Tusker House Breakfast at Animal Kingdom Review | Top Breakfasts at Walt Disney World

Welcome to Tusker House Restaurant! This is the only character dining available
in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. When you arrive in Animal Kingdom, head to
Harambe Village in the African section of the Park. Head inside the bar area and check in at the
host desk and they will give you a buzzer. There is plenty of stroller parking available
just past the host desk. Once your table is ready, a cast member will
walk you to one of 4 dining rooms. When they take your drink order, be sure to
request their signature drink: Jungle Juice. This is a fruit punch consisting of passion
fruit, orange and guava juices! Tusker House is a buffet-style restaurant.
At breakfast, the food is mostly American staples like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage,
fruit, pastries and of course, Mickey Mouse waffles! They start serving lunch at 11am, so if you
have a late breakfast reservation, you’ll be able to enjoy both breakfast and lunch
items! Of course the big draw to the Tusker House
Character Breakfast are the characters themselves! During our visit, we saw Mickey Mouse, Goofy,
Donald Duck, and Daisy! Characters are available for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner. We loved seeing the characters in their safari
gear! And parents, don’t be afraid to get in on
the action, too! Mickey was so nice and come by twice to play
with our kids! And don’t forget about the character parade!
Kids are invited to join characters as they dance around the room playing musical instruments! It’s no wonder the Tusker House character
breakfast at Animal Kingdom is one of the top breakfasts at Walt Disney World. Please subscribe to catch all our Walt Disney
World videos.

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