Turner Pest Control & Total Termite Control Solution

Jacksonville is a beautiful place and
it’s worth protecting. Whether you’re on the river or at the beach, there’s a lot of
water, there’s a lot of pest pressures and it’s important to have your home
protected. Turner Pest Control started in 1971 and basically we protect families
and businesses from pests. What we like to say about homes and structures in
Jacksonville is that there’s two types of homes there’s those that have
termites and those that are going to get them. They threaten homes they cause
a tremendous amount of damage and when you have a nice property whether it’s on
the river or in the countryside, having adequate termite protection is something
real and is something that you really need to do you can’t ignore it. Recently
what we’ve seen in Jacksonville is a big spike in formosen activity. What we’ve
run across with the formosen is it’s not as simple as just going out in treating
one time and you’re done. We really need a multitude of different solutions to
make sure that we can control and eliminate the threat. We are recently called in on a commercial structure that was a high
level formosen infestation. Obviously we took this job very seriously but we took
it as a challenge and we called in our partners at BASF to help consult with us
to make sure that the treatments are adequate and that we’re addressing it
from every angle possible. An oak tree can serve as a wick or a vehicle into into a
structure. We have identified several opportunities to not just do liquid or
barrier treatments around trees but using bait stations and other products
like Termidor® dry and Termidor® foam to better solve the problem and eliminate
the colonies. We’ve got several different products that were utilizing to address
some of these issues. The HP machine has been a huge win-win for us. It fits perfectly into what we do, that allows us to do more treatments but to
do them right and that’s job one is making sure it gets done right
and then we start addressing efficiencies. You have to make sure that the treatment is fully effective. That you’ve gotten all the product where
it needs to be to adequately protect the structure. You need proper inspection and
we worked with them to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to where we felt very comfortable that not only would we eliminate the current
infestation but that we’d be able to adequately protect it moving forward. At
BASF, we create chemistry but the chemistry is interacting with our
customers and providing them with the tools and the knowledge to help them be
more successful. The relationship is probably more important than the
chemistry or every bit as important. It’s been the homerun for us and we feel very
confident with the BASF products and with their support that we’re addressing
the issues.

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