the energiser on and off by distance from anywhere. For a repair I stop the energiser and I turn it on when I’m done. In addition I am warned via my smartphone in the case of decreasing guarding performances. A real step forward to more safety. Let’s move on to the installation. The energiser, normal, ith a ground output and a high voltage output. The famous L.Box and the power cable. To summarize : we’ve got an energizer, the L.Box, and its feeding. It should be noted that L.box must be placed within 5 m from the energiser. And now we’ll connect it to the internet according to the instructions. As told in the notice we can connect the L.Box to Internet via an RJ45 network cable or via WiFi I chose to connect my box via WiFi First step:I plug the L.Box to the mains. As expected the LED shines yellow. Step 2:Connecting the energizer to the mains. I plug the energizer into the mains. When the energizer is connected The L.Box automatically detects it And LED 1 shines green. Next step I install the L.Box application. I click on Playstore, In the search box I type Lacmé Lacmé L.Box appeared. I click, the app appears, I install it by clicking on install I accept. I open the application And create a new Lacmé account I enter my email address. I seized my mail, my first name, my name, and I chose my password and I click on “create a new Lacme account”. I choose to connect by WiFi So I click on “WiFi”. Here the whole procedure is described. If the LED of my L.Box does not flash by itself in yellow, (here it is fixed) I press for 5 seconds on the button “network” Until the LED flashes And then I validate my WiFi connection. Of course, as with any WiFi connection I have to choose my network And that I enter my security key. I validate. The LED of the L.Box flashes blue, Sign that it is searching the network. The LED is permanently blue, My L.Box is now connected to Internet via WiFi. I get my message of success. And voilà, I can start using my L.Box system and my application.

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