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hey art fans Butch Hartman here okay we've done Danny Phantom ten years later Fairly OddParents ten years later but I've got another show out there tough puppy let's do tough puppy ten years later check it out okay tough puppy was the third series I did on Nickelodeon and man do we have a blast doing that show it was so funny we loved the characters so much the voice cast was phenomenal I mean Jerry Trainor is Dudley grade-two loyal as kitty Derek Norris as the chief and Jeff Bennett as haha Keswick let's age these characters up ten years let's see what's going on okay I'm very curious because there's such stylized characters it's kind of tricky to age up characters like that and still make them look like themselves but let's give it a shot let's start with the chief agent poppy here we go okay let's start off by drawing one of the iconic characters from tough puppy Herbert Dombrowski also known as the chief of tough you know he's two inches tall he's gruff but lovable means he's a leader he's a nice guy and he just embodies really what a grizzled rough tough agent kind of would look like if he'd been through what the chief has been through I mean think about he's trying to be tough trying to be bossy but then he has him getting stepped on so this is the chief in his normal form let's see what he would look like ten years later okay now let's move on to the chief ten years later this is just one version of what he might look like and I figured you know let's just go full on Nick Fury from shield he's got the eyepatch the bandolier with God knows what kind of armory or what kind of weapons are in those you know pouches around his body he's got guns of course of course the guns shoot nothing but water cuz they're water guns but still he's a tough grizzled guy and I think ten years later I think things have kind of gotten to him like he lost an eye how do you do that if I let's do another version of the chief ten years later now you know the chief rides around on this little sort of robotic scooter thing that he uses to project a larger image of himself that's the chief you know in the tough series and the tough puppy series but now I think ten years later he's just gone full-on robot body I think the chief somehow has had his body or his consciousness and planted into an actual robot because he's just tired of being small he wants to be big so now he's full-on robot his face is projected onto a screen he's got these like you know six arms like an insect would have and I think the arms and the robot body could do whatever he wants it to do so I think the chief gets more formidable as the years go by I think at this point ten years later the chief being the tough agent that he's been for the many many years he's been the leader of tough I mean just the many fights he's been through getting stepped on I think his body's just given up I think he's got no body anymore I think Keswick has invented a way to keep the Chiefs head alive and a jar full of fluid and he's just a guy he's just a head in a jar giving orders we got probably can't hear him because the water muffled his voice oh this is the chief in a jar of water only ahead ten years later all right so now for the full color version of the chief ten years later I'm just taking just a little bit from each one of the drawings I just did I mean I'm gonna give him the guns the overcoat the full-on spy look the scar on the face the eye patch and something I always wanted to give him in the cartoon just a big fat stogie guy can you always smoke cigars but when doing kids television with animation you really can't show character smoking I don't think you should anyway but just for this one drawing it's kind of fun to show him with a cigar a cigar chomping sort of a you know rough tough agent who wants to rid the world of bad guys oh and go and read a romance novel so this is the chief ten years later okay that was the chief he's already old to start with so aging him up was a lot of fun all right let's move on to the next character one of my all-time favorite sketches whack what was fun about Keswick when I first designed him I didn't really know what kind of animal he was and so we kind of just kept that going through the show like what kind of animal is he is he a prairie dog is he groundhog we actually did an episode like that where no one knew what he was he had gills he laid an egg II had webbed feet it was really fun so here we go join Keswick ten years later okay moving on to Keswick he's a really smart and very uh you know well he just likes to invent things and this is just a normal version of Keswick the version we all know from tough puppy he's one of my favorite characters of all time because we don't really know what kind of animal he is I mean I see a dog is he a skunk is he a fox is he a hamster we just don't know what do you guys think he is okay let's move on to 10 years later now so drawing Keswick 10 years later I mean I think you know maybe the years of being an agent have gotten to him I mean I think he's got kind of a buzz cut now and you know he's got a giant weapon of some sort he's like of course he can invent anything so I think he invented a weapon for himself and maybe this weapon like just shoots uh I don't know maybe it shoots happiness at people and makes them just a little bit less angry but gosh darkness the fact that they're not happy makes me angry and of course you know we give him the gun to give him the angry look in his face and of course we got up to have to add a scar on his face because all all people who aged 10 years get scars on their faces somehow and of course Keswick 10 years later I mean who knows what would happen to him I think you know being a man of mystery like he is being an international spy being so smart I think you know what I think you just pocketed all of his money and just became a maybe a supermodel I think he just became kind of like Derek Zoolander type of a supermodel person his left you know I I walk the runway and I wear the fashionable clothes so this is Keswick ten years later as a high society fashion model I don't know what do you think okay now moving on again caz awake ten years later I mean you know just because he's an agent it doesn't mean he has to be an agent all the time I mean the guy he's got to have a family life and I figured ten years later Kennex probably gotten married and he's probably you know had a couple of kids by now and I think maybe some of his hair is gone and I think he's had two little Keswick and of course that's kind of an anomaly because I've been well he says on the shell that it can be only one but I think since he's so smart he probably found out a way to you know give himself to children with or maybe without a wife maybe he grew them in a lab I don't know maybe there's a wife and there's somewhere you just never know but this is Keswick as the doting father father 10 years later and finally for the final color version of Keswick ten years later I think he's just become smarter and smarter over the years his Raina's just increased to a level beyond normal human society even though there's no humans in the show but you know what I mean he's just advanced so far beyond all creatures on earth that he's become I think just a herald for some intergalactic force that wants to devour a planet so I think Keswick has basically become thisis a silver surfer and he's just left Earth entirely using his intellect to scout planets for this celestial devouring entity and you know wow maybe he'll come back and be nice to us I don't know okay that was Keswick ten years later now let's move on to kitty cats well now kitties one of my favorite characters voiced by the amazing gradle oh I really love her because she's like the best agent in all of tough but then her life gets thrown into kind of a little bit of turmoil when bubbly puppy comes on the scene it makes things just absolutely impossible for her so if she were to work with Dudley puppy for ten more years what would that be like let's see now we come to one of my favorite female cartoon characters I've ever drawn of all time miss kitty cats well I just love the look of kitty I love her retro costume I love like the cool glove she wears the jumpsuit with a collar the turtleneck I wasn't able to draw our legs in this drawing but I love the go-go boots she wears it's her hairstyle 19 kind of 65 hairstyle she wears she's very retro very very mod you know but I love kitty cats well she looks great normal let's take a look at what she would look like ten years later for this version of kitty ten years later I wanted to kind of give her maybe a bit of a Lara Croft kind of a feel I give her a half-shirt some shorts running shoes and put her hair back in a ponytail of course give her a couple of guns she's kitty cats well she does not know some round I know so she's walking on a tightrope she's a cat she can balance on anything right so this is a kitty getting into a little more action as her life progressed into even more super cool spy adventures ten years later enough for this version of kitty I kind of wanted to give her that M feel like the lady who runs James Bond's Secret Service Society the British intelligence service I thought it'd be kind of cool to give her like this really sleek kind of a dress still kind of keeping the Kitty feel the Kitty costume I just wanted her with sunglasses next to a control panel I don't know what she's controlling with a control panel she's probably permitting someone to do their job or she's dropping someone into a trapdoor or she's shooting off a giant laser at the bad guy but she definitely is in charge of something ten years I added a couple of gray streaks in her hair to show our age but this is a very cool very intimidating picture of kini ten years later okay for this one I just went all completely bleak you know kitty ten years later has been through a lot I think you know Petropolis has become a little more post-apocalyptic I think the bad guys are over running the town and then giving her a Nick Fury look you know with the eyepatch cutting her hair short giving her the trench coat making her tail all torn up she just can't clean herself like she used to and given her these combat boots this really makes her look really kind of grizzled really tough you don't want to mess with this version of Kitty when she's got a scar on her face ten years later okay this version of kitty behind a desk I just think again she would be running tough ten years later or she'd be running some other super secret spy agency and I think in this version she's sitting behind the desk at this really cool intimidating chair and she's handing secret agents gadgets to a brand new agent I think she's signing someone a brand new job because she's the one who gives the orders now so excuse him a communicator a badge and a gun and this version of Kitty is definitely large and in charge ten years later okay in this final version the kitty cats well I just really liked the Lara Croft approach the adventurous girl who's out in the jungle just kicking butt jumping from tree bands to tree branch you know I think it would really be very fitting for her as a cat to be able to jump from branch to branch like in the jungle I think you know nobody would want to mess with her I think she has weapons I think she kind of lurks in the trees silently like Black Panther and I think she just looks for treasures she's a bounty on her he's like Indiana Jones she goes where the fortune is and she's given up secret agency all together and he's just out to go get some adventure and some treasure so this is kitty cats well Lara Croft Tomb Raider version 10 years later okay we've done the chief we've done Keswick we've done Kitty now it's time to draw the star of tough puppy voice by the amazing Jerry Trainor mr. Dudley puppy himself what would it be like ten years later what are you finally wear pants let's see okay now on to the star of tough puppy everybody's favorite crime-fighting dog Dudley puppy boys play the amazing Jerry Trainor of course I've always loved drawing this character ever since day one when I first sketched him in a sketchbook years ago just drawing this little white dog with like a five o'clock shadow and a black you sure no pants of course he doesn't wear any pants and a little ears would float above his head I took off the five o'clock shadow once we started making this series but this is just Dudley and his standard feel-good happy-go-lucky pose in his normal you know normal self and let's see what he looks like ten years later here's another version of Dudley ten years later I think he's gone now into the jungle I think he's just left society behind he went from a dog with a shirt and no pants to a dog with pants and no shirt and I think he's let his hair grow long his anger has just gone crazy and he uses a bone for a weapon and Dudley's just he's just had it so he's even wearing combat boots that's how grizzled this dude has guns this is another version of Dudley puppy ten years later okay now Dudley puppy ten years later what would happen to him you know I think like all the other characters here at fight crime for a living I think dub a puppy is just a guy who has just been grizzled I think he's just starting to wear a sleeveless shirt you know with a skull on it cuz all tough angry guys wears skulls on their shirts and of course he has a bone tattoo does he's a dog and you it's a law you have to get a bone tattoo and he's got hair in his arms I think he's even taken to wearing camouflage pants now he's just at it yeah maybe he's got scars over his legs and I just think he's looking tougher than ever now so this is Dudley puppy one version ten years later now this version of Dudley I think you know instead of getting grizzled and hardened I think he's actually refined his approach a bit like in the movie the Kingsmen you know like that very well dressed they have very very dapper dapper haircuts dapper suits really cool glasses a briefcase who knows what's in it a boutonniere on his lapel who knows what that might fire it might firewater might find a laser beam Who am I fire comedy you never know so here's another version of Dudley kind of dressed up and looking good like James Bond or one of the Kingsmen ten years later all right miss version of Dudley puppy ten years later I think he's just given up secret agent hang all together I mean he could be undercover in this picture as a cowboy but to be honest with you I think secret agent he just kind of got him down he's couldn't handle the hard hard-knock life that it was watching all of his friends get hurt and having to beat up bad guys all the time and having to eat all that secret Asian food I think he's just giving it up he's gone out west he opened up a dude ranch or a dud ranch Dudley get it and we came but I just think he became a full-on cowboy so this is Dudley puppy yeehaw cowboy mint ten years one more version of deadly 10 years later I think he has just gone a little bit too far now he's just gave up the tough mobile and wants to ride a bike he wants to put on a leather jacket grow his hair long look tough look cool course wearing no pants no boots but still this to me is Dudley puppy just kind of getting out in the road wanted to just fight bad guys on their turf and yeah maybe he's going undercover as a biker or something like that in this picture but this is definitely one version of Dudley what he could be riding a bike ten years later in the final version of Dudley the biker picture really spoke to me I just wanted to draw him on a bike just I think it'd be cool to give me a tough bike a tough cycle a pup cycle if you will and I just think having him on a bike constantly being chased like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible or just just you know he's or he's gone rogue he's got his own bike and he's just out there getting revenge and everybody who heard his friends while he was working for tuff so now of course he let his hair grow long and who knows who knew it's blond anyway this is Dudley puppy just shooting at somebody maybe he's like she's at the dog catcher maybe that could be a new villain the dog catcher anyway this is Dudley puppy full-color on a bike going rogue with long blonde hair ten years later okay tough puppy ten years later who was your favorite one aged up let me know down in the comment section who do you think would actually be doing well ten years later would these people be are these animals I should say what they'd be doing well still ten years later I think we kind of fun to see what they would look like and what they would do okay on the big whiteboard today we're gonna draw one of snap traps henchmen only the possum you know hello boss hello well he talks like this she's very proper oh stop it Holly you need to calm down that's what snap trap would say but anyway here we go Holly on the big whiteboard and don't forget art gives you power use it wisely hey heart fans subscribe here to keep up with me Danny Timmy Dudley bunsen and the noob network my new app full of cartoons shows and games downloaded here click over here to watch my most recent video and here to start a playlist related to this video whoa check out that awesome fan art to be featured here use hashtag heart fan art and tag me I'm on every social media platform known to man cartoon butch a potential drop

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    Dudley Puppy is kinda similar to Sam but without Max
    Kitty Katswell is kind similar to …
    How similar and different

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  3. I always loved Dudley and idiotic behavior, he never had to be in trouble anyway, Dudley was the best animal I ever saw in the show

  4. It's only possible if this they can revive this show but please no cash cow everything needs a end as long as it satisfying to the franchise/series

  5. I don't want the show to take place 10 years later, I want it take place sometime after season 3, I want show to last a longtime???????????????????????????

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